Entrepreneurial Competencies and Management Practices of Microentrepreneurs in Agdangan, Quezon introduction

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This study aims to reveal the management practices of the microentrepreneurs in Agdangan, Quezon. It specifically sought to find out the following objectives:

  1. What are the profile of microenterprises owners in terms of:

  1. What is the organizational profile of the microenterprises in terms of:

  1. What is the level of competencies of microenterprises owners in terms of:

  • Opportunity-seeking and initiative,

  • Risk taking,

  • Demand for efficiency and Quality,

  • Persistence,

  • Commitment to work,

  • Information seeking,

  • Goal setting,

  • Systematic planning and monitoring,

  • Persuasion and networking, and

  • Independence

  1. What are the management practices of microenterprises owners in terms of:

  1. What are the differences of entrepreneurial competencies and management practices as to the microentrepreneurs’ demographic profile and their businesses’ organizational profile?

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