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Self-shooting Producer - Producer/Director

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I was chosen for the ‘BBC Director Scheme’ – a new initiative for up-and-coming directing talent. I have a passion for issue-led documentary, and have had several of my own ideas commissioned. I am creative in my approach to shooting, and I am always looking for new and inventive ways to tell stories that otherwise would not be heard. I pride myself on nurturing personal stories and on tackling sensitive topics.
FOUR DAYS OF TERROR (working title) – 2017/2018

Shooting Producer – Minnow, 90 min, ITV

A programme which follows closely the victims and survivors of the UK’s 2017 terror attacks. I responded to the events as they unfolded; built relationships with contributors on location; filmed on C300 victim’s vigils and funerals; shot scenes; showed sensitivity to vulnerable contributors; gained access to institutions.

E/P Morgan Matthews

Producer/Director – personal commission, paid development, Minnow, 50 mins, BBC3

Following the trauma team at one of London’s hospitals, we document each stab victim as they are admitted over seven days. An unflinching look at the rise of knife crime in modern Britain. I personally developed the idea; oversaw editorial direction and style; handled access; oversaw compliance, protocols and consent.

E/P Helen Littleboy, Sophie Leonard, Commissioner Jamie Balment
BBC Directors Scheme: BORN IN A CULT – 2017

Producer/Director – personal commission, paid development, Minnow, 50 mins, BBC3

An autobiographical project, this programme explores my experiences of growing up with parents addicted to religious cults. I developed the idea as part my application to the BBC Director Scheme, for which I was selected out of 1,000 applicants. I scripted and provided editorial direction; interviewed contributors; gained access to closed religious groups; self- shot on FS7 using an experimental style; featured on camera.

E/P Sophie Leonard, Commissioner Jamie Balment

Producer – online content

Breakthrough Media works with NGOs to create campaigns that inspire positive change. My role was to produce content to counter extremism and raise awareness for humanitarian aid in Syria.

WOMEN IN PRISON – 2015-2016

Casting Producer/Shooting Producer – RAW, 6x60 mins, Discovery ID

A six-part series which tells the intimate, firsthand stories of women incarcerated at one of America’s most notorious high security prisons, Rockville Correctional Facility. I cast the entire series, screening from an initial pool of 2,000 offenders; filmed and cut tapes; built relationships with inmates and staff; produced the stories; shot scenes on C300; obtained difficult access; managed and scheduled two large crews; interviewed; managed consent and compliance.

E/P Tom Barry, S/D Storm Theunissen, P/D Tara Nolan/Cara Bowen

Shooting AP – personal commission, True Vision, 60 mins, BBC1/BBC3

An hour-long documentary in collaboration with Children in Need. The programme follows three young people caring mothers with mental health problems and physical disabilities. The idea was a passion project, which I developed independently. I worked with children to tell their stories; gained access to charities; handled casting; filmed and cut tapes; shot on PMW200; managed relationships and compliance; handled story development; interviewed.

E/P Brian Wood, P/D Lottie Gammon, Commissioner Charlotte Moore

Casting Producer/Shooting Producer – RAW, 6x60 mins, TLC, UK/US

A six-part series following children with rare conditions as they travel across the world to meet others with the same illnesses for the first time. I filmed and cut casting tapes with a challenging brief; gained access to vulnerable contributors; worked with children with disabilities; handled international planning; story produced; interviewed; location produced and shot scenes on C300;

E/P Louise Norman, P/D Andrew Parkin/Andrew Hinton

Producer/Director –True Vision, Channel 4 First Cut

A taster which follows the first town in the UK to accept Syrian refugees. I independently pitched the idea as 60-minute single, observational documentary to Channel 4 commissioners. I dealt with idea development; obtained difficult access; cast; self-shot on XF305; edited using Final Cut.

E/P Brian Wood, Commissioner’s Rita Daniels, Amy Flanagan, Siobhan Sinnerton

Producer/Director – True Vision, Channel 4 First Cut

A taster which explores a hidden housing crisis unfolding on London’s waterways. I again independently pitched the taster, as a 60-minute single, observational documentary. I worked independently to get to the heart of the story; developed the idea amid difficult access; cast; self -shot on XF305; oversaw the edit.

E/P Brian Wood, Commissioner Rita Daniels
ITV FIXERS – 2012-2014

Shooting Producer – ITV News output across all regions

ITV Fixers gives young people aged 16-25 a chance to make media campaigns on social issues they feel strongly about. My role was to work with young people to produce, shoot and edit packages for ITV News output across all regions. This role gave me a range of experience working with sensitive subject matters and youth issues – including trafficking, asylum and prostitution.

E/P Nigel Swettenham, RTS Award 2014 – Best Producer category, Winner

Assistant Producer – BBC1 in house, series 20-21 9x30 mins

BBC1’s current affairs magazine programme, Inside Out, broadcasts both topical news and features. During the role I found human interest and news worthy stories; set up shoots; scheduled, etc. Examples include:

  • KITCHENER CAMP – A piece about a hidden WW2 refugee camp in Sandwich, Kent

  • PAEDOPHILE PRIESTS – An investigation into child abuse in the Catholic Church


EDUCATION: University of Sussex – 2006-2009

BA (Hons) Documentary and Journalism (1:1)

BBC New Directors Scheme training: directing and storytelling; compliance; interviewing techniques; camera and editing

NFTS training: self-shooting and directing short course

BBC trained camera and editing: Experienced using XF305/ PMW200/C300/FS7/SLR/Gopros, editing on Final Cut Pro and Adobe Photoshop
OTHER TRAINING: NSPCC Child Protection training; first aid training; clean UK driving licence; I-VISA

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