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The Times of African Nova Scotians

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Answer Key

Read the newspaper and answer the following

the questions in COMPLETE SENTENCES

on loose-leaf!

  1. Explain the Viola Desmond Story of 1946.

- Page 1: She refused to give up her eat in the whites-only lower section of the Roseland Theatre in New Glasgow. She was arrested, jailed for the night and the next day was fined $20 plus court costs, allegedly for defrauding the government of a one-cent amusement tax.

  1. The _____ Church had been designated the ‘Mother Church’ of the African Baptist Association of Nova Scotia.

- Page 1: The Cornwallis Street Baptist Church

  1. A. Who was the 1st woman self-made millionaire in the USA?

- Page 2: Madam CJ Walker

B. What product made her wealthy?

- Page 2: Madam Walker’s Wonderful Hair Grower

4. What was the name of Carrie Best’s newspaper, which was the 1st black newspaper in NS?

- Page 5: The Clarion

5. A. Explain the term Jim Crow.

- Page 6: It refers to the segregation laws, rules and customs enacted in the Southern USA from 1876 to 1964.

B. Who was Jim Crow?

- Page 6: An exaggerated and highly stereotypical black character that was 1st performed on stage by Thomas Daddy Rice.

6. A. Why did Richard Preston come the NS?

- Page 6: He was searching for his mother

B. What society did Preston create in 1846?

- Page 6: The African Abolitionist Society

7. Who was the 1st black World Boxing Champion in any weight class?

- Page 6: George Dixon

8. Who is the only boxer inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame not to have won an official title?

- Page 6: Sam Langford

9. The ______ League routinely drew 500 spectators and the caliber of hockey was equal of better than any hockey in Canada.

- Page 6: The Coloured Hockey League

10. Who was Nova Scotia’s 1st indigenous African Nova Scotia Lawyer?

- Page 7: James Robertson Johnston

11. What was formed in 1945 to “improve and further the interest of Coloured people of the province”?

- Page 8: The Nova Scotia Association for the Advancement of Couloured People (NSAACP)

12. Who was the only commissioned African Nova Scotian officer in WWI?

- Page 8: Rev. William Andrew White

13. A. What became the only segregated Black Battalion in Canadian military history?

- Page 8: The No. 2 Construction Battalion

B. Where were they based out of?

- Page 8: Pictou

14. What was Nova Scotia’s 1st black periodical?

- Page 9: The Atlantic Advocate

15. A. What organization opened up a chapter in Glace Bay in 1918?

- Page 9: The Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA)

B. What was the purpose of this organization?

- Page 9: To promote social , political and economic freedom for Blacks

16. What is the purpose of the Black Cultural Center of Nova Scotia?

- Page 9: The Society for the protection and preservation of Black culture in NS

17. Who was the 1st African Nova Scotian invested into the Order of Canada in 1921?

- Page 10: Isaac Phillis

18. Who was the 1st African American to serve on the Supreme Court of the USA?

- Page 10: Thurgood Marshall

19. What is awarded annually in honour of Portia White?

- Page 10: The Portia White Prize for Artistic Achievement in the Arts

20. Where did Madeline Symonds graduate from?

- Page 12: Provincial Normal College in Truro

21. What did the Educational Act of 1954 do?

- Page 13: Abolished separate school districts in NS

22. Who was Stokely Carmichael and what was significance of his visit to NS in 1968?

- Page 13: He was a Black Panther leader from the USA

He sparked a renewed wave of social action in NS

The Black United Front (BUF) was created for the cause of racial


23. Why was the Congress of Black Women of Canada created?

- Page 14: To clarify and bring due recognition to the role of Black Women in Society.

24. Who was the 1st African Canadian woman to serve on the judiciary in Canada and the 1st African Nova Scotian appointed to the Bench?

- Page 15: Judge Corrine Sparks

25. Who was the 1st African Nova Scotian to argue and win a case in the Supreme Court of Canada.

- Page 15: Rocky Jones

26. Trace the map of NS on page 16 and label the following Black Communities of NS:

Shleburne, Birchtown, Weymouth Falls, Hammonds Plains, Africville, Lucasville, Maroon Hill, Halifax, Preston, Upper Big Tracadie, Lincolnville, Annapolis Royal

27. The 1st African in Nova Scotia was Mathieu DaCosta and he served as an interpreter between what 2 groups? French and Mi’kmaq.

28. What was the nature of the African slave trade? It ensured that slaves such as - ---George had been separated from their families, their communities and their heritage. It entailed “social death,” and the loss of all recognition of previous marks of identity.

29. What does the French name panis mean? Aboriginal slave

30. What were the terms of the Black Codes? (Code Noir of 1685)

- Slave owners could not have babies with their slaves.

- They had to provide minimum weekly quantities of food to all slaves ten

years old or over

  • Slave owners were required to provide each slave with 2 suits of clothing or 4 ells of cloth per year.

  • Masters had to take care of slaves in their old age.

31. Who were the Black Loyalists?

- They were former slaves who had escaped and crossed the British battle lines seeking the freedom and protection promised to them by the British

32. What did general Birch issue in NY to the Loyalsits? Certificates of Freedom

33. What provided an invaluable primary source for genealogical research for the Black Loyalists? The Book of Negroes

34. Who was the commander of the Black Pioneers? Stephen Blucke

35. Birchtown formed the largest black settlement of the time in British North America.

36. Where was Canada’s first race riot? Shelburne

37. Who was the first black Baptist minister of NS? David George

38. Who petitioned England for the allotments of land? Thomas Peters

39. Who became Canada’s 1st police woman? Rose Fortune

40. What famous fort did the Maroons help to build? Citadel

41. When was the last advertised sale of a slave in NS? 1808

42. Who brought gradual abolition in Upper Canada in 1792? John Simcoe

43. The British recruited many Refugees to serve in the Colonial Marines.

44. Where did 95 Refugees move to in 1821? Trinidad

45. Who was the first black person in the British Empire to be awarded a Victoria Cross? William Hall
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