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Industry Diagrams and Presentations are Here! 

Kristen Poulton and Travis Hardy are excited to announce the Industry Diagram graphics are complete and now available for all to use! The library currently has the Chevy Bolt diagram and a newly refreshed F-150. Please contact Travis (teh@qad.com) or Kristin (kgp@qad.com) with any questions or specific requests to ensure the quality and branding integrity of the graphics stay intact. 

In addition, thanks to Evan Quinn, we have a newly refreshed automotive presentation on Sales Resources. 





How to Stay Connected with Automotive Forums for Sales, Presales and Services 

There are two forums if you would like to subscribe to keep communication within the community who works with our automotive customers and prospects. 

  • For a general automotive forum, you can join our Chatter Group on Salesforce here.

  • For the services forum on QSN (all are welcome), you can go here.

  • For the QAD LinkedIn community for “Managing Automotive Supply Chain Risk” here.

Thank you. 



Terry Onica 

Director, Automotive

  • Life Sciences Newsletter

August 2017

In this Newsletter: 

  • Key Customer Wins

  • Schiphol Life Sciences Professional Training

  • Medical Device Campaign

  • New Laerdal Medical Showcase Video

  • Industry Diagrams and Presentations are Here!

  • Regulatory Review





Key Customer Wins 

College of American Pathologists 

Congratulations to Mike Tew, Jeff Flanagan and team for closing the College of American Pathologists Precision Software cloud deal for over $326K! 

The College of American Pathologists (CAP), the leading organization of board-certified pathologists, serves patients, pathologists and the public by fostering and advocating excellence in the practice of pathology and laboratory medicine worldwide. Read more... 


Congratulations to Freesje Vos & the QAD Team on an Upgrade Order Worth $235K from Beaphar 

Beaphar was established in 1943 by the miller/entrepreneur Bernard Aa. The trend-setting development, production and marketing organization is still family owned and remains very passionate about pets. Read more... 

SHINE Medical Technologies

Congratulations to Joe Zalewski of SIG: Net New Life Sciences Cloud Deal! 
SHINE Medical Technologies™ is dedicated to being the world leader in the safe, clean, and affordable production of medical tracers and cancer treatment elements. SHINE’s products fit seamlessly into the existing medical tracer supply chains, and their production does not rely on a nuclear reactor. Read more... 


Congratulations to John Fiala of SIG for Modulus, Inc. Net New Life Science WIN! 

Modulus is a contract manufacturer established in 1972 and has remained in the heart of Silicon Valley. They help customers bring to market highly innovative products, some of which are recognized as firsts in the manufacturing industry. Read more... 





EMEA Life Sciences Professional Training 

In June, Life Sciences Professional training was held in Schiphol. The session included 10 people from across EMEA representing Services, Sales and Pre-Sales. Congratulations to the new Life Sciences Professionals: William van Rijswijk, Flavio Boaretto, Fiona Saunders-Watson, Thomas Zinkl, Andre van de Laar, Fabio Mattiuz, Xavi Gimeno and Wouter Scheurwater. Special thank you as well to Jean Delteil for assisting with the training and Bas van Nistelrooij for additional contributions. 




Download 5.99 Mb.

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