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Perfume War Doc World Premiere at Atlantic Film Festival Gala

United Nations International Day of Peace, September 21, 2016
Halifax, NS – 10 August 2016 – The feature documentary PERFUME WAR will receive a red-carpet gala World Premiere at the Atlantic Film Festival. The film explores the extraordinary friendship between two best friends whose shared mission of peace has made an enormous impact on countless lives. Captain Trevor Greene joins the military to fight the oppression of women in Afghanistan. Barb Stegemann is a single mom who is moved to take on her best friend’s mission after he is brutally axed in the head by the Taliban. Stegemann works with Afghan farmers to grow legal flower crops instead of the illegal heroin poppy--the Taliban’s chief income source--and creates an unlikely weapon in the fight for world peace. And it’s perfume.
"Perfume War is an inspiring story of resiliency and determination, against a sea of opposing forces, in a battle to make lives better in some of the most war torn countries in the world. It is epic and unforgettable and we are honoured to have its World Premiere at the 2016 Atlantic Film Festival.” Jason Beaudry Program Director, Atlantic Film Festival
The film reveals how forgiveness is key to healing both nations and soldiers in the aftermath of war and violence to give viewers hope that we can rebuild. Perfume War also reveals solutions to preventing the cycle of war through social enterprise with powerful interviews with War Correspondant and co-author of “I am Malala”, Christina Lamb, Philanthropist, W. Brett Wilson, Author of Opium Brides, Fariba Nawa, Agricultural Economist, Dennis Overton, and Neuroscience Professor, Dr. Ryan D’Arcy to name a few.
"I was drawn to this film because I saw an inspiring story about transformation both personal and global, against towering odds,” says award winning film director Michael Melski. “Everyone dreams about changing the world. PERFUME WAR will introduce you to real people who are actually doing it."

Director & Writer – Award winning filmmaker and playwright, Michael Melski is a past resident of the Norman Jewison Canadian Film Centre and was named one of the Top 100 Canadians to watch. Michael earned his undergraduate degree at the University of King’s College where Captain Trevor Greene and Barb Stegemann earned their degrees in Journalism.
Perfume War Trailer

Film Title:                PERFUME WAR

Program:      Wednesday Night Gala

Date/Time:     Wednesday, September 21, 7:00PM

Venue:                   Cineplex Cinemas Oxford
Given the limited capacity of Cineplex Cinemas Oxford, the Encore Gala screening will be held the following evening at a reduced cost for attendees. Details of this screening are as follows:

Program:      Encore Gala Presentation

Date/Time:     Thursday, September 22, 6:30PM

Venue:                   Cineplex Cinemas Park Lane, Theatre 4
Executive Producer Brad Pelman is CEO of Fremantle Corporation, distributers of over 5000 hours of film and television annually internationally.
Editor Graeme Passe is a Halifax-based editor with experience including The Trailer Park Boys, Land and Sea to the Michael Melski feature thriller, THE CHILD REMAINS.
Director of Photography Victor Stegemann was director assistant on the Michael Melski thriller, THE CHILD REMAINS was director of photography was on Koumbie's short film, KING’S CUP. Victor’s directorial debut, a short thriller, PHONE LIGHT is in pre-production.
For Interviews with Captain Trevor Greene, please contact producer, Mike Velemirovich Mike@LoudBaby.Com 902 221-2024
***September 21, International Day of Peace will also mark the Launch of the newest fragrance from The 7 Virtues made with jasmine supporting growers in India. For information on the release please contact Barb Stegemann

Tel 902 446-0400

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