For Immediate Release Invisible Gamepad debuts to make gaming on mobile devices more convenient and fun

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For Immediate Release

Invisible Gamepad debuts to make gaming on mobile devices more convenient and fun

Miami – A gaming enthusiast himself, Olivier Buigues understands the frustration that many hardcore gamers share when they are attempting to play their favorite games on mobile devices like iPhones and Androids. It is difficult to know where to press the buttons, and it is challenging to achieve the same accuracy compared to playing on a gaming system at home. Recognizing this dilemma, the entrepreneurial Buigues created the Invisible Gamepad, a gaming accessory designed to make it easy and convenient for users to play games on mobile devices.
Buigues - who previously worked for electronics giants Sony and Phillips before co-founding Aheho, a Paris-based telecommunications firm – splits his time in Paris and Miami. In Paris, where many residents use public transportation, he noticed that passengers would avoid complex games, like Call of Duty, on their mobile devices because of the challenges of playing with the same precision as at home.
“It’s aggravating when you don’t know what buttons to press and you cannot have the same gaming experience on an iPhone, iPad, Android and tablet as you can when you are in front of your computer or TV at home,” Buigues said. “These mobile devices have changed our lifestyles, so people are more apt to play games outside of their home than they were before. The Invisible Gamepad is designed to make gaming more enjoyable on mobile devices.”
Available at The Invisible Gamepad website and on, the item is a slender, lightweight plastic sleeve that users place on their mobile device while playing games, allowing for better accuracy and precision on touch screens. The patented design incorporates the same ultra-resistant material that is used to protect the Space Shuttle against debris.
When you are on the go and just have five or 10 minutes to play your favorite game, you don’t have time to attach a cumbersome accessory. All you want is to pull out your mobile device and play,” Buigues said. “The Invisible Gamepad is convenient and easy to use, and it works with every major game.”
Buigeis is currently in talks with retailers to have The Invisible Gamepad in stores later this year. The product works with A-Pads and D-Pads, and any game that uses on-screen buttons or gamepads is an ideal fit for The Invisible Gamepad.
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