Clinical rotations

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The rotation has two basic components:

  1. Clinical Rotation with your Preceptor. The WMAHEC rotations expose students to a variety of practice experiences. Rotations are in the 3 western counties of Maryland: Garrett, Allegany and Washington counties and limited sites in Frederick County.

  1. Interdisciplinary Living Experience. Additional resources and activities at the AHEC are designed to enhance the understanding of rural patients from a holistic perspective and to encourage interaction with health professions students from other disciplines participating in AHEC programs.

  1. Orientation - A manual highlighting local programs and services is provided and a tour of the AHEC facilities is given. Students are given an overview of the area's demographics, health status, and health care delivery systems.

  2. Elective Sites - Students are encouraged to visit additional health care practitioners or agencies during their rotation, exposing them to rural health care delivery and community-based care. Please discuss with WMAHEC Coordinator.

  3. Community Service – Interested students can participate in community service.

Housing and Learning Resources

NO CHARGE to University System of Maryland students; low rates for other students

  • Allegany County: fully furnished bedrooms, mostly shared bathrooms, shared kitchen and living room facilities. Cable wireless high speed Internet. Located on the historic Downtown Cumberland Mall. Occasionally, shared rooms.

  • Washington County: fully furnished home, with private and shared rooms, shared bathrooms, kitchen, living, dining room. Cable wireless internet service. Closest to Frederick.

  • Garrett County: private bedrooms, shared baths, in fully furnished student house across the street from the hospital. Cable wireless internet service.

Informational Websites: (all 3 hospital sites have a physician directory)

**Each county has only ONE hospital that serves county and nearby PA and WV.

Washington County (Hagerstown)

Meritus Health

Community Information

Washington Co Health Department

Allegany County (Cumberland)

Western Maryland Health System

Community Information

Allegany Co. Health Department

Garrett County (Oakland/Deep Creek Lake)

Garrett County Memorial Hospital

Community Information

Garrett Co. Health Department

County Health Rankings:
Additional information:

Terri Socha, Clinical Education Coordinator,

WMAHEC, 39 Baltimore Street, Windsor Hall, Suite 201, Cumberland, MD 21502 301-777-9150; FAX 301-777-2649

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