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Cheer Sport Tumbling Staff - Cambridge

Power – Great White Shark Alumni and now assistant coach to the team. She is the head coach of White Fin and Smallfin Sharks. She has coached teams and tumbling with Sharks for years, and is strong with technique and spotting high level skills. Works with athletes on level 4 and 5 teams/skills only.

Stamper – Great White alumni and head coach of the Zebra and Star Spotted Sharks as well as the head TOPS instructor. Many years of coaching tumbling and teams, specializing in advanced skills with drills and spotting. Works with level 4 and 5 athletes only.

Trish – Ex national level gymnast and Great White alumni with a passion for personal training, Trish has been coaching with the Sharks for years. She focuses on strength, form and body control to allow for the mastery of skills. Working well with kids of all ages and levels. Best with levels 1-4.

Pitsy – Ex gymnast and Great White alumni. After a few years of coaching gymnastics Pttsy has coached tumbling at Sharks for the past few season, her humour and compassion allow her to create strong connections with her athletes. Best with levels 1-4.

Yahtzee – Current member of the 2X world champion Great White Sharks, and ex national level gymnast. Has coached teams and tumbling at Sharks for 6 seasons. Yahtzee works well with athletes of all ages, and has strong spotting skills. Works with levels 1-5.

Rayna – Ex Great White and national level gymnast, Rayna has a strong technical background. She focuses on proper progressions and technique, and works well with athletes working levels 1-5.

Horch – Current member of the Great Whites, Horch has been coaching tumbling, teams and camps with Sharks for the past few years. She shines with tiny through junior aged athletes. Best with levels 1 through 3.

Dana – Dana was previously part of the fulltime staff at Guelph Saulto’s Gymnastics club for 8 years. She has a strong focus on the technical aspects of tumbling, while keeping the progression of the athlete in mind. Works best with tiny, mini and youth athletes in levels 1 through 3.

Carli – This will be Carli’s third season with Sharks. She coached tumbling as well as multiple teams this past year. Carli has many years of gymnastics experience including recreational director at Revolution Gymnastics. She has a very strong technical background, and can teach skills at all levels.

Taylor Balucha- This is Taylor’s second year with our Shark Family! Last season she brought home Level 1 National and Grand Championship as well as Junior 2 National Champion. Taylor Balucha has been coaching gymnastics and cheer for the past 7 years. She recently coached at All Star Cheer Academy and had won numerous national titles from many different companies across the US. Two seasons ago ACA put together 2 great teams, a youth 3 and senior 3, that both placed 3rd at D2 Summit in Tampa, Florida this is Taylor’s happiest and greatest accomplishment as a coach. Taylor works best with athletes of all ages level 1 through 4.

Corey Rickett- This is Corey’s second season coaching as Sharks taking on the head coaching role with our Senior 4 Caribbean Sharks and assistant coaching Great Whites, Star Spotted, Crown and Grey Reef Sharks. Corey has been coaching gymnastics and cheerleading for the past 13 years and has a very special eye for tumbling. Corey has been a very successful coach in all-star cheerleading, taking his teams to numerous national championships including Cheersport Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia. Corey is mostly restricted to levels 4 and 5 with limited availability in levels 2 and 3.

Emily Vesterfelt- Vesty is starting her fourth season on the Great White Sharks and has been a part of our family for 12 years! She is a 2015 World Champion as well as 2015 & 2017 NCA National Champion. She has a passion for tumbling herself and is excited to shar her love with other athletes. Works best with level 1-2 athletes.

Denise Guertin- Ex competitive level gymnast for many years. Denise is a past member of the Redblacks Cheer Team as well as the Finback Sharks. Has a strong passion for the development of proper technique and skill development. Works well with athletes of all ages and skill levels 1-5.

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