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Teaching notes and ideas
Name of resource:

Hamlet – appearance and reality

Age group(s)


12 to 14, 15 to 16, 17 to 18



Language Level


Beginner, intermediate, advanced

Description of resource

  • Venn diagram activity

  • Venn diagram activity answers

  • 1 set of flashcards for matching (provided on PowerPoint)

  • Essay introduction dictogloss

  • Essay writing PEE paragraphs worksheet

  • Essay scaffolding activity

Preparation needed

You will need:

  • a set of flashcards for each pair or group doing the matching activity

  • a copy of the Venn diagram activity for each pair or group

  • a couple of copies of the answers

  • copies of the PEE paragraphs worksheet and the essay scaffolding activity for each pair or group of learners

  • dictionaries may be useful.

You will need to:

  • print out slides 2–14 of the PowerPoint as two-to-a-page handouts and cut up to make flashcards..

  • print out all Word documents.

Curriculum objectives

  • To explore the theme of appearance and reality in Hamlet

  • To practise writing literature essays using the PEE technique

  • To practise writing an introduction to a literature essay

Language/Literacy objectives




  • He/she is/isn’t …; He/she does/doesn’t …


  • This makes it clear that …

  • This conveys to / shows the audience that …

  • This emphasises the fact that …


  • appearance, reality, to seem, to pretend, to disguise, to wear a mask, to deceive, to hide

  • Technical language: character, theme, context, plot, to portray

  • Alternatives to ‘says’: explains, declares, exclaims, protests, agrees, disagrees, argues, advises, reflects

This resource could be used:

  • With the whole class

  • As differentiation within class

Ideas for using the resource

What to do:

  • Ensure that the learners understand the terms ‘appearance’ and ‘reality’ and associated language such as ‘seem’, ‘pretending’, ‘to disguise’.

  • The Venn diagram activity is designed to be done in pairs, as a collaborative activity, providing an opportunity for exploratory talk.

  • The matching activity – matching blue cards with quotes to pink cards with a picture of the character speaking and an explanation of what is being said..

  • The essay scaffolding activity – which can be done in pairs or small groups – looks at the same six quotes in more detail. Learners need to think about, and discuss, the quotes in the context of the theme of appearance and reality. They then need to add information into the table. The first two have been done for them. The information that needs adding is firstly the context of the dialogue and secondly an explanation of how this fits into the theme of appearance and reality.

  • Many learners, not only EAL learners, find it difficult to structure the introduction to a literature essay. The dictogloss activity is ideal as a whole class exercise, because it models the language needed to write an introduction. The passage should be read aloud at least three times, and then learners should work in pairs to try and reconstruct the text as accurately as possible. Read more about dictogloss here.

Other ideas for making the best use of this resource

  • The essay writing PEE paragraphs worksheet is intended for EAL learners who need additional scaffolding when moving from the discussion work completing the table in the essay scaffolding activity to a piece of extended written work using the PEE approach.

Possible extension activities

  • The obvious extension activity for this resource is to write a literature essay on the theme of appearance and reality in Hamlet.

  • Learners could be asked to extend the scaffolding activity table using further examples from the play and finding their own quotes.

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