Fdp on ict technology Trends & Skill Development

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FDP on ICT Technology Trends & Skill Development”


CMAI Association of India

Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Government of UP

Supported by


Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship


Date & Timings

20th March 2015

9.30 AM – 5 PM
What a vision, passion, zeal and guidance of our Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Prof RK Khandal. His continuous devotion for education has made him to chalk our first FDP programme in UPTU in last several years. His efforts brought industry and education Institutes together. We as an industry association have yet to see such an deep interest by any VC in India. We find him passionate to improve the skills in institutes and make each one of them global standard. We salute his vision and zeal.


Thanks to guidance of VC Sir, we are able to chalk out the “FDP on ICT Technology Trends & Skill Development” on 20th March, 2015


There is a wide gap between studies & requirement of industry. Government of India & specifically Uttar Pradesh Technical University has laid down an objective to make out 100 % employable students as per curriculum and capabilities required by Industry, coupled with motivation for self employment and increased Entrepreneurial capabilities. For this purpose there will changes in curriculum compatible with industry requirements and needs. There will also be mandatory Faculty Development Program for up gradation of faculties.

We propose a seminar to address above issues and also bring awareness to the faculty & chairperson about latest trends in technology, innovations & need of Skills to meet the same. This will lead to separate Faculty Development Program for a cluster of topics for individual or group of Institutes.

Expected Delegates

1200 including around 100 Chairperson/ Director of Engineering & Management Colleges around 600 ICT/Science/Computer faculty members and about 500 students.

Chief Guest Confirmed

  • Prof. Dr. RK Khandal, Vice Chancellor, Uttar Pradesh Technical University to PRESIDE the programme

  • Shri Rajiv Pratap Rudy, Minister of Skill & Development & Entrepreneurship, Government of India

  • Prof. Abhishek Mishra, Minister for Skill Development for UP Government

VIPs Confirmed

Skill Devlopment


  • Sh. Sandeep Bhargava, Director Microsoft

  • Sh. Rahul Sharma, Director Vedanta Group

  • CEO, MTS

  • Director IBM

  • Director, Intel

  • Director Akash Tablet- Datawind

  • Director MediaTek

  • Sh. KL Dhingra, CMDC ITI and Vice Chairman SCOPE

  • Sh. Anuj Srivastava, CGM, MTNL ( Optical Technologies expert)

  • Sh. Vineet Kumar, Former Chief Technical Officer, Jharkhand Police, Presently Ministry of Home Affairs

Draft Agenda

9.30-10.30 AM Registration

10.30-11.30 AM Inauguration

Welcome by Sh.NK Goyal, President CMAI

Address by Chairperson, Education Institute

Presidential Address by Prof RK Khandal, VC,UPTU

Inaugural Address by Prof Abhisekh Mishra, Minister Skill Dev & Entrepreneurship UP

Inaugural Address by SH Rajiv Partap Ruddy, Minister Skill Dev & Entrepreneurship

Vote of Thanks

11.30-12.30 PM Technical Session 1 ( Wireless & Mobile Technology)

Session Chair: CEO MTS, Telecom Operator

  • Director, IBM

  • Director Qualcom

  • Director Intel

  • Director MediaTek

12.30-1.30 PM Technical Session 2 (Skill Development)

Session Chair: Sh Dilip Chenoy, CEO NSDC(Invited)

          • Lt Gen SP Kochhhar, CEO Telecom Sector Skill Council(Invited)

          • Sh. NK Mohapatra, CEO Electronics Sector Skill Council

1.30PM-2.30 PM Technical Session 3 (ICT Technologies)

Session Chair, Sh. Rahul Sharma, Director, Vedanta Group

          • Sh. KL Dhingra, CMD ITI and vice Chairman, SCOPE on CSR in Central PSU’s for Education Institute

          • Sh Rupinder Ahluwalia, Sr. VP, Datawind (Akash Tablets)

          • Sh. Anuj Srivastava, CGM, MTNL ( Optical Technologies expert)

          • Sh Sandeep Bhargava, Director, Microsoft

2.30 PM Lunch

3.00-4.00 PM Technical Session 4 (Cyber Security)

        • Sh Vineet Kumar, Former Chief Technical Officer, Jharkhand Police, Presently Ministry of Home Affairs

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