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New Jersey Scrapbook

Learning about our wonderful state of New Jersey is fun and exciting. You will be surprised at how many special places are right in our own backyards. Throughout the year you will be required to visit at least 6 of these special places and write a report about them. Your report should be written in paragraph form. An example is provided for your reference.

Your report must include the following:

  • The name of the attraction

  • The location of the attraction

  • The date you visited

  • What you saw

  • What you learned

  • Your opinion and/or recommendation of the attraction

  • Why it is significant to New Jersey

  • Pictures of yourself at the attraction

We strongly encourage you to type your report.

Entire report should be placed in a 3 ring binder and turned in for a social studies grade on Friday, May 2, 2014.

Have fun searching and exploring this wonderful state of ours!


  • East Hanover Fire Station

  • East Hanover Public Library

  • East Hanover Police Station

  • East Hanover First Aid Station

  • Morris County Courthouse

  • Morris County Library

  • State Capital - Trenton

  • Trenton Courthouse

Historic Sites

  • Allaire State Park

  • Batsto Village

  • Cook House

  • Cooper Gristmill

  • Dey Mansion

  • Ellis Island

  • Hancock House

  • Historic Coldspring Village

  • Historic Smitville

  • Historic Speedwell

  • Israel Crane House

  • Jockey Hollow

  • Monmouth Battlefield State Park

  • Princeton Battlefield State Park

  • Rockingham

  • Somers Mansion

  • Statue of Liberty

  • Steuben House

  • The Hermitage House

  • Trenton Battle Monument at Washington’s Crossing State Park

  • Trenton Barracks

  • Twin Lights

  • Vietnam Memorial

  • Wallace House

  • Walt Whitman House

  • Washington’s Headquarters – Morristown

  • William Trent House


  • A New Jersey University

  • Aviation Hall of Fame

  • Camden Aquarium

  • Edison Museum

  • Essex County Environmental Center

  • Garden State Discovery Museum

  • Haddonfield

  • Howell Living History Farm

  • Jenkinson’s Aquarium

  • Lambert Castle

  • Liberty Hall House Museum

  • Liberty Science Center

  • Little Red Schoolhouse

  • Morristown Seeing Eye Training Center

  • Newton Fire Museum

  • Newark Early Trade Museum

  • Newark Museum

  • NJACE Planetarium

  • Sterling Hill Mining Museum

  • Stickley Museum

  • The Great Swamp

  • The Wetlands Institute Waterloo

  • Van Ripper Hopper House

  • West Milford Museum

  • Whites bog Village


  • A New Jersey Lighthouse

  • Appalachian Trail

  • Grover Cleveland’s Birthplace

  • Delaware Water Gap

  • High Point

  • Lucy the Elephant

  • Paterson’s Great Falls

  • Steel Pier – Atlantic City Boardwalk

  • U.S.S. New Jersey


  • Boardwalks

  • Camden Children’s Garden

  • Cowtown Rodeo

  • Giants Stadium

  • Island Beach State Park

  • Izod Center

  • Lake Marcia

  • Liberty State Park

  • Monmouth Racetrack

  • New Jersey Museum of Transportation

  • New Jersey Performing Arts Center

  • Newark Bears Stadium

  • Paper Mill Playhouse

  • Pequest Fish Hatchery

  • Prudential Center

  • Sandy Hook

  • Seaside Resorts

  • Six Flags – Great Adventure

  • Space Farms Zoo and Museum

  • State Parks or Forests

  • Sunrise Mountain

  • TD Bank Ballpark – Somerset Patriots

  • The Meadowlands

  • Trenton Thunder Stadium

  • Turtle Back Zoo

  • Whippany Train Museum

  • Wild West City

  • Yogi Berra Museum

State Industries

  • Farms (Dairy, Apple, Pumpkin, etc.)

  • Newark Liberty International Airport

  • Tuckerton Seaport

Credit can be earned for visiting other New Jersey landmarks. Please discuss your suggestions with your teacher prior to your visit.

Sample Report

Name of attraction: Old Barracks Museum

Location: Trenton

Date visited: July 15, 2010

This past summer, some of the fourth grade teachers decided to visit some interesting places in New Jersey so that we could learn more about our wonderful state. On July 15, 2010 we visited the Old Barracks Museum in Trenton, NJ.
Barracks are places that are built for soldiers to live in for periods of time. The Trenton Barracks were built because there was a war between Great Britain and France between 1755 and 1763 (called The French and Indian War). British soldiers were sent here to protect the colonists from the French soldiers, and the British soldiers needed a place to live. At first, the British soldiers lived in the colonists’ houses. Then barracks were built for them in Trenton and in four other cities.
Later, during the Revolutionary War, British, Hessian, and American troops lived at the Trenton Barracks at different times. Still later, it became an army hospital. After the war, the Trenton Barracks was sold and it was made into private homes. Many changes were made to the Barracks throughout the years.
As we walked around the Barracks, I saw small rooms where the soldiers slept, ate, and played games. I saw people wearing clothing from long ago. I saw exhibits of maps, pictures of battles, and lots of hospital equipment from long ago.
The Trenton Barracks is important to New Jersey because it is the only Barracks in our state left standing from The French and Indian War. It helps visitors to picture how soldiers actually lived during that time period.
One unusual thing that happened during our visit was that the fire alarm went off when we were there. So we all had to exit the building, and the firemen had to check the building and make sure that there was no fire. We waited outside for about half an hour, and then finally we were allowed back in.
I enjoyed my trip to the Old Barracks Museum, and I would recommend it as an interesting place to visit. I suggest taking the tour, because the guides know a lot about history, they tell it in a very interesting way, and they can answer lots of questions.

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