Computer application II (use of packages) windows, msword, powerpoint, excel and internet table of content chapter One

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Creating a New Document

  • You can create new documents using

    • Normal (default) template

    • Template wizard

      • Templates are pre-designed documents that contain formatting and, in some cases, generic text



Create a document

  1. Click Start à Programs à Microsoft Word (Word Window is displayed)

  2. Click File à New (New dialog box is displayed)

  3. Click on the General tab

  4. Select the Blank document option

  5. Select the Document under the Create New section

  6. Click OK

Creating a Document using Templates
When you create official documents, you might want them to have a consistent look. E.g., you might want all documents for internal communication to contain the logo and the name of your company, you can use templates to give uniform structure to documents. Word supplies several built-in templates, which you can use to create documents, such as letters, faxes, memos, resumes .. One standard template that Word provides is the Normal template

  • When you click the New button on the Standard toolbar, Word creates a blank document based on the Normal template

  • The template settings are automatically applied to anything entered in this new document. You can modify this template to change its default settings

Opening a Document
To open a document, you do the following

    • Select the Fileà Open (open dialog box displayed)

    • Select file of document that is to be opened from the drop-down list

    • If document is not on the list, you can navigate to the document path to the desired folder or location

    • Click the Open button to open the selected document

Saving and Closing a Document

As you create documents in Word, it's important for you to save frequently. Saving your work to a file ensures that any text, graphics, or other elements in your document are written to a permanent disk. Until you save the document, the information is stored in the computer's temporary memory. There are three basic ways to Save

    1. Saving a document using the Save As command

    2. Saving a document using the Save command

    3. Setting the Save AutoRecover option

  • Using the Save As command

    1. This is used to save a file the first time

    2. You can also use it to save a document with a new name or

    3. To save the document to a different location

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