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Family Name THAPA
First and Middle Name Rabi Raj
Employer’s Name Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of Nepal
Area of Expertise Security

Police Administration and Law Enforcement,

Narcotic Drugs Prevention and Control

Position : Additional Inspector General of Armed Police Force(Retd.),

Security Advisor to the Ministry of Home affairs, Government of


Nationality Nepali
Mailing Address : P.O. Box 8975 EPC 2345, Kathmandu, Nepal

Permanent Address: Chakupat 22, Lalitpur, Nepal

Tel: +977 (1) 5526820 (Res)

+977 (0) 9851097266 (mobile)

E-mails <>

  1. Director, Drug Advisory Program (DAP), The Colombo Plan Secretariat (1996-2000) :-

Drug Advisory program(DAP) is a leading program on the drug abuse prevention and control program covering 24 member countries of Asia and the Pacific Regions since 1972. Nominated as the fourth director for the year 1996-2000 with a major responsibilities of developing programs, solicite funds and implement various drug abuse prevention and control programs for the South-East Asian (ASEAN) , South Asian (SAARC) and the Pacific member countries of the the Colombo Plan Secretariate.

( Major funding agencies:- USA (INL), Japan, Australia, and other member countries)

  1. Chief of UNDCP Masterplan ; Law Enforcement Sector–1990; Government of Nepal & UNDCP

Under UNDCP mandate and assistance , established a special task force on supply reduction and control named Narcotic Drugs Control Law Enforcement Unit (NDCLEU) and worked as the chief of special task force. This establishment is still working effectively under the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Home Affairs. This unit was later handed over by UNDCP to the Government of Nepal. (UNDCP funded project.)

  1. Estabishment of Armed Police Force (APF); Government of Nepal :-

The Armed Police Force is the first and only para-military force comprising 25,000 fighting force . Joined as a charter member and the chief of the human resources, APF coordinator and liaision officer in charge to deal wth other national/international agences such as Nepal Army, Nepal police, UNHCT, Red Cross and other agencies.

  1. Head of the Armed Police Force to the National Security Council Secretariate:

Head of the Armed Police Force deputed during the formative years of the National Security Council Secretariat; the first National Security Advisory body to the National Security Council, Government of Nepal.

  1. Chief of the Immigration Office, Government of Nepal; (1987 -1988). Worked under the direct supervision of the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Home Affairs. Responsible for non-residential visas, treckking permits and immigration control all over Nepal.

  1. VVIP Security

Five years experieonce of VVIP Security service. Aide-de-Comp of late King Birendra Bir Bikram Saha Dev and the Royal Family. Highly trained in the area of VVIP Security, personal security and security of vital installations. Trained by the Royal military Police and Nepal Police Academy.

  1. Human Resource Development

Nepal Police Academy is the only training academy where entire senior and junior police officers (direct commissioned or promoted) of Nepal Police are selected, recruted and trained. Assigned as a member secretary of the selection board and course-in-charge for overall training from 1979 to 1983. years.
Worked as Director of the Human Rresource Development the Armed Police Force; new and only para-military force of Nepal. Research, development of training syllebus, training infrastructure of a fighting force comprising 25,000 amidst armed conflict with the Maoist Insurgents of Nepal.
Resource persons of various national institutions like Nepal Administration staff College, Ministry of Law training center. Training and resource person on drug abuse prevention and narcotic drug control, organized and trans-national crime and money laundering.


  1. Resource paper on “Law Enforcement and Federalism” in Democratic Transition and Civil-Military Relations Workshop 29th March-2nd April; Kathmandu” jointly organized by The Center for Civil-Military Relations, The Asia Foundation, and hosted by South Asia Centre for Policy Studies (SACEPS).

  1. Presented country papers on “Narcotic Drugs Control in Nepal”, in various countries on various occasions.

  1. Dissertation Paper for Bachelor of Law Examination; 1992, on “Status on Juvenile Justice Administration in Nepal”. From Tribhuvan University, Law Campus, Kathmandu, Nepal.

  1. Resource person on various areas like Organized Crime, Money Laundering and Narcotic Drug Prevention and Control, Police Administration. The receipents being the senior police officers, chief district officers, senior public prosecutirs and the chief district officers of The Government of Nepal. Various papers and presentation made in national and international conferences and workshops.


1992: Bachalor of Laws (B.L.) – Trubhuvan University, Kathamandu, Nepal

1976: Bachalor of Arts (B.A.) – Trubhuvan University, Kathamandu, Nepal

1973: Intermediate of Arts (I.A.) – Trubhuvan University, Kathamandu, Nepal

1970: School Leaving Certificate(SLC) – S.L.C. Control Board, Govt. of Nepal.

May 2006 – 2008: Deputation : Security Advisor to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of Nepal

Aug. 2005 – 2006: Additional Inspector General of Armed Police Force (AIG-APF) ; 2nd–in-Commnd;Chief of Human Resource Development and Planning.

May 2003 – 2005: Additional Inspector General of Armed Police Force (AIG-APF)

2nd–in-Commnd; Chief of the Operation Department, Armed Police Force.

Feb. 2002 – 2003: Deputy Inspector General of the Armed Police Force (DIG-APF)

Head of the APF to the National Security Council Secretariat, Government of Nepal.

Mar. 2001 – 2002: Deputy Inspector General of the Armed Police Force;( Service transfer with promotion to the newly established first para-military force of Nepal :- the Armed Police Force)

Mar. 2000 – 2001: Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) ; Chief of Narcotic Drug Control Law Enforcement Unit (NDCLEU) – (Second Term)

Feb. 1996 – 2000: Deputed on Secondment form the Government of Nepal as Director, Drug Advisory Program (DAP), the Colombo Plan Secretariat, Sri-Lanka.

Dec. 1993 – 1996: Superintendent of Police (SSP) ; Chief of Narcotic Drug Control Law Enforcement Unit (NDCLEU) – (First Term)

Responsibilities: Narcotic Drugs interdiction, investigation, prosecution, liaise with international international drug control enforcement agencies like DEA, U,K,Customs etc. Train,develop and coordinate national/ international training program for the drug law enforcement officers of police and customs. Incorporated anti-Money Laundering and Asset Forfietures provisions and third ammemdment of the existing Narcotic Drug Control Law 1976.

Mar. 1992- 1993 Deputy Superintendent of Police : Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Nepal Police Headquarters,

Responsibilities: Intelligence collection, collation, analysis and investigation.

Sept.1991 – 1992: Chief: Crime Investigation Division, Kathmandu Valley, Zonal Police Office, Hanuman Dhoka.

Responsibilities: Investigation and prosecution of narcotic drugs, homicide, burglary & other major social crimes within Kathmandu valley covering around two million people.

Sept.1988 – 1989: Training on deputation to the German Federal Police, (Bundescriminalamt), Wiesbaden, The Federl Republic of Germany.

Dec.1987 – 1988: Deputy Spuerintendent of Police (Dy.S.P.) Chief: Immigration Department, Government of Nepal.

Responsibilities: Implementation and Enforcement of Immigration Laws throughout Nepal

Apr.1984 – 1986: Inspector of Police; Deputed to the Budanilkantha Boarding School as an extra-curricular co-ordinator and security personnal to the then Crown Prince Dipendra Shah.

May.1982 – 1984: Inspector of Police; Deputed to the Royal Palace as an Aide-de-Comp to Their Majesty the King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev and members of the Royal Families.

Nov.1977 – 1982 Inspector of Police; Senior Course-in-Charge at the Nepal National Police Academy.

Responsibilities: Develop training programs /conduct advance training programs for senoir/commissioned police cadets/officers.

Apr.1977 - 1977: Appointed as a Commissioned Officer as Inspector of Police of the Government of Nepal and undergone a basic officer’s training.


March-Apr.1995: Intelligence Collection, Collation, Analysis, Dissemination – organized by the Colombo Plan Secretariate, (DAP) Colombo conducted by Australian Federal Police

Aug. 1 – 26,1994: DEA International Narcotics Control Management Seminar, Washington DC, USA

Aug. – Sept.1993: Airport Narcotics Interdiction Training – Kathmandu – oganized by Drug Enforcement Admiinistration (DEA) USA

Sept,1988 – 1989: Supression of Drugs & Delinquents – German Federal Police ( BKA),Wiesbaden, the Federal Republic of Germany

Sept. – Dec.1984: Sports Administration & Management Training - Chelsea School of Human Movement, Brighton Polytechnic , United Kingdom.

Jan. – Apr. 1978: Company Commanders Course – Border Security Force Academy, Tekanpur, India.


Jan. – Feb.,1988: Training of Trainers – Nepal Administrative Staff College, Kathmandu, Nepal

Mar,.– May, 1982: VVIP Security Training - Nepal National Police Academy, Kathmandu, Nepal

Nov.– Dec.1988: VVIP Security Training – Royal Nepal Military Police, Kathmandu, Nepal

Sept. – Dec.1980: Crime Investigation Training - Nepal National Police Academy, Nepal

Aug. – Sept.1979: Command & Tactics Training - Nepal National Police Academy, Nepal

Mar. – Oct. 1977: Basic Commissioned Cadet Course - Nepal National Police Academy, Nepal.


2002: 6th Review and Donors’ Committee Meeting of the Drug Advisory Program of the Colombo Plan Secretariat, Bangkok, Thailand. (Resource Person)

2001: Sixth Asia Pacific Operational Drug Enforcement Conference (ADEC), Tokyo, Japan

2001: South Asian Regional Workshop on the Precursors Control organized by UNDCP, South Asian Regional Office (ROSA), New Delhi, India. (Resource Person)

2000: National Conference on the Organized Crime organized by the Government of Nepal and United Nations Asia-Pacific and Far Eastern Institute, Futsu, Japan. (Resource Person)

2000: Third Global Conference on Drug Abuse Prevention , Palermo, Italy ( Resource Person)

2000 UNDCP Meeting on National Database Meeting , Vienna, Austria

1999: Second Global Conference on Drug Abuse Primary Prevention, Bangkok, Thailand ( Organizing Commitee Member)

1997 / 99: Annual Meeting on Comission of Narcotic Drugs (CND) UN Office, Vienna, Austria

1996: 3rd Heroin Conference, Genoa, Italy.

1996: First Global Conference

1996: Chicago Conference on Drug Abuse Prevention Coalition , Western Hemisphere .(DPNA)

1996: UNDCP – SAARC Co-operation Meeting, Colombo , Sri-Lanka

1996: 13th Regional INTERPOL Meeting , New-Delhi India

1994: Asia-Pacific Conference on Drug Abuse Prevention – A Balanced Approach, Sydny, Australia

1994: Head of the Narcotics Law Enforcement Agencies Meeting (HONLEA) - Jakarta , Indonesia ( Rapportuer & head of the South Asia Forum)

1993: South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Drug Offences Monitoring Desk (SDOMD) Meeting, Colombo Sri-Lanka

1993: Asia Money Layndering Symposium (21-23 April), Singapore.

1993: Head of the Narcotics Law Enforcement Agencies Meeting (HONLEA) – Seol. South - Korea

1992: Asia-Pacific Conference on Anti-Money Laundering Task Force, Singapore.

1992: Legal Workshop on Drug Investigation Legal Proceedings and related International Co-operation with reference to the UN Convention 1988 (jointly held by the UNDCP, Commonwealth Secretariat and the Colombo Plan) Bangkok, Thailand.)


“Trishaktipatta” Class III, - A Decoration

Goraksha Dakshin Bahu” Class III. - A Decoration.

Civil de Merit” - A Spanish Decoration,

Cavalier de Merit” - A French Medal

Honorary Karate Black Belt – Fifth Dan - by Samurai Karate Grandmaster Mr. YASUDA IKUO, International SAMURAI Karate Do, Saitama, Japan.

Long Service and meritorious Medals


English: Fluent speaking and writing

German: Fair speaking and writing

Nepali : Fluent speaking and writing

Hindi: Fair Speaking and writing

Executive Director : Center for Security and Justice

Hamro Aastha-Nepal, (Drug Abuse Prevention, Research and Rehabilitation Center): Chairman

Nepal Olympic Committee - Vice - President 2007 – till date

Nepal Boxing Federation - President 2005 – till date

Rotary Club Patan West - Charter Member 20042008

Rotary Club Jawalakhel - Member, at present 2008 – till date

  • President Elect 2009

Contact Address :

Rabi Raj Thapa, Additional Inspector General of Armed Police Force(Retd); GPO Box No. 8975 etc 2345, Tel: (Res.): 00977-1- 5526820; 00977 98510 97266 (Mobile); Kathmandu, Nepal

E-mail :- , <>

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