Company: Atlas Automation Founder and President: Joe Scarfone World Headquarters

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Company: Atlas Automation

Founder and President: Joe Scarfone

World Headquarters: Rochester, NY

Number of Employees: 40

Locations: Greece, NY and Clarkson, NY

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Clean in Place System Motor Control Panel Operator Control Panel

Atlas was started in 1994 with its headquarters in Rochester, New York.  Atlas has continued to grow in Rochester and has no plans to leave the area.

Atlas’ capabilities include: computer system integration, sanitary process design, and sanitary pipe installation with its core business coming from food, dairy and beverage manufacturing facilities nationwide.

In 2006 Atlas established a 12,000 sq ft manufacturing facility located in Clarkson, NY. This facility houses a UL panel and fabrication shop where skids and process control systems are designed and constructed.

Atlas also has an office in Greece, NY where engineers work designing layouts for a multitude of facilities, as well as programming software and touch screens which are used on plant floors.

As Atlas continues to grow, it aspires one day to move out of its Greece location and erect another building in Clarkson.

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Human Machine Interface (HMI) for a milk pasteurizer

Why Rochester:

                              Atlas' principal, Joe Scarfone, believes in the concept of a family-oriented business and reinforces this concept to each of Atlas' employees. With its hometown feel, Rochester is seen by Joe as a great place to raise a family. Joe believes that Atlas' employees share a similar view. Employee satisfaction with the community and with Atlas has evolved into a sense of pride toward Atlas and its customers. The employees are the big contributors to the success of Atlas and this pride held by the employees of Atlas also carries with it a real sense of loyalty to Rochester as their home.

                              The economics in Rochester itself have also lined up well for Atlas.  From its inception in 1994, Atlas has been immersed in the food and beverage industry.  Customers in the dairy arm of this industry have been a mainstay for Atlas due to Atlas' unique knowledge and capabilities in control system integration and process system design coupled with in-house skid fabrication and UL panel shop. Atlas also employs its own sanitary installation crew. The recent spike in the demand for dairy products in the Rochester area has only further entrenched Atlas as a hometown business. Joe's unwavering belief in the community and in Rochester's ability to continue thriving in the decades to come are what drives the success of Atlas.

                              From the friendly confines of Rochester, Atlas is nonetheless able to complete projects for customers nationwide when necessary. Fortunately for Atlas and its employees, projects in Upstate New York that require Atlas' expertise and knowledge have been burgeoning, particularly given the recent yogurt boom. 

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