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Robert Jerome Morris ("Robert Morris" & "Bobby Morris"); and,

Virginia Katherine Morris ("Virginia Morris" and "Ginnie Kate Morris"); and,

Angela Marie Jean Morris ("Marie Morris" & "Angela Morris") born November 10, 1952, and married Michael Hansford Cavender ("Michael Cavender") August 16, 1975 with Rev. K.J. Parsons, Jr. performing the ceremony at Mt. Tabor Methodist Church in Pinch, West Virginia. Michael Cavender was born May 19, 1952 and was the son of Orville H. Cavender ("Orville Cavender") of Elkview, West Virginia. Michael Cavender and Angela Cavender had 2 children which are listed in the line of Michael Hansford Cavender; and,

Joseph H. Morris ("Joseph Morris") born April 29, 1932;

Bessie Lucy Morris ("Bessie Morris") born February 16, 1903, first married William George Holt ("William Holt") August 15, 1924, and later married Millard C. Wiggins ("Millard Wiggins") September 9, 1928, died March 11, 1977 at the age of 74, and is buried in the Morris Cemetery in Indian Creek, West Virginia. George Holt was born about 1885, died about 1927, and is buried with his wife. William Holt and Bessie Morris had 2 children:

George Nobel Holt ("George Holt") born about 1924, married a Jacqueline G., was wounded in World War II and received the purple heart citation with a bronze cluster, died February 17, 1988 at the age of 64 in South Charleston, West Virginia, and is buried in the Morris Cemetery in Indian Creek, West Virginia. George Holt and Jacqueline Holt had a son named Michael George Holt ("Michael Holt") who lived in St. Albans, West Virginia; and,

June E. Holt ("June Holt") who married Gerald R. Turner ("Gerald Turner") and lives in Belle, West Virginia. Millard Wiggins was born December 19, 1892. The children of Millard Wiggins and Bessie Wiggins were:

James W. Wiggins ("James Wiggins") born July 22, 1929 and died November 21, 1972;

Shirley Ann Wiggins ("Shirley Wiggins") born February 9, 1931, married James Kermit Henson ("James Hinson") who was born March 3, 1930, in 1988 lived in Edgewater, Florida, and now apparently lives in Elkview, West Virginia. James Henson and Shirley Henson had a daughter named:

Robin Denese Henson ("Robin Henson") born November 22, 1955;

Glenn F. Wiggins ("Glenn Wiggins") born March 15, 1935;

Mozelle E. Wiggins ("Mozelle Wiggins") born April 20, 1938 who first married a Dimitroff and later married a Wadell, and lived in Hurricane, West Virginia;

Ronald D. Wiggins ("Ronald Wiggins") born October 22, 1940 and lived in Red Horse, West Virginia; and,

Millie I. Wiggins ("Millie Wiggins" & "Mildred Wiggins"?) who married a Hoover and lived in Blue Creek, West Virginia;

Arthur Charles Morris ("Arthur Morris") born October 29, 1908, married Olive Mae Shinn, died December 29, 1980 at the age of 72 in Kanawha County, West Virginia, and is buried in the Morris Cemetery in Indian Creek or Pinch, West Virginia. The children of Arthur Morris and Olive Morris were:

Arthur Charles Morris, Jr. ("Arthur Morris");

Rome W. Morris ("Rome Morris") of St. Albans, West Virginia;

Howard Morris of Liberty, Texas;

Dallas Morris or Texarkana, Texas;

Ronald G. Morris ("Ronald Morris") of Yawkey, West Virginia;

Delbert Morris of Sissonville, West Virginia;

Garland W. Morris ("Garland Morris") of Charleston, West Virginia; and,

Mary Morris ("Elizabeth Morris"?) who married a Foster and lived in Charleston, West Virginia;

Ruby J. Morris ("Ruby Morris") born April 24, 1911, first married John Marshall, and later married Robert D. Musselman ("Robert Musselman") who was born May 1, 1890, was a member of the Monroeton United Methodist Church in Monroeton, Pennsylvania, died June 28, 1975 at the age of 85, and is buried in the Morris Cemetery in Indian Creek, West Virginia. John Marshall and Ruby Marshall had a daughter named:

Mildred E. Marshall ("Mildred Marshall") who married John R. Carpenter ("John Carpenter") and lived in South Charleston, West Virginia. John Carpenter and Mildred Carpenter had two unidentified children;

Catherine Frances Morris ("Catherine France Morris"?, "Catherine Morris" & "Katherine Morris") born July 12, 1913, and maried Harold Hunter February 1, 1932. Harold Hunter was born July 29, 1905. The children of Harold Hunter and Catherine Hunter were:

Mallinda Frances Hunter ("Mallinda France Hunter"?, "Mallinda Hunter" & "Malinda Hunter"?) born March 13, 1932, died two days later, and is buried in the Morris Cemetery in Indian Creek, West Virginia;

Lolita B. Hunter ("Lolita Hunter") born March 18, 1933;

Ruby J. Hunter ("Ruby Hunter") born March 19, 1937;

Delores B. Morris ("Delores Morris") born November 19, 1938;

Ralph H. Hunter ("Ralph Hunter") born March 23, 1941 and lived in Charleston, West Virginia;

Bryan E. Hunter ("Bryan Hunter") born October 10, 1947 and lived in Charleston, West Virginia; and,

Connie L. Hunter ("Connie Hunter") born December 1, 1948;

Theodore E. Morris ("Theodore Morris") born March 24, 1919; first married Retha Burke on February 18, 1956, later married for the second and third times, later married Phillis Jarrett who was the daughter of Hobe Jarrett, and finally married Betty J. Smith ("Betty Smith" & "Elizabeth Smith"?) with the ceremony being conducted by Rev. Paul Harold of the Sugar Creek Community Mission Church. Retha Burke was born September 3, 1931, died June 3, 1965, and is buried in the Morris Cemetery in Indian Creek, West Virginia. Theodore Morris and Retha Morris had a son named: Paul Renee Morris ("Paul Morris") born April 13, 1957; and,

Agnes Morris who married a Prouse;

Morticai V. Morris (“Morticai Morris”, "Morticki Morris" & "Marg Morris") born in February 1875, and married Leonora V. Gatechill ("Leonora Gatechill"); and,

Mary E. Morris ("Mary Morris") born in July 1877;

Maria Louise Cavender (“Maria Louisa Cavender”), “Maria Cavender”, “M.L. Cavender” & "Mariah Cavender"?) born about 1842 in Kanawha Two Mile, Kanawha County, Virginia which later became Two Mile, Kanawha County, West Virginia, married David J. Edens (“David Edens”) on November 19, 1868 in Kanawha County, West Virginia at the age of 25, and died April 28, 1912. David Edens was born about 1830, was the son of Cornelious Edens and Sarah Slater, was 38 years of age when he married, and died March 20, 1904 at the age of 74. The children of David Edens and Marie Cavender were:

Charles M. Edens ("Charles Edens") born either about 1869494 or about 1870, and died on November 27, 1897 in Kanawha County, West Virginia;

M.A. Edens , a son, born on November 8, 1871;

Mary A. Edens ("Mary Edens") born about 1874, married John Lawrence Copenhaver ("John Copenhaver") on March 14, 1894, and died about 1903. John Copenhaver was born about 1871 and died about 1908. The children of John Copenhaver and Mary Copenhaver were:

James David Copenhaver ("James Copenhaver") born about 1898, married a Marie and lived in New York, New York. The children of James Copenhaver and Marie Copenhaver were:

James Copenhaver;

Virginia Copenhaver;

Frederick Copenhaver; and,

Clair Copenhaver;

Fred Cecil Copenhaver ("Fred Copenhaver" & "Frederick Copenhaver") who died about 1961 and had the following children:

Fred Copenhaver, Jr. born March 8, 1919;

Raymond S. Copenhaver ("Raymond Copenhaver") born December 20, 1920, married Mary Lawson ("Elizabeth Lawson") and lived in Dunbar, West Virginia. Raymond Copenhaver and Mary Copenhaver had two children:

Barbara Ann Copenhaver ("Barbara Copenhaver") who married Richard Lee Myers ("Richard Myers") and lived in Tornado, West Virginia. Richard Myers and Barbara Myers had two children: Richard Lee Myers ("Richard Myers") born December 20, 1963; and, Raymond Landon Myers ("Raymond Myers") born June 29, 1966; and,

Delores Lee Copenhaver ("Delores Copenhaver");

James C. Copenhaver ("James Copenhaver") born November 28, 1923, married Jewell Simpson, and died September 6, 1989 at the age of 65. James Copenhaver and Jewell Copenhaver had two children:

Cheryl Ann Copenhaver ("Cheryl Copenhaver") who married a Smith and lived in St. Albans, West Virginia; and,

Deborah Kay Copenhaver ("Deborah Copenhaver") who married a James and lived in Denver, Denver County, Colorado;

Mary F. Copenhaver ("Mary Copenhaver") born December 21, 1925, married James Hayes and lived in Chester, Ohio;

Betty L. Copenhaver ("Betty Copenhaver" & "Elizabeth Copenhaver"?) born July 15, 1928 who married Harley D. Wright ("Harley Wright"), first lived in Dunbar, West Virginia and apparently later moved to Chillicothe, Ohio. The children of Harley Wright and Betty Wright were:

Connie Frances Wright ("Connie Wright") born April 2, 1947 who married Brian Allensworth. Brian Allensworth and Connie Allensworth had two children:

Lori Christine Allensworth (Lori Allensworth") born December 17, 1967; and,

Adam Shane Allensworth ("Adam Allensworth") born August 22, 1970;

Harley D. Wright ("Harley Wright") born May 4, 1948 and married Yolanda Vega. Harley Wright and Yolanda Wright had a son named: Scott David Wright ("Scott Wright") born October 8, 1971;

Nancy Ellen Wright ("Nancy Wright") born January 1, 1950 and married Terry Walley Terry Walley and Nancy Walley had 3 children:

Annissa Kim Walley ("Annissa Walley") born September 23, 1967; Jessica Lynn Walley ("Jessica Walley") born August 22, 1972; and, William Rhied Walley ("William Walley") born March 29, 1976;

Joseph Eugene Wright ("Joseph Wright") born December 21, 1951 and married Ineta VanNutter. Joseph Wright and Ineta Wright had 2 children:

Heather Down Wright ("Heather Wright") born December 31, 1971;


Stephanie Jo Wright ("Stephanie Wright") born August 5, 1973;

Jack Leroy Wright ("Jack Wright" & "John Wright"?) born June 4, 1954;

Pamela June Wright ("Pamela Wright") born June 4, 1954 and married Brian Smith; and,

Brent Desmond Wright ("Brent Wright") born August 31, 1962;

Jennie Mae Copenhaver ("Jennie Copenhaver") born February 17, 1931, married Roy E. Sergent ("Roy Sargent") and lived in Tornado, Ohio. Roy Sergent and Jennie Sergent had a son named:

Floyd Tyler Sergent ("Floyd Sergent") born June 8, 1970;

Jack L. Copenhaver ("Jack Copenhaver") born July 20, 1933, married Evelyn Russell and lived in Pliney, West Virginia;

Jane Lea Copenhaver ("Jane Copenhaver") born July 4, 1937, married Melvin George Parks ("Melvin Parks"), and lived in Jackson, Michigan. Melvin Parks and Jane Parks had an adopted daughter named Valerie Dawn Parks ("Valerie Parks") born about 1961;

Carolyn Sue Copenhaver ("Carolyn Copenhaver") born September 12, 1941, married Richard Arden Hill ("Richard Hill"), and lived in Tornado, West Virginia. Richard Hill and Carolyn Hill had the following children:

Terri Lynn Hill ("Terri Hill") born July 1, 1958 and married Gregory Allen Mattox ("Gregory Mattox"). Gregory Mattox and Terri Mattox had a daughter named:

Jessica Renee Mattox ("Jessica Mattox") born August 18, 1976;

Richard Glenn Hill ("Richard Hill") born November 24, 1959;

Robert Arden Hill ("Robert Hill") born October 26, 1960;

Tamara Sue Hill ("Tamara Hill") born March 21, 1962; and,

Cecil Alan Hill ("Cecil Hill") born April 30, 1963;

Ruth Ellen Copenhaver ("Ruth Copenhaver") born October 28, 1943, married Jerry L. Vaillancourt ("Jerry Vaillancourt") and apparently first lived in Jackson, Michigan and later lived in Obion, Tennessee. Jerry Vaillancourt and Ruth Valliancourt: had 2 children:

Jeffrey Lyle Vaillancourt ("Jeffrey Valliancourt") born March 14, 1964; and,

Kristine Ellen Vaillancourt ("Kristine Vaillancourt") born June 16, 1970; and,

Fred Copenhaver, Jr. born March 8, 1919, married Alice Javins, and lived in Jackson, Mississippi;

Linda Copenhaver born about 1900 and died about 1905; and,

Clara Copenhaver born about 1902 and married Walter Fredericks. Walter Fredericks and Clara Fredericks had 2 children:

Mary Lou Frederick ("Mary Frederick" & "Elizabeth Frederick"?); and,

Bobbie Sue Fredericks ("Bobbie Fredericks"); and,

Sarah Elizabeth Edens ("Sarah Edens") born in April 1877; and,

Mary A. Cavender ("Mary Cavender" & “M.A. Cavender”) born either on October 12, 1843494 or on October 12, 1849459, married Allen H. Matheny ("Allen Natheney" & "Allen Matheny") on June 9, 1870 in Kanawha County, West Virginia, died May 13, 1899 in Kanawha County, West Virginia with Rev. Lewis W. Jordan ("Lewis Jordan") performing the ceremony, and is buried in Rumble Cemetery in Pinch, West Virginia. Allen Matheny was born in 1850, was the son of Michael Matheny and Margaret, and married at the age of 20. According to the 1870 census, Mary A. Mathery and her husband Allen Mathery were living with her mother, Elizabeth Cavender. Allen Matheny and Mary Matheny had 2 children:

Michiel Matheny ("Michael Matheny"?) born about 1874; and,

Nora C. Matheny ("Nora Matheny") born about 1876;

Roxalena Cavender ("Rozalana Cavender"? & “Roxanna Cavender”?) born about 1845 in Kanawha Two Mile, Kanawha County, West Virginia, first married Edward Matheny (“Edmond Matheny”?) on February 15, 1866 in Kanawha County, West Virginia at the age of 33 with Rev. Delaney Hammock performing the ceremony, and later married George Clyde Acree ("George Clyde Acres", "George Acree" & "George Acres") on April 6, 1879 in Kanawha County, West Virginia. Edward Matheny was born about 1843 in Jackson County, West Virginia to Michael Matheny and Margaret Price, and was 40 years of age when he married. George Acree was born May 12, 1837 and died March 28, 1911. Edmond Matheny and Roxalanda Matheny had 2 children:

Elizabeth Susan Matheny ("Elizabeth Matheny" & "Betty Matheny") who was born June 1865, first married Virginus E. Conner ("Virginus Conner") October 30, 1884, later married Charles Edward Dodd ("Charles Dodd") December 25, 1892, and died about 1942. Virginus Conner was born about 1860, and Charles Dodd was born May 1867, died about 1939, and is buried in the Rummel Cemetery in Pinch, West Virginia. Virginus Conner and Elizabeth Conner had a daughter named:

Clara Conner who was born in June 1886 and married a Strait. Charles Dodd and Elizabeth Dodd had the following children:

William Luther Dodd ("William Dodd") born December 24, 1893, first married Virginia Vineyard July 27, 1912 and apparently had no children, and later married Dora Marie Beard August 25, 1915 and who died February 23, 1898. The children of William Dodd and Marie Dodd were:

Helena Lewis Dodd ("Helena Dodd") born June 29, 1916, married Richard A. Hatcher ("Richard Hatcher"), and died July 20, 1981; and,

William Luther Dodd, Jr. ("William Dodd") born August 22, 1921, and married Lillian Murl Ayers ("Lillian Ayers");

Tressie Lena Dodd ("Tressie Dodd") who was born in September 1895, married Earl Hissom March 9, 1913, died March 3, 1963 at the age of 66, and is buried in the Flora Hill Gardens of Memories Cemetery in Sissonville, West Virginia. Earl Hissom was born October 10, 1893, first became a minister of the Wesley United Methodist Church, later became a minister of the Hissom Holiness Tabernacle (first started the Nazarene movement), and died September 8, 1970 at the age of 76. The children of Earl Hissom and Tressie Hissom were:

Charles Hissom who married Virginia Moore and lived in Charleston, West Virginia;

Elizabeth Hissom who married Homer Cash and lived in Charleston, West Virginia;

Mary Hissom ("Elizabeth Hissom"?) who apparently first married Clyne Graham and later married a Wilson and lived in Cleveland, Ohio;

Carol Hissom born about 1919, married Bennie Burton Ross ("Bennie Ross"), was a member of Hissom Tabernacle, died September 30, 1987 at the age of 68, and is buried in the Floral Hills Memory Gardens in Pocatalico, West Virginia. The children of Bennie Ross and Carol Ross were:

Greta Mae Ross ("Greta Ross") who married a Thornton and lived in Home Town, West Virginia;

Jo Ann Ross ("Jo Ross") who married a Meeks and lived in Winfield, West Virginia;

Carol Roxielana Ross ("Carol Roalene Ross"? & "Carol Ross") who married a Hicks and lived in Ripley, West Virginia; and,

Bennie Burton Ross, Jr. ("Bennie Ross") who lived in Sissonville, West Virginia;

Roxalene Hissom ("Roxie Hissom") who married Homar Jordan, and lived in Charleston, West Virginia;

Earl Hissom, Jr. who married a Julia and lived in Charleston, West Virginia;

Earnest Hissom who married a Betty Jane and lived in Edens Fork, West Virginia and Charleston, West Virginia;

Albert Hissom who married Betty Taylor ("Elizabeth Taylor") and lived in Charleston, West Virginia;

Betty Lee Hissom ("Betty Hissom" & "Elizabeth Hissom") who married Charles Atkins ("Charles Adkins"?) and lived in Campbolls Creek in Charleston, West Virginia; and,

George Hissom who married an Aretta and lived in Home Town, West Virginia and in Charleston, West Virginia;

Gertrude Dodd born in June 1897 who married Rolley Melton. Gertrude Melton had a stepson named:

James Melton who married a Garnet;

Julius Dodd born July 4, 1899, died October 4, 1900, and is buried in the Rummel Cemetery in Pinch, West Virginia;

Vienna A. Dodd ("Vienna Dodd") born about 1901, married Henry Preston Humphery, died November 18, 1977, and is buried in the Hope Cemetery in Charleston, West Virginia. Henry Humphery was born in June 1896 and died February 5, 1982. The children of Henry Humphrey and Vienna Humphrey were:

John Edward Humphrey ("John Humphrey") born March 12, 1919, was killed in World War II April 3, 1943, and is buried in the Hope Cemetery in Charleston, West Virginia; and,

Zoe Elizabeth Humphrey ("Zoe Humphrey") born June 20, 1924, married Norman Eldridge Sarrett ("Norman Sarrett" & "Norman Jarrett"?) who was born about 1917 and died December 6, 1974. Norman Sarrett and Zoe Sarrett had 2 children:

Zoe Sarrett who married a Cox; and,

John Sarrett;

Odessa Irene Dodd ("Odessa Dodd") born June 17, 1905, married Jackson O. Harris ("Jackson Harris") July 5, 1928 and had no children;

James Edward Dodd ("James Dodd") born October 15, 1908 and married an Arlene. James Dodd and Arlene Dodd had 3 children:

James Dodd;

Betty Dodd ("Elizabeth Dodd"); and,

Edward Dodd; and,

Ernest Carl Dodd ("Ernest Dodd") born October 30, 1911, first married Eula Morgan, and next married Ann Dickerson. Ernest Dodd and Ann Dodd had a daughter named:

Clara Mae Dodd ("Clara Dodd") who married a Munson; and,

Morgan Luther Matheny (“Morgan Matheny”) born about 1866 in Kanawha County, West Virginia, and married Bertie Alma Hughes (“Bertie Hughes”) who was the daughter of James Hughes and Malissa Bryant (“Mellisa Bryant”?). Morgan Matheny and Bertie Matheny (“Alma Matheny”) had 2 children:

Goldie Lena Matheny (“Goldie Matheny”) born on July 18, 1902 in Pinch, Kanawha County, West Virginia, married Ward T. Morris (“Ward Morris”) in September 1920 and who was the son of William Harrison Morris (“William Morris”) and died in February 1990 in Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia. For the children of Goldie Matheny and Ward Morris, see the entry under Ward T. Morris; and,

Oak Matheny;

George Acree and Roxalana Acree had a son named

George Clyde Acree, Jr. ("George Acree") born about 1880, married Nannie M. McClung ("Nannie McClung"), died about 1955, and is buried in the Vickers Cemetery in Pinch Ridge, West Virginia. Nannie McClung was born about 1881 and died about 1965. The children of George Acree and Nannie Acree were:

Mary M. Acree ("Mary Acree" & "Elizabeth Acree") born May 12, 1906, married Calvin F. Boggs ("Calvin Boggs"), died September 27, 1989, and is buried in the Elk Hills Memorial Park Cemetery in Big Chimney, Kanawha County, West Virginia. Calvin Boggs was born August 25, 1904 and died September 29, 1978 at the age of 74 in Pinch, Kanawha County, West Virginia;

Margaret Acree born November 11, 1908 and married Homer Springler;

an infant son who died at birth on October 24, 1909 and is buried in the Vickers Cemetery in Pinch Ridge, West Virginia;

a second infant who apparently died at birth December 8, 1914 in Pinchton, West Virginia;

Samuel Clinton Acree ("Samuel Acree") born about 1914, married Virginia Moles, died February 13, 1979 at the age of 65 in Benicia, California, and is buried in the Odell Cemetery in Quick, West Virginia. The 3 children of Samuel Acree and Virginia Acree were:

George Acree who lived in Elkview, West Virginia;

Linda Acree who married a Silva and lived in Benicia, California; and,

Carol Acree who married an Edel and lived in Sunnyvale, California

George Clyde Acree ("George Acree") born August 25, 1919, first married June E. Holt ("June Holt"), later married Bobby Jane Osborne ("Bobby Osborne" & "Bobbie Osborne"), died April 4, 1987 at the age of 67 in Pinch, West Virginia. Bobbie Osborne was born about 1937, died February 16, 1993 at the age of 56 in Pinch, West Virginia, and is buried in the Rummel Cemetery in Pinch, West Virginia. George Acree and June Acree had 2 children:

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