Friday 11: 25 P. M. Optimum WiFi Horizon 2020: uk launch for eu's £67bn research budget a journalist and his typewriter

/27/14 Monday 9:05 P.M.  I will now shower and clean up.  It is suppose to go down to 7 degrees Fahrenheit tonight.  CIO

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<888> 01/27/14 Monday 9:05 P.M.  I will now shower and clean up.  It is suppose to go down to 7 degrees Fahrenheit tonight.  CIO  

<888> 01/27/14 Monday 8:50 P.M.  I chatted with a relative.  CIO

<888> 01/27/14 Monday 7:55 P.M.  I chatted with a relative at 2 P.M..  I finally woke up at 6 P.M..  I picked up the mail. I got a Christmas Card from .  There is a notice on the front door of the building the Greenwich Department of Social Services will be taking Energy Assistance Applications in the Community Room between 11 A.M. and 1 P.M. this Wednesday January 29, 2014.  I ate breakfast of oatmeal with honey and milk, a toasted English muffin with olive oil, a 12 ounce glass of 50% punch and 50% cold filtered water and vitamins and supplements, and a cup of coffee with milk and Splenda sweetener.  I washed the breakfast dishes.  I made my bed.             

Ex-Marlboro man dies from smoking-related disease  CIO

<888> 01/27/14 Monday 8:00 A.M.  I will now shut down the primary work computer.  I will eat a Greek yogurt.  I will then go to bed.  CIO

<888> 01/27/14 Monday 7:40 A.M.  I threw out the garbage.  I watched pick up the garbage.  I said good morning to a regular health care worker.  CIO  

<888> 01/27/14 Monday 6:55 A.M.  Before personal computers and the internet became common over 20 years ago, when I was frequently on a night schedule, I used to like going out listening to disco music and occasionally dancing which was good exercise to lose weight, since one spends a lot of time on one's feet.  However, as we all got older and had to work more at home, and 911 happened we put our disco lives into the background.  I actually never went to Studio 54, but when I last lived in Manhattan until February 1982, my roommate's daughter worked in the coffee shop at night and the early morning hours across the street from Studio 54.  CIO

<888> 01/27/14 Monday 5:00 A.M.  Swedish Sound  CIO

<888> 01/27/14 Monday 4:45 A.M.  I drank a 12 ounce glass of .  Here in the Western Hemisphere in America, there are not that many Europeans that live here in exile anymore.  I guess Europe has become so prosperous, they have all returned to the Eastern Hemisphere.  They also do not seem to like to communicate with people over here anymore.  I guess they seem to think they know it all.  It is not like after World War II, when they needed our help.  I manage to get along over here, but most people seem to think I am a first generation immigrant from  Europe despite my extensive American back ground.  The Europeans whom are here seem to work around me based on their reality as to how they perceive this area.  I guess they are all looking for their European cousins to show up sooner or later.  My father lived in Europe for a long time, so I was used to meeting and greeting with Europeans.  However, now that I live more simply and am only able to sit out on a bench on Greenwich Avenue watching them come and go passing me by, I guess they are not use to seeing me out so much in public.  However, as I have started to get older and the weather is much colder, I am enjoying spending more quiet time at home which is less stressful and more relaxing.  To be constantly in the public eye is somewhat of a burden for myself and some of my more private friends that I have long since lost track of.  I guess from what I know the only people whom are changing things in this area are the nearby residents of Manhattan whom visit on weekends and summer holidays.  Whether they are here during the colder winter weather is opened to debate.  CIO

<888> 01/27/14 Monday 4:05 A.M. CIO

<888> 01/27/14 Monday 3:50 A.M.  It's Facebook vs. Princeton in study smackdown  CIO   

<888> 01/27/14 Monday 3:00 A.M.  Freezing temps return to Midwest for extended stay  CIO

<888> 01/27/14 Monday 1:55 A.M.  Email - Ronald Reagan's Motivating Quotes for Your Desk-Special Offer! - Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library

Hunter-gatherer European had blue eyes and dark skin

Grand Canyon 'formed recently'   CIO

<888> 01/27/14 Monday 1:25 A.M.  I took a 10 inch skillet, and I put it on a large electric burner at medium high heat with two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil in it, and after three minutes when the olive oil was hot, I put in a 11 ounce top round London Broil, and I cooked it for two minutes a side flipping it every minute.  The first two sides, I put garlic salt, Montréal Steak Seasoning, and Italian Seasoning on each side the first time around, and then for one last minute, I simmered it on both sides in a couple of tablespoons of soy sauce and I ate it with the herbal soy sauce and Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce and 12 ounces of mashed potatoes with Smart Balance Spread and extra virgin olive oil and steamed baby carrots cut into quarters lengthwise and broccoli crowns with Smart Balance Spread and extra virgin olive oil and a 12 ounce glass of  and a cup of green tea with Splenda sweetener and Borden's lemon juice.  CIO  

<888> 01/26/14 Sunday 11:45 P.M.  I showered, and I cleaned up.  On Channel 13 PBS, I watched "Downton Abbey" and "Sherlock Holmes" for my English Cultural Entertainment for Sunday evening.  It is not suppose to be too cold tonight, but the next two nights are suppose to be very extreme cold.  It is best for older people like myself in this severe colder weather to stay inside particularly at night when it is colder.  I suppose some of the younger generation are moving around amongst their various hot spots or where ever they know to go.  Alas, I am not in tune with the activities of the younger generation.  CIO 

<888> 01/26/14 Sunday 8:10 P.M.  I chatted with a friend at 3 P.M..  I finally woke up at 7 P.M..  I ate breakfast of oatmeal with honey and milk, a toasted English muffin with olive oil, a 12 ounce glass of 50% punch and 50% cold filtered water and vitamins and supplements, and a cup of coffee with milk and Splenda sweetener.  I washed the breakfast dishes.  I made my bed.  CIO           

End of Scott's Notes week of 01/26/14

<888> 01/26/14 Sunday 6:20 A.M.  On a minor note, my father Louis Dale Scott died in 1989 at a relatively young age from many years of hard work.  If he were alive, today would be his 95th birthday.  I will now send out my weekly notes.  I will then shut down the primary work computer.  I will then eat a Greek yogurt.  I will then go to bed.  CIO

<888> 01/26/14 Sunday 6:20 A.M.  Since in the period from 1973 to 1982, when I was around Manhattan, I spent a lot of time walking around Manhattan, I know my way around Manhattan from the old days.  I also spent a lot of time walking around keeping an eye on the art work.  However, back then one was allowed to smoke cigarettes in the Engelhard Court which I did frequently and Tuesday nights a roast beef dinner with Yorkshire Pudding and beverage and trimmings cost $6.95 at the cafeteria, which was expensive, but it gave one a little bit of extra energy.  Also when the tiny skinny fashion people took over Manhattan, they did not think people need to eat food and they also basically tried to run people into the ground for their own fun and profit.  I still have a little bit of influence in the art world, and as a cleaver art detective I will now prove it.  From this report , it mentions there are little 77 numbers on the back right side of the counterfeit hundred dollars bills, so what could 77 stand for.  Well if one looks at the Aga Khan's 77th birthday web site , he is now trying to sell cars, so either some of his people are pulling a joke or he ran out of money or like all wealthy people in his old age after years of extravagance, he is getting more frugal.  For all I know we actually are in a Potemkin City which Greenwich, Connecticut is suppose to be, so instead of Greenwich, Connecticut USA, we are not in Greenwich, India which would not be this cold, but maybe Greenwich, Russia which would be cold, but on Bloomberg News, they advertise Mongolia all of the time, and since Gingus Khan came from Mongolia, the Aga Khan might still be in charge in Greenwich, Mongolia.  CIO

<888> 01/26/14 Sunday 5:15 A.M.  I ordered for myself one USPS New La Florida Forever Limited-Edition Self-Adhesive Stamps for $7.84 and $1.25 postage for $9.09 total.  CIO  

<888> 01/26/14 Sunday 4:35 A.M. I sent to a relative in Florida two of these USPS New La Florida Forever Limited-Edition Self-Adhesive Stamps for $7.84 each set for $15.68 and $1.25 shipping for $16.93 total.  CIO

<888> 01/26/14 Sunday 3:55 A.M.  Tired of the same old boring stamps, Forever stamps went up from 46 cents to 49 cents Ebay US Postage .  CIO  

<888> 01/26/14 Sunday 3:45 A.M.  Now that I have your attention, I have a theory why it is getting colder here than normal.  We have all read that every few hundred thousands years the earth flips on its axis.  What if it does that but more slowly and not necessarily a 180 degree flip, but if it were a sideways more diagonal flip, it might explain the current weather conditions.  Obviously if this were the case, a more advanced scientific group would already know it and be adjusting their new geopolitical portfolio to the new weather conditions.  It is beginning to look like New England might be where Greenland once was in the future and since Europe is going downwards southerly, it might actually be warmer there.  That is all I can figure out.   I do know it is a 105 degrees Fahrenheit in southern Australia which seems a bit high, so maybe southern Australia is moving further northwards.  CIO

<888> 01/26/14 Sunday 3:20 A.M.  No News from Europe.  I guess Europeans rest on weekends.  CIO

<888> 01/26/14 Sunday 3:00 A.M.  During World War II, it was the Nazi Zimmerman plan to invade the United States of America through Mexico.  It is my viewpoint that when the Nazis lost, they built up a large force of Germans in Mexico over half a century, so all of these new Latino Mexicans showing up in this area are actually the avant guard of a larger German group which might try to come over here sooner or later.  Of course the area seems to be getting better, but none of the "Old Guard" seem to be in charge anymore, so basically it seems like we have already lost before World War III has even begun.  CIO

<888> 01/26/14 Sunday 2:20 A.M.  I called up the Military Police at West Point at 1-845-938-3333,P4_CONTENT_DIRECTORY,P4_TAB:3745,ALL,IC , and I reminded them of the sniper incident at Tod's Point at the southwest picnic area during the last Thursday of the last week of May about 13 years ago.   A local scuba diver I chatted with the area since then told me it could have been a Navy Seal.  Today an Army Vet told me there are indeed Navy Seals in the area.  Since I normally would not have been out there at that time of year, it was perhaps a case of mistaken identity for someone else they expected out there, since a florescent orange target marker was set up at the base of the tree where I was shot at.  Beside replacing the bullet holes in the "No Clamming" signs, no investigation or interview was ever done.  In other words it was either a cover up, or nobody believed me, although there were many witnesses.  At the time JFK Jr. was a regular jogger out there, and George W. Bush appeared on television from Kennebunkport, Maine; so he could have been working his way north for the season while campaigning.  The Bush family used to like playing horse shoes at Tod's Point.  Whatever the case, there were lot of cars on the highway with people from down south going north for the season.  Also at the end May, they have graduation at West Point, so a lot of military people converge onto this area from around the world.  I even new Robert E. Lee's great grandson when he lived in Greenwich, and he had attended West Point, and he used to guard Mrs. Godfrey Rockefeller when she volunteered at the Merry Go Round Mews Thrift shop when it was there on Arch Street.  One local waterfront neighbor told me it was just the local lobstermen fighting over lobster rights which sounds like a lot of baloney.  Another friend told me it was Duck Hunters.  At the time there were no boats are planes or helicopters or land base within shooting range, so it could have been a Navy Seal hidden in the water.  If it were from a land base, it would have been a long shot, and my family just happened to be friends with somebody whom use to live at the nearest land base whom also worked at CBS at one time.  Even if a bullet could carry over 2 miles at that distance the earth curves, so basically one would be firing into the ground or water.  I did call up Donald Trump at the time, and I told him, and the following week he sold his house on the waterfront in Greenwich.  CIO

<888> 01/26/14 Sunday 12:45 A.M.  I threw out the garbage.  I cleaned a couple of inches of powdered snow off the Volvo wagon.  I picked up the mail.  CIO

<888> 01/25/14 Saturday 11:20 P.M.  I ate a 19 ounce Stouffer's meat lasagna with grated parmesan and Romano cheese and a 12 ounce glass of .  Greenwich, Connecticut is mostly a hometown for the temporary rich.  Once they finish for owning and maintaining an expensive house in Greenwich, Connecticut; they usually go back to being middle class of less.  The local residents are always looking to enhance their fortunes by befriending other established residents of substance.  Whether any of them succeed in the long run is opened for debate.  If you ever chatted with some of those old thread worn pensioners nursing one cocktail all night long in one of those common beer and burger joints on the upper east side of Manhattan, they could probably tell you some stories about the so called rich and famous, but you might have to buy them another cocktail or two.  I will now shower and clean up.  CIO

<888> 01/25/14 Saturday 10:05 P.M.  I chatted with an Irish friend who is one of my eyes and ears in Manhattan, and he did not tell me much that I did not already know.   I chatted with a relative twice.  I watched the program on Cspan TV with the Barbara Bush interview about her years in the White House.  She said it is very cheap to live there.  Of course, when I knew Helen Kress Williams, she would make on A&P tea bag last a week, and then she would use them in her garden for fertilizer.  Of course some of us are so busy, we are not always able to economize as best we can.  When I slept on a bed made of two by fours in the basement of the Grennon guest house in Nantucket on Hussey Street for $40 a week, I was earning $8.75 an hour as the head dishwasher at their restaurant working up to 80 hours a week, but I was not able to save much money, since everything else was very expensive like roast beef sandwiches at the A&P for $8, so when I left the island unemployed, I would quickly become destitute and homeless.  I do much better here in Greenwich, Connecticut accepting my disability and not trying to change the world on limited income based on my experience.  CIO

<888> 01/25/14 Saturday 8:15 P.M.  If you have wampum, you can search for people here .

I chatted with a Dutch friend who like myself does not seem to know too many other Dutch people in this area.  Maybe all of the Dutch people left in America should move back to the Netherlands where people might be more friendly.  Recently a local Swedish business person from Ohio gave me the Hail Hitler salute on Greenwich Avenue, so I guess the Dutch American as they are perceived have a public relations problem in this area, since the Dutch also can have the same look as Germans or German Americans.  Being Dutch and Scottish, I tend to worry more about the British, since the British are well known for fighting the Dutch and the Scottish.  However, as a minor point of dispute my Grandma Scott's Gard family are from Devonshire, England; so I am also part English, so there is no point in fighting my own people.  However the Gard family name besides being English can also be Swedish or French.  Just because fat people wear suspenders does not mean they are German, it means they have no waist line to hold up their pants, so they have to wear suspenders or braces.  CIO

<888> 01/25/14 Saturday 5:15 P.M.  I ate breakfast of oatmeal with honey and milk, a toasted English muffin with olive oil, a 12 ounce glass of 50% punch and 50% cold filtered water and vitamins and supplements, and a cup of coffee with milk and Splenda sweetener.  I washed the breakfast dishes.  I made my bed.  CIO        

<888> 01/25/14 Saturday 4:35 P.M.  I chatted with a friend while I was asleep.  I finally woke up at 4 P.M..  I chatted with a friend.  CIO

<888> 01/25/14 Saturday 9:40 A.M.  I ate two ounces of almonds.  I will now shut down the primary work computer.  I will eat a Greek yogurt.  I will then go to bed.  CIO  

<888> 01/25/14 Saturday 9:05 A.M.  I reheated and ate a 18 ounce can of Progresso New England clam chowder which I put some dried parsley and ground black pepper on, and I ate it with a 12 ounce glass of .  I used four forever stamps to mail two copies of the Frank Sinatra CD to a relative.  I mailed it in the mail room downstairs.  CIO 

<888> 01/25/14 Saturday 7:55 A.M.  I burned four copies of the Frank Sinatra CD.  I also copied it to a pin drive, and I put it on the IBM ThinkCentre along side the Ethan Allen recliner.  I put one copy in the Sony 300 CD Disk Player as CD number 48.  I have not used the Sony 300 CD player in about a year and a half, and the door would not open on it.  I disconnected it, and I fiddled with it, and I finally got the door to open.  Five Brahms CDs had come out of the carrousel, but I was able to get the door opened, and I put them back in the carrousel, so the Sony 300 CD player now works just fine. One has to have CD set on the Technics amplifier for it to work.  I also copied my music files from the primary work computer to the Nokia 520 16GB micro SD card, but not all of the music files show up on the Nokia 520, but enough for now do show up.  I suppose it has to do with the way the phone recognizes the file structure.  CIO

<888> 01/25/14 Saturday 5:30 A.M.  I bought and downloaded 100 Frank Sinatra Songs $3.99 and 4 cents tax for $4.03 total for over five hours of Frank.  I drank a 12 ounce glass of .  CIO    

<888> 01/25/14 Saturday 4:45 A.M.  Microsoft's Windows 8.1 Update 1: Rumored release target is March 11 | ZDNet - SINTEF

ONERA - Le centre français de recherche aérospatiale

How Vietnam became a coffee giant

Genetically-modified purple tomatoes heading for shops

Google patents ad tech linking restaurant to taxi ride   CIO  

<888> 01/25/14 Saturday 4:20 A.M.  I woke up at 4 A.M..  CIO 

<888> 01/24/14 Friday 11:55 P.M.  I ate a turkey and ham and white American cheese sandwich on 15 grain whole grain bread with Hellmann's olive oil mayonnaise and Utz wavy potato chips and a dill pickle slice and a 12 ounce glass of .  I will now take a nap.  CIO  

<888> 01/24/14 Friday 10:40 P.M.   I threw out the garbage.  I went by CVS at 644 West Putnam Avenue, and I bought buy one get one free of 240 capsule double strength Glucosamine Chondroitin for $54.99 both, and two bags of 16 ounce lightly salted almonds for $4.50 each and $3.49 tax for $67.48 total.  I then went by the Stop and Shop, and I bought two 12 ounce bags of Home-style Pennsylvania Dutch noodles for $3.38 both, Stop and Shop deli sliced premium ham for $5.99 a pound for $6.65, Boars Head white American cheese for $5.99 a pound for $4.01, four 19 ounce Stouffer's meat lasagna for $2.50 each, bananas for .79 a pound for .94, a four pack of six ounce Chaboni strawberry Greek yogurt for $4.29, and a 59 ounce Simply Orange orange juice for $2.50 for $31.77 total.  I then went downtown, and I cleaned off the snow from the benches downtown in front of the Senior and the Arts center, and the veterans monument across the street and the old post office plaza.  I chatted with a regular at Starbucks.  I returned home, and I picked up the mail.  I put away my groceries.  CIO

<888> 01/24/14 Friday 7:30 P.M.  I chatted with a relative.  I will now shower and clean up.  I will then go out in the frigid Siberian weather of Greenwich, Connecticut.  In my apartment hallway, I put up the Swedish and Scottish flags which are the two coldest largest flags I have besides the small Norwegian flag.  A friend told me, one can fly round trip to Barbados for $450 and rent a house on the beach in for $250 a week, but with the cold weather up north, it might be busy in the Caribbean, so maybe one should keep on going to Sao Paulo, Brazil and look up Tony Pigato.  CIO

<888> 01/24/14 Friday 6:05 P.M.  I chatted with a friend at 3 P.M..  The the order for Scandia Woods Flannel Pajamas in Small in Stewart Dress for $23.97 and $6.99 shipping for $30.96 plus with coupon code "PTAHF" get free shipping and $4.79 off for $19.18 total was received by my friend.  I finally woke up at 5 P.M..   I ate breakfast of oatmeal with honey and milk, a toasted English muffin with olive oil, a 12 ounce glass of 50% punch and 50% cold filtered water and vitamins and supplements, and a cup of coffee with milk and Splenda sweetener.  I washed the breakfast dishes.  I made my bed.  CIO      

<888> 01/24/14 Friday 6:10 A.M.  I will now shut down the primary work computer.  I will eat a Greek yogurt.  I will then go to bed.  CIO

<888> 01/24/14 Friday 5:35 A.M.  This Francois et Mimi Borosilicate Glass French Press Coffee Maker,Black is cheaper than a real Bodum Chambord 8 cup French Press Coffee Maker, 34 oz., Chrome which Fred Von Mierers use to make Viennese Blend coffee with from which all of the rich midtown people liked to drink to keep them going all day.  Of course one would have to have the right honey and cream to go in the coffee too.  Ed Powers, Fred's houseman might still be in the neighborhood, so maybe he would know more about the old time Bloomsbury salon at 420 East 49th street.  Alas the fresh croissants from the Air France Concorde delivered from Paris are no longer available at the bakery at second avenue and 49th street on the southeast corner.  Basically the people do something in that neighborhood, but it helps if one has the foreign language skills to communicate with them.  CIO

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