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Contact: Kathy Ziprik


Solid Security During 2012 Hurricane Season

NEW HOLLAND, PA. – Just in time for the start of the 2012 Hurricane Season, The Weather Channel® has updated its 2012 Atlantic forecast, calling for 11 named storms, six hurricanes and two major hurricanes (Category 3 or higher). Many homeowners concerned with severe weather have found comfort that they selected a solid Superior Walls® precast concrete foundations or above grade wall systems for their homes.

“Constructing a new home with precast concrete walls and foundations provides living space that’s both comfortable and secure,” says Jim Costello, president of Superior Walls. “Homeowners living either in a coastal area or inland in geographic areas prone to severe weather conditions can truly benefit by constructing their homes with solid, precast concrete foundations and walls.”
Warm and dry, Xi wall panels from Superior Walls are constructed with a concrete face shell, backed by 2-1/2-inches of DOW® Styrofoam insulation. Steel reinforced concrete walls create a permanent barrier against sidewall water penetration, making the basement system damp-proof. Installed in just a day on the job site, a Superior Walls foundation is custom made to the specifications of an individual home, including built-in openings for windows and doors. Pre-engineered access for wiring or small plumbing elements, along with smart stud facing for easy drywall installation, are included and help speed up the installation process.

Safeguarding Seniors

No matter how hard the winds may blow outside during hurricane season, the 75 residents of the Westwinds Assisted Living facility in Zephyrhills, Fla. aren’t bothered. That’s because the six wings of the one-level facility were constructed in 2007 using the

Superior Walls® AG wall system.
More than 2,300 linear feet of concrete above grade (AG) wall system for the facility was constructed by Superior Walls by Weaver Precast of Florida in Orlando to offer quality, safety and comfortable living to the residents of Westwinds. The walls are used in above-ground applications and are watertight, termite-resistant and help reduce noise infiltration into the structure.
“We were exceptionally pleased with the Superior Walls product and process used for the Westwinds project and would definitely use the AG wall system again,” says Jesse Olsovsky, CBC, LEED-AP BD+C, general manager for CORE Construction Services of Florida, LLC. “This project was originally designed for wood frame construction. However, it was converted to precast concrete for insurance coverage along with speed of installation. Installation of the AG walls was completed ahead of schedule so that we were able to start interior framing earlier than expected. That was just another bonus for us using this system.”
Now open for more than five years, the single-floor facility at Westwinds is thriving. O’Keefe-Painter Architects LLC designed the secure location with features for residents including a spa room, therapy room, dining areas, and activity room.
“We feel so secure here in this building,” says Kelly Iris, business manager for Westwinds. “This building was constructed to stand up to the challenging hurricane seasons and storms that we get here year-after-year.”
Additional details on Superior Walls products can be found at; information on Weaver Precast of Florida, an authorized licensee of Superior Walls, call 800-352-8916 or visit For information on Core Construction, visit; and for additional details on Westwinds, visit For The Weather Channel’s 2012 Hurricane Season forecast, visit

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