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QAD encourages using e-learning portal where you can find a lot of trainings available. QAD Web Account is required to access and register on Certification Exams and Trainings.

If you want to select Certification Exam or Training which will take place near to your area you have to select place in the search window:


  • Fiscal 2018 Second Quarter Financial Results

QAD Announces Fiscal 2018 Second Quarter Financial Results

 Earn Release Q2 FY18.docx
 Earnings Release Q2 FY18 Financials.xlsx


  • QAD’s videos

All QAD’s videos are available here: https://vimeo.com/qaderp

  • Coming Soon: 80 More Reasons Why QAD QMS is a Great Fit for Automotive

Over the last month QAD announced new versions of QAD DSCP and QAD TMS. Not to be outdone, led by VP of Product Management Jeff Phillips, QAD QMS is on schedule for a new release later this month that includes over 80 features to 9 of the 10 QAD QMS modules to support IATF 16949.

The IATF (International Automotive Task Force) updated its standard for quality management recently. Automotive manufacturers will need to comply by September 2018. QAD’s automotive lead Terry Onica wrote a paper about the IATF 16949 and its impact on supplier that is available on Sales Resources. QAD QMS will go a long way to helping automotive suppliers meet the new IATF requirements. How did it happen? 

Jeff, Michael Mallen and Terry met last October and mapped out an IATF 16949 solution sheet. The dev team then built the capabilities needed to meet the new solution requirements. In addition, there will be two new/significantly enhanced modules, Risk and Performance Management. We have previewed the new modules with an analyst firm and an important customer and received very positive feedback. Stay tuned for more information regarding these features and two new modules as they hit the market in August!

  • Industry Diagrams: More of Them and Easier to Access

Over the last month or so, a full set of industry diagrams were unveiled, made available on Sales Resources and inserted into applicable Vertical Presentations on Sales Resources. The industry-specific diagrams, however, were all embedded in a single presentation, making it clumsy for Sales to access a single diagram if needed for a customer or prospect presentation. 

That has been fixed due to the efforts of Alex Killian, who has split out the diagrams into individual entries in Sales Resources, specifically for Consumer ProductsFood & Beverage,High TechIndustrial and Life Sciences

What about Automotive you might ask? Automotive, now has not 1, not 2 but 3 diagrams, one for the Chevy Bolt, one for the Ford F150 and also for the Range Rover Evoque.

  • Automotive Newsletter

August 2017

  • In this Newsletter: 

  • Congrats to QAD China for signing six net new customers from the Risk Campaign!

  • QAD Used by 80 Percent of the Top 20 Suppliers in Global Automotive Supply Chain

  • Are Self-Driving Cars and Ride-Sharing the Future?

  • QAD QMS has added over 80 features to 9/10 Modules to support IATF 16949

  • New quality training videos available for any QAD employee

  • QAD Explore 2017 in Detroit

  • New case study and showcase video

  • AIAG Supply Chain Summit and Odette Annual Conferences

  • Congratulations to new A/P automotive professional students

  • New industry diagrams and presentations are here!

  • How to stay connected with automotive forums


Congrats to QAD China Automotive Winning Six Net New Deals From the Risk Management Campaign! 

The QAD China marketing team ran the Risk Management campaign last year. Because of the email campaign, an offsite workshop, and MMOG/LE training, QAD China sales team led by Jay Cao, closed six net new deals! The leads came from the Hangzhou MMOG/LE and Zhejiang Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ZAAM) workshops. With the support of these two local automotive associations, QAD China won these deals. Read more... 





QAD Used by 80 Percent of the Top 20 Suppliers in Global Automotive Supply Chain 

In June, Automotive News published the top global 100 automotive suppliers in 2016. Jay Pena provided some in-depth research reviewing each of the top 100 and if they use QAD. Jay found that 80% of the Top 20 Auto Suppliers use QAD! Thank you to Scott Matulis for the recentpress release that you can share this fact with customers and prospects.




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