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Field Officer Recruitment VNR Details

Talent 1 – Duncan Young, Program Head of the 2016 Census

Talent 2 – Kym Davies, ABS Field Staff Member in Alice Springs

Talent 3 – Dianne Sandford, Alice Springs resident

Talent 4 – Sharon Hayes, Alice Springs resident

Talent 5 – Clarissa Mather, ABS Field Staff Member in Melbourne


SOUNDBITE 1 – Duncan Young

“Australia is a big country, we’ve got 24-million people, we’ve got 10-million households and in the census we need to count all of them on one night and so we need 38-thousand field officers to help us out in the big count Australia has on this year. Why is that count important? It’s important to make sure we build schools in the right places, build health facilities in the right places. Build the infrastructure that Australia needs as it continues to grow.”

SOUNDBITE 2 – Duncan Young

“So Census Field Officers need to be as diverse as the Australian population is. We’re looking for Census Field Officers that come from all backgrounds so people with different language skills we’d love to have apply, people who are from the older demographic or the younger demographics, people across every community in the country. People with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background, we need every person counted in Australia so we need Census Field Officers who can talk to every person in our population.”

SOUNDBITE 3 – Duncan Young

“The 2016 Census is an exciting census for Australia with two-thirds of the Australian population expected to complete the census online. A digital approach to the census needs our Field Officers to bring a digital approach. And so we’re looking for Field Officers who have access to a computer, have access to a laptop or a smart phone and have the ability to use it. We’re looking for people who know how to do basic things on a computer and they’ll make great Field Officers for us.”


  1. Officer door name plaque, focus shift to a wide shot of Duncan Young at computer and keyboard.

  2. CU Duncan on his computer.

  3. CU Duncan on his computer.

  4. Duncan typing on computer.

  5. Wide ABS House, Canberra.

  6. ABS House front door opening to reveal ABS/Crown logo.


SOUNDBITE 4 – Kym Davies

“I mean it is a great experience meeting all those new people and seeing different places, but just that opportunity for some short snappy employment. It’s about 3-months, flexible working hours, you get to do it when you want, you can’t beat it really.”


Regional – Alice Springs outskirts

  1. White 4WD driving on a dirt road outside Alice Springs. Dust. McDonnel Ranges background.

  2. Camera inside car of Kym Davies driving.

  3. Camera inside car from passenger perspective.

  4. Wide shot outback Alice Springs, Kym Davies parked under a tree.

  5. Kym Davies working on bonnet of car with Dianne Sandford and Sharon Hayes.

  6. Mid – Kym filling in census form on bonnet of car.

  7. CU – Sharon Hayes

  8. CU – Kym writing on census form on car bonnet.


Urban – Melbourne, south eastern suburbs.

  1. Side shot - Clarissa Mather working at home on her computer

  2. CU - Clarissa Mather on computer.

  3. CU - Field Officer paraphernalia on desk with typing in background.

  4. Mid – Clarissa working at computer.

  5. Long – Clarissa walking down a street, looking at iPad.

  6. Long side - Clarissa walking down a street, looking at iPad.

  7. CU – Field Officer satchel and Clarissa walking down the street.

  8. Wide – Clarissa on street goes through a gate into a suburban residence.

  9. Mid – Clarissa coming through gate camera in front garden.

  10. Mid – Looking through gate as Clarissa opens it.

  11. Ground level mid – Clarissa walking through gate from street perspective.


Urban peak hour.

  1. Crossing road at city lights.

  2. Commuters piling off a train.

  3. Commuters going up an escalator.

Field Officer General Information

Applicants must be Australian citizens or have the legal right to work in Australia, and hold a valid driver’s licence. To view the applicant information kits and to apply online, visit Applications close on 29 May 2016.

For further information on the 2016 Census, visit

Media inquiries

National Media Manager (P) 1300 175 080 /

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