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Chapter Seven

Making History

People and organizations of

government and religion do

not suppress anything unless

it is a threat to them or it is a

truth, Is that not so?

(the Council of Nine)

The discovery of this forgotten world was made by another high ranking officer, the 'all American hero' Rear Admiral Richard E Byrd,

the first man to fly over the poles in 1926. He was decorated with a gold medal by the Royal Geographical Society in 1931 for his polar explorations. During a flight to the South Pole in 1947, his aircraft hit turbulence and the compass went haywire, making navigation impossible. This aberration is frequently noted by pilots in the 'Devil's Triangle' where instruments malfunction and radio contact is lost.
The most famous case being that of Flight 19, a squadron of five USAF bombers who took off on a “routine” mission in 1945 and disappeared, never to be seen again. In their last radio messages they seemed disorientated and reported seeing an island below they

did not recognise. The ocean appeared different too and the compass was ''going crazy.'' They said, ''we seem to be lost...'' The pilots described high winds (vortex) and then all contact ceased. In one final message received from Lieutenant Charles Taylor, his unusual request was, ''don't come after us!'' The Air Force should have heeded this instruction as the Martin Mariner sent to the rescue also vanished, with all thirteen crew. No wreckage was ever found.

With the gyroscope still oscillating Admiral Byrd noticed the peaks of a mountain range and a green valley with a river, that just shouldn't have been there. He decreased his altitude for a closer look and spotted a mammoth grazing! The engine faltered and the Admiral made an emergency landing. He saw some habitations and made a hasty last entry in his log, ''I do not know what is going to happen now...'' What did happen was that upon his return he was debriefed by his superiors and prevented from disclosing the facts in the public domain!

He claimed to have seen a ''glowing city which appeared to be made of crystal,'' (and the city was pure gold, like unto clear glass. Revelation, 21,18.) He said he met a tall, blonde, peaceful race whose description is like the handsome 'Nordics' with oriental eyes, encountered by Adamski, author of 'The Saucers Have Landed,' and Billy Meier, who photographed the 'aliens' and their (Bob Lazar, sport model) spacecraft, (powered by ‘Vril’) which Admiral Byrd claimed to have been invited aboard.

Two beautiful hosts escorted him to the Ascended Master who said, “we have never interfered before in your race's wars, and barbarity, but now we must, for you have leamed to tamper with a certain power that is not for man, namely, that of atomic energy.” The Admiral was chosen to relay this message to the Surface World, because of his popularity, integrity and character, but the warning is being ignored.

A contactee named Sid Padrick, who was taken for a trip on a ‘saucer’ in California in 1965, said it's occupants were basically human in appearance, apart from a pointed chin and nose, and they looked youthful and attractive. Their planet of origin, which they were reluctant to specify, was idyllic, without war, disease, poverty or crime. They lived as one, and had no necessity for money. Padrick was grilled by an Air Force Major after he reported his experience, and warned to desist from divulging this information publicly.

The radiant beings who Meier met, originating from the Pleiades, gave one a sense of being suffused in love and they had compassion for us but were unable to interfere with our own 'free will' and determine our fate… That is our responsibility. The 'ultraterrestrials' are said to communicate by telepathy, but we are not yet prepared for this form of thought transference (Uri Geller being the exception.) If our minds were transparent we would be in deep trouble, for many of us have impure, hateful or lewd thoughts. Still, these messages are received subliminally and create an impression, so be careful what you think!
Under orders in 1955, from those who worship a god known as 'the dollar,' (or Rex Mundi) Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd revisited the centre of the great unknown and mapped thousands of miles of territory. He called it 'that enchanted continent in the sky' and felt he

had done his duty, but was embittered that the World was being so duped by the “monstrous military/industrial complex.” (The most dangerous body of men in the Worldat present.)

However, before his untimely death in 1957, he believed that truth would ultimately triumph in the end. But until it does and the Admiral's explorations are declassified, we can hardly begin to imagine what lies beyond the poles... unless we refer to Nathaniel's journal.

Although the underworld is portrayed in mythology as part utopia, part hell, it's geography is likely to be as varied as the surface,

with inhospitable terrain where fearsome animals live and perfect places, where everything is harmonious. But the inhabitants of these underground cities, interconnected by an electromagnetic 'tube,’ appear to have trancendental consciousness and their technology would be like magic to us. The underworld is a paradox, prehistoric, yet futuristic.

If all this seems too far-fetched, maybe that's because we are so conditioned into accepting the 'official line,' that we dare not question it or deviate from it, for fear of ridicule. It's easy for the narrow-minded to brand those with unconventional theories, a 'fruit-cake' and dismiss the evidence, preferring to trust the self-proclaimed body of 'experts' but our understanding of physics is incomplete, and there are certain anomalies which science has failed to explain, such as the Bermuda Triangle.

Out of all the people who have vanished within the 'Triangle' in tragic circumstances, many… if they survived the swirling vortex,

like Nathaniel and Olaf… may have emerged in a mysterious new world and stayed, to add to the underworld population, unable

(or unwilling) to return.
Perhaps Lord Nathaniel Parker resurfaced from this realm in the Devil's Sea, also known as the Dragon's Triangle, the Japanese equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle, which are the east and west gateways on diametrically opposite sides of the globe. The final radio transmission of Commander Shiro Kawamoto, who was flying over this sea in 1945 said, ''...the sky is opening up--'' and a government investigation into this electromagnetic zone in 1955, resulted in the survey ship, the Kaiyo Maru, vanishing!

In Japan the auroras, with spiralling bands of colour, are associated with fire-breathing dragons in the sky and the Southern lights, witnessed by Captain James Cook in the South Pacific, occur simultaneously with the Northern lights, in perfect symmetry. Scientists have never offered a satisfactory explanation for this, but the spectral corona which can be seen emanating from a central point at midnight, must surely be the rays of the 'smoky god.'

Standing on the arc of this rainbow bridge, Izanagi and his sister-wife Izanami, undertook the task of creation by stirring the primordial waters with a jewel encrusted spear. Each one took hold of a rope intertwined around a mill (djed column) and travelled in opposite directions round the Earth, which stabilized the axis and produced the precession of the equinoxes. Izanami died giving birth to the fire-god and became the goddess of the underworld. And there truly is a pot of gold at the rainbow’s end…
Nathaniel could have told us so much about this secret paradise, so jealously guarded from mortals by the gods, where life seems sweeter in the ‘Valley of Death’ than it does in the land of the living, but he never claimed to have discovered the netherworld. Nathaniel thought he was in the South Pacific. However, since there is no trace of his fabulous creatures in the upper-world, we can assume that these fabled species (and some dinosaurs) are protected from extinction within the sanctuary of the Hollow Earth, which Nathaniel found by chance.

Many Atlanteans who had a precognition of their impending global catastrophe, also sought refuge in this haven, and the people there now must be their progeny. Mount Shasta in the Sierra Nevada is reputed to contain a secret subterrene colony of survivors from Atlantis, called Telos. In 1884 a local resident, Fredrick Oliver published a book entitled 'A Dweller on Two Planets' and wrote in detail about these people, who resembled the ancients, wearing long toga-like robes, like the 'First Men,' and also like Richard Shaver's Deros and Teros, they could produce different coloured fireballs and owned magnetic-powered craft. Oliver claimed they were in contact with Venusians.

Mount Shasta has been seen illuminated at times with inexplicable artificial lights and UFO's have been sighted there recently. Unidentified spaceships, whose propulsion systems operate on magnetic principles, are witnessed on a daily basis throughout the

World, travelling at tremendous speed and are regularly seen disappearing into the sea, particularly in the vicinity of vortices.

In ‘An Inside Look At UFO’S,’ Preston Nichols describes how interstellar flights are accomplished. A UFO must create it’s own ‘reality bubble’ with an electrogravitic space-time reality generator, to exceed the speed of light. Not unlike the soloton field that was generated during the Philadelphia experiment. Once this artificial bubble is made, a craft can move at breakneck speeds, while the pilots, with reference to the bubble itself, are at rest. Travelling at super luminal velocities (super light travel) ships can travel to the end of the galaxy in

a week of our time.’

No doubt 'Big Brother' is well aware of these facts and it was alleged by a geophysical engineer, Phil Schneider, (who threatened to expose the secret, before he was found strangled) that the USA have at least one hundred and twenty-seven bases underneath the American continent alone, which conceal strategic operations, not necessarily in the interest of the populace or National Security, where some say they are in collusion with the Greys.
While excavating with explosives, an addition to the deepest military underground base at Dulce, (seven levels) Schneider claimed an existing cavern of Large Greys was exposed. Therefore, alien subterranean bases could be penetrated, like the Tora Bora ‘caves’ in Afghanistan, with thermobaric bombs. Although they would deny it, it's possible that the military have developed this technology to target the remaining underground vestiges of Atlantis.

Chapter Eight

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