Dedicated to the independent study of monetary history, theory and reform

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Stephen Zarlenga, Director

Dedicated to the independent study of monetary history, theory and reform

Materials List and Order Form

AMI educational resources (discounts for bulk orders)

Amount ($)

Written materials

The Lost Science of Money book by Stephen Zarlenga (conference discount)

$60 ea. + $8 p&h; $540 for box of 12 + $26 p&h

32-page brochure presenting the American Monetary Act and its historical and current context:

$6 ea.; 5 for $20; 10 for $30

Huffington Post Compilation – Stephen Zarlenga and the American Monetary Institute $5 each

The 1930s Chicago Plan and 2005 American Monetary Act – Stephen Zarlenga $5 each

Why states going into the Banking Business would be a Distraction, not a Solution to their Fiscal ProblemsAmerican Money Scene, Bulletin 5 $0 each

Audio/Visual materials (CDs/DVDs)

Greening The Dollar presentation at 2007 Green Party Convention, a video

(video DVD): $7 ea.; 5 for $20; 10 for $30

Kaoru Yamaguchi presents his continuing Economic Modelling of the American Monetary Act (audio CD): $7 ea.; 5 for $20; 10 for $30

Stephen Zarlenga talk on Money Reform at Madison, Wisconsin, 2007.

(audio CD): $7 ea.; 5 for $20; 10 for $30

2010 Summary Video consisting of selected speakers from the 6th annual Monetary Reform Conference (data CD): $7 ea.; 5 for $20; 10 for $30

Alan Chartok Radio Show interview with Stephen Zarlenga, WAMC Albany and the Northeast,

December 2004 (audio CD): $7 ea.; 5 for $20.

American Monetary Act, plus The Chicago Plan, plus FAQs presented from Cannon House

Office Building April 23, 2009 (data CD): $7 ea.; 5 for $20; 10 for $30

Democracy’s Edge Radio Talk Show interview with Stephen Zarlenga, Bozeman, MT

(audio CD): $7 ea.; 5 for $20.

Will Abram presents Reforms Instituted by Gerald G. McGeer, who instituted major monetary reforms in Canada used successfully for decades (video DVD): $7 ea.

Will Abram presents Does Canada Need Monetary Reform?

(video DVD): $7 ea.

2010 AMI Conference DVDs $10 per speaker / $200 for full set


2011 AMI Conference DVDs $10 per speaker / $200 for full set


Other (please write neatly):

Rare & Historic Papers

For the Common Good - Herman E. Daly and John Cobb, Jr. $15

Creating New Money – A Monetary Reform for the Information Age – Joseph Huber and James Robertson: $25


A Program for Monetary Reform – Paul H. Douglas, Irving Fisher, Frank D. Graham, Earl J. Hamilton, Wilford I. King, Charles R. Whittlesey: $25

Modern Money Mechanics – The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago $25

Irving Fisher and the One-Hundred Percent Reserve Proposal – William R. Allen: $25

Money Facts – 169 Questions and Answers on Money – Patman Subcommittee on Domestic Finance, Committee on Banking and Currency, House of Representatives $25

Significant Papers

The Missing Exchange Rate of Banking – Dieter Braun: $10

Who are these Economists, Anyway? – James K. Galbraith $10

The Fed’s Real Reaction Function: Monetary Policy, Inflation, Unemployment, Inequality – And Presidential Politics – James K. Galbraith, Olivier Giovannoni, Ann J. Russo $10

The New Road to Serfdom – An Illustrated Guide to the Coming Real Estate Collapse – Michael Hudson $10

Fifteen Fatal Fallacies to Financial Fundamentalism – William Vickrey $10

On the Liquidation of Government Debt Under a Debt-Free Money System – Modeling the American Monetary Act – Kaoru Yamaguchi $12

Innocent Frauds Meet Goodharts Law in Monetary Policy – Dirk J. Bezemer and Geoffrey Gardiner : $12

AMI merchandise

Amount ($)

Car Stickers $4 each

Small Stickers $2 each

Lapel Pins $20 each

Annual AMI membership: Member $55 / Friend of AMI $89

Total Amount

  • Enclosed check to “The American Monetary Institute” for $________ OR Total Donation:__________

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Please post application to: The American Monetary Institute, P.O. Box 601, Valatie, NY 12184

Registered 501(c) 3 publicly supported Charitable Trust

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