Friday 11: 25 P. M. Optimum WiFi Horizon 2020: uk launch for eu's £67bn research budget a journalist and his typewriter

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<888> 01/05/14 Sunday 2:40 P.M.   I ate a baloney and Swiss cheese sandwich on 15 grain whole wheat bread with Hellmann's olive oil mayonnaise and Lays sour cream and onion potato chips and a dill pickle slice and a 12 ounce glass of Schweppes Ginger Ale.  I will now take a nap.  CIO  

<888> 01/05/14 Sunday 1:35 P.M.  I used the Seagate Utilities, and I did a low level format of the IBM ThinkCentre along side the Ethan Allen recliner.  When I tried to install the Windows 8.1 backup from the Seagate 2 TB hard drive, it still would not work.  I also tried two other Windows 8 and Windows 7 backups on the Seagate 2 TB hard drive using, the Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 DVDs, and none of them would work.  In Windows 7 DVD, it would not find the IBM ThinkCentre backups.  In Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 DVD, it found the backups, but gave an error message that the backups were created with a different operating system.  I am now restoring the December 11, 2012 backup from the Rosewell external hard drive, and then I will have to install the windows updates on both partitions.  I can not figure out why the restores of the backups from the 2 TB Seagate external hard drive would not work.  CIO

<888> 01/05/14 Sunday 10:10 A.M.  On the IBM ThinkCentre computer along side the Ethan Allen recliner, I tried restoring the Windows 8.1 backup that I made on November 11, 2013; but the restore program from the DVD would not find the backup although it is on the Seagate 2 TB external hard drive.  I mentioned the procedure in my November 11, 2013 note at 12:45 P.M. here , but I never actually tried to do the restore.  All I can think of is that since the Windows 8.1 Complete PC backup has different partitioning, one might have to do a low level format of the IBM ThinkCentre hard drive first, and then restore the Paragon backup of the first boot partition, and then see if the Windows 8.1 DVD restore program finds the Windows 8.1 backup.  For now, I will leave Windows 8 on it, and not worry about it.  CIO

<888> 01/05/14 Sunday 7:55 A.M.  I woke up at 7 A.M..  I ate breakfast of oatmeal with honey and milk and sliced banana, a toasted bagel with olive oil, a 12 ounce glass of 50% punch and 50% cold filtered water and vitamins and supplements, and a cup of coffee with milk and Splenda sweetener.  I washed the breakfast dishes.  I made my bed.  CIO      

End of Scott's Notes week of 01/04/14

<888> 01/04/14 Saturday 9:15 P.M.  I chatted with a relative.  I will now send out my weekly notes.  I will then shut down the primary work computer.  I will eat a Greek yogurt.  I will then go to bed.  CIO

<888> 01/04/14 Saturday 9:00 P.M.  Scientists Look For Evidence of Time Travelers on the Internet  CIO

<888> 01/04/14 Saturday 8:25 P.M.  I chatted with a relative.  CIO 

<888> 01/04/14 Saturday 8:10 P.M.   Must be cold up in Canada

Is 2014 the Year of the Connected Home? -

Quest to grow human organs inside pigs in Japan  CIO

<888> 01/04/14 Saturday 7:55 P.M.  I reheated and ate a chicken and mashed potato dinner with Smart Balance Spread and extra virgin olive oil on the mashed potatoes and a 12 ounce glass of Schweppes Ginger Ale.  CIO     

<888> 01/04/14 Saturday 6:50 P.M.  I made 245 Premier Lights 100 MM filter Peter Stokkebye Turkish pipe tobacco cigarettes while watching part 2 of the 2002 movie "Dr. Zhivago".  CIO         

<888> 01/04/14 Saturday 3:25 P.M.  I threw out the garbage.  I picked up the mail.  I got my annual Greenwich Housing Authority contract that I have to fill out and submit on January 14, 2014.  I will now make cigarettes.  CIO

<888> 01/04/14 Saturday 2:50 P.M.   I am charging up my three jump start systems to full charge along with the 2 million watt rechargeable lantern.  I will now shower and clean up.  CIO

<888> 01/04/14 Saturday 2:05 P.M.  One of my old friends out on Long Island is now selling Spanish wine.  The same individual use to work at the coffee shop across the street from Studio 54 in the old days.  CIO 

<888> 01/04/14 Saturday 1:20 P.M.  I woke up at 11 A.M..  I leant a neighbor $15 for gasoline.  I chatted with a relative.  I ate breakfast of oatmeal with honey and milk and sliced banana, a toasted English muffin with olive oil, a 12 ounce glass of 50% punch and 50% cold filtered water and vitamins and supplements, and a cup of coffee with milk and Splenda sweetener.  I washed the breakfast dishes.  I made my bed.  CIO   

<888> 01/04/14 Saturday 3:50 A.M.  I will now shut down the primary work computer.  I will eat a Greek yogurt.  I will then go to bed.  Stay warm.  CIO

<888> 01/04/14 Saturday 3:10 A.M.  Antarctic rescue: Chinese ship Xue Long 'stuck in ice' CIO

<888> 01/04/14 Saturday 2:45 A.M.  I reheated and ate a chicken and mashed potato dinner with Smart Balance Spread and extra virgin olive oil on the mashed potatoes and a 12 ounce glass of Schweppes Ginger Ale.  CIO 

<888> 01/04/14 Saturday 1:25 A.M.  If you need to send out an "S.O.S." .  CIO

<888> 01/04/14 Saturday 12:55 A.M.  I finished installing Norton Internet Security 2014 on the primary work computer.  I ran the updates and the quick scan.  It seems to make the system quite a bit faster than McAfee 2011 Internet Security.  I also ran PC Cleaner Pro.  I then did a Complete System backup to the Seagate 2 TB external hard drive.  I showered, and I cleaned up.  I turned on the two DeLonghi oil filled radiators.  It is between 5 and 0 degrees Fahrenheit in this area.  In Kennebunkport, Maine 04046, it is minus 18 degrees Fahrenheit .  I called up a relative to tell them.  Nobody answers at the .  CIO 

<888> 01/03/14 Friday 7:50 P.M.  I bought Norton Internet Security 2014 - 1 User / 3 Licenses [Download] available today only for $14.99. and .15 tax for $15.14 total.  I will now uninstall McAfee 2011 Internet Security on the primary work computer, and I will install one copy of Norton Internet Security 2014 on it.  I met Steve Smith here in Greenwich about 20 years ago at a tag sale when he was selling old beta software, and he told me he worked for .  I just chatted with some old friends out on Long Island.   CIO

<888> 01/03/14 Friday 6:50 P.M.  I picked up the mail.  The magazine arrived, but the way I figure it, they are probably down on the Highlander at heading towards to network with the British.  Wharf rats always know.  I had a telephone call from  , and they are only able to send three each of the two different sim cards.  They will refund the small change for the over amount on the earlier order.  They are located in Ontario, California, where it is probably warmer.  CIO

<888> 01/03/14 Friday 5:25 P.M.   I ate breakfast of oatmeal with honey and milk and sliced banana, a toasted English muffin with olive oil, a 12 ounce glass of 50% punch and 50% cold filtered water and vitamins and supplements, and a cup of coffee with milk and Splenda sweetener.  I washed the breakfast dishes.  I made my bed.  There were no Thomas' English muffins or Stop and Shop English muffins, when I went there.  CIO  

<888> 01/03/14 Friday 4:30 P.M.  I woke up at 1:30 P.M..  I dressed up warmly, and I went outside, and I cleaned the snow off my Volvo wagon.  I drove it in an out of its snowy parking place to make sure it was good to go.  I then came back inside briefly.  I then went downtown to the bank at 19 West Putnam Avenue, and then I went to the Wells Fargo Bank on Havemayer Place, and I paid my rent to the Greenwich Housing Authority.  I then went by the Stop and Shop, and I bought deli sliced German bologna for $2.49 a pound for $3.29, deli sliced Jarlsberg Light Swiss cheese for $8.49 a pound for $8.79, a 24 ounce Stop and Shop Simply Mashed potatoes for $2.50, a Marie Callender 16 ounce Turkey pot pie for $2.50, a 14 ounce Marie Callender sweet and sour chicken dinner for $2.50, a 59 ounce Simply Orange orange juice with calcium for $2.50, a six pack of Pepperidge Farm everything bagels for $4.49, a hot chicken dinner for $2.49 and another chicken and mashed potato dinner for $1.99 for $34.39 total.  I then returned home, and I put away my groceries.  CIO

<888> 01/03/14 Friday 8:00 A.M.  I will now shut down the primary work computer.  I will eat a Greek yogurt, and then I will go to bed.  CIO

<888> 01/03/14 Friday 7:25 A.M.  My two old Bibles in my apartment from my prep school days and my travels are a bit worn out and hard to read.  To have a large print Bible in the King James Version from Thomas Nelson and Sons, I ordered KJV Giant Print Personal Size Reference Bible, Bonded Leather, blue-indexed for $11.99 and $3.99 shipping for $15.98 total.  CIO   

<888> 01/03/14 Friday 6:25 A.M.  I ate two ounces of almonds.  Spiritual journey: Minister says farewell to First Presbyterian Church, The Reverend Dr. William A. Evertsberg , .  CIO   

<888> 01/03/14 Friday 5:50 A.M.  I turned off the two DeLonghi oil filled radiators, since it is now 72.8 degrees Fahrenheit in the apartment.  Since they are away from the window wall with the high ceiling and underneath the lower ceiling part, they bring the heat out into the main part of the apartment living room.  However, they are expensive to run, but are probably more efficient than the wall electric radiators, since they maintain an even heat.  I also keep a tower fan on the window ledge to blow the wall electric heat out into the apartment instead of letting it all rise into the ceiling area.  Now that there are double pane windows in the apartment and fiberglass insulation in the false ceilings, the apartment is less drafty and warmer, and the electric bills are a bit less expensive.  I went outside, and I measured the snow on the front sidewalk, and it is 4.5 inches deep, however that might now be an accurate measurement, since the snow is very powdery in the extreme cold weather, and it is blowing around with accumulations elsewhere and bare sports in the windy areas.  There is little or no snow on the car roofs which are up in the wind.  CIO

<888> 01/03/14 Friday 5:25 A.M.  Email - FREE 2014 Reagan Library Calendar with your $50 Purchase-Limited Time Offer! - Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library

Town of Greenwich, Connecticut Snow Notice:

This is Greenwich First Selectman Peter Tesei with an important message for all Greenwich residents.  As many of you know, significant snowfall and bitterly cold temperatures are anticipated to occur this evening through Friday morning.  Accordingly, the Town of Greenwich Board of Selectmen unanimously voted to declare a Snow Emergency effective at 6:00 pm today, January 2nd, 2014.  The Snow Emergency will remain in effect until cancelled.

During the period of the Snow Emergency no vehicles are permitted to remain parked, stopped or standing on any Snow Emergency Route.  Vehicles in violation will be subject to ticketing and immediate towing.  If you are unsure if your vehicle is parked on a Snow Emergency Route, a full list of all routes can be viewed at the Town of Greenwich website -  Vehicles displaced from Snow Emergency Routes may be lawfully parked in municipal off-street parking lots until the snow emergency is over.  Your cooperation will ensure that road crews can keep Snow Emergency Routes open for emergency First Responder vehicle traffic.

The Town of Greenwich is fully prepared for the coming snow event.  Additional staffing, as appropriate, has been added to Public Works road crews and by Greenwich's emergency responder agencies.  At this time, we anticipate the storm will be a moderate duration event with moderate impact.  Even so, it is imperative that everyone exercise additional caution during the storm, limit travel to only essential trips and dress appropriately for the bitterly cold conditions.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation and best wishes for a safe New Year.

End of Notice:

US north-east battles first major snow storm of 2014

Antarctic rescue of Akademik Shokalskiy ship completed

California tests natural disaster early warning system

Airbag used to help protect cyclists

How rip currents work  CIO

<888> 01/03/14 Friday 4:35 A.M.  It is 70.8 degrees Fahrenheit in my apartment living room which is comfortable enough.  However, since the temperature is going to be extremely cold for the next couple of days, I turned the living room thermostat up from 78 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  I also turned on the DeLonghi oil filled radiator next to the primary work computer chair set at medium and 4 and the one by the hallway entrance.  CIO

<888> 01/03/14 Friday 4:20 A.M.  My weather station remote says it is 9.3 degrees Fahrenheit outside my window right now.  The National Weather Service says it is 5 degrees Fahrenheit .  The Hipo Weather Station from Westchester County Airport says it is 14 degrees Fahrenheit.  The says it is 8.7 degrees Fahrenheit.  In Kennebunkport, Maine where my family has a summer house it is minus 2 degrees Fahrenheit and like here they are expecting six to ten inches of snow.  CIO

<888> 01/03/14 Friday 3:45 A.M.  I ate a 16 ounce Marie Callender chicken and bacon pot pie with a 12 ounce glass of Schweppes Ginger Ale.  This former resident of Greenwich was raised in north eastern Vermont, so he knew how to deal with severe winter conditions.  He worked at Wendy's and he also worked at .  The forty skinny ladies at Christ Church that control the Town of Greenwich, Connecticut liked him, and they found him very helpful.  I had him over at my apartment a few times here in Byram, and I once was chatting with him, and he fell asleep on the sofa, and I kept talking because from my viewpoint there was somebody else there that looked a bit like him that might have been a ghost from the Christ Church cemetery that followed him around.  The ghost sort of looked like the actor and had the same as Chris from Christ Church.  I figured it was probably some old Viking Ghost that got here before the recent European settlers of the last four to five hundred years.  Alas Chris is not in this area to shovel snow at Christ Church, but I stay in touch with him on his facebook page, and I try to respect his privacy.  I heard from another Facebook contact that it is extremely cold in Minnesota, and it is coming our way.  Make sure your pipes don't freeze and don't leave any pets outside and be sure to keep the Freezing Norwegian Patrol active.  There are too large monument type stones on the property of Vinci Drive, and I once thought they might be old boundry markers from the boundry of the New Haven and the New Amsterdam colony, since this was part of Lyon Farm whose homestead was moved just down the hill.  However, the old monument stones might be old Druid stones from previous explorers.  CIO

<888> 01/03/14 Friday 2:35 A.M.  AT&T U-verse®– Our best deals are online .  CIO

<888> 01/03/14 Friday 2:20 A.M.  To have in reserve for my old standard size sim card Nokia GoPhone, I ordered ten H2O Wireless AT&T Compatible Standard SIM Card for 4 cents each for 40 cents total with free shipping.  CIO   

<888> 01/03/14 Friday 1:55 A.M.  I put away the second dryer load.  CIO

<888> 01/03/14 Friday 1:35 A.M.  Still too expensive wireless data plan which works with AT&T GoPhone with micro sim card H2O WIRELESS Micro SIM CARD KIT - works w/ AT&T & Unlocked Phones , but I ordered fifteen for 7 cents for $1.05 total with free shipping just to have in case I want to pay for access to their wireless telephone network.  Their wireless plans for pay as you go .  CIO       

<888> 01/03/14 Friday 12:55 A.M.  I have 40 minutes to go on one large dry cycle, and I put the other regular dry cycle away.  Thus instead of costing me $5 for four regular machines, the laundry cost $6.75.  CIO

<888> 01/03/14 Friday 12:35 A.M.  I went down to the laundry room, but the far right Maytag washer machine was unbalanced again, and I tried to restart it by unplugging it, and then its front panel went black when I plugged it with the door locked.  I tried resetting the circuit breakers in the mail room.  Its door did unlock, so I put a load of wet laundry in the larger dryer which costs more money of $1.50 , and it will take about two large dryer loads to get dry.  I also started a regular dryer load.  I was finally able to get the far right Maytag laundry machine working by leaving it unplugged for a few minutes and then plugging it in.  It then came on with six minutes to go which was too late to spin dry the laundry.  I chatted with a neighbor.  CIO 

<888> 01/02/14 Thursday 11:10 P.M.  I put clean linens on the bed.  I showered, and I cleaned up.  I started two loads of laundry, and I have 20 minutes to go on the wash cycles.  I threw out the garbage and the old periodical literature.  There is a yellow construction tape strung the entire length of the east wing parking area, so I guess they need that parking space for the construction work.  However, once the snow is over, they will also have to plow those spaces.  I watered the plants.  CIO

<888> 01/02/14 Thursday 9:45 P.M.  Back in the early 1970s, when I was at in Lake Forest, Illinois, and my family lived in,_Massachusetts and mid country Greenwich, Connecticut I had Brandy my trusty St. Bernard for backup during winter snow storms.  CIO

<888> 01/02/14 Thursday 9:30 P.M.  I chatted with a friend.  CIO

<888> 01/02/14 Thursday 8:40 P.M.  I chatted with a relative.  CIO

<888> 01/02/14 Thursday 8:00 P.M. backup power systems.  We have one in our building for the lights, but not for the heavy appliances.  CIO

<888> 01/02/14 Thursday 7:45 P.M.  $149.99 with free shipping nsignia™ - 32" Class (31-1/2" Diag.) - LED - 720p - 60Hz - HDTV  CIO  

<888> 01/02/14 Thursday 7:35 P.M.  I think this will work for backup power for my Nokia cell phone, so I ordered Vantec Power Gem Blue 3500 mAh Rechargeable Portable Battery VAN-350BB-BL for $9.99 with free shipping.  CIO   

<888> 01/02/14 Thursday 6:40 P.M.   I ate breakfast of oatmeal with honey and milk and sliced banana, a toasted English muffin with olive oil, a 12 ounce glass of 50% punch and 50% cold filtered water and vitamins and supplements, and a cup of coffee with milk and Splenda sweetener.  I washed the breakfast dishes.  Recently the Stop and Shop has been sold out of Stop and Shop English muffins, but there are still Thomas' English muffins which are a lot more expensive.  They make Thomas' English muffins at the nearby Byram commercial bakery which is now owned by and , so somebody is probably working over there 24 hours a day.  In the old days, they use to get large grain trucks making deliveries from Decatur, Illinois from .  I guess somebody in the Midwest grows grain.  They also grown grain in Western Canada.  CIO  

<888> 01/02/14 Thursday 5:50 P.M.  I ate three ounces of almonds before going to bed this morning.  CIO

<888> 01/02/14 Thursday 4:40 P.M.  I woke up at 4 P.M..  I picked up the mail.  CIO  

<888> 01/02/14 Thursday 11:00 A.M.  Thieves Are Using “Mystery Gadgets” To Electronically Unlock Cars And Steal What Is Inside

Feds Consider Vehicle Location Tracking in New Cars

I will now go back to bed for a while.  CIO   

<888> 01/02/14 Thursday 10:50 A.M.  Feds Preparing For Violence Targeting Social Security Buildings?  CIO  

<888> 01/02/14 Thursday 10:40 A.M.  I think grows those five pound boxes of mushrooms in caves or old coal mines or salt mines in Western Pennsylvania.  The race horse connection is that they are grown in horse manure, so one should always wash their fresh mushrooms.  CIO  

<888> 01/02/14 Thursday 10:20 A.M.   Well, the said 15 years ago that had moved to Byram Shore Road in the Byram section of Greenwich, Connecticut, and since his family are world class smugglers , this area for some of the new people is doing better than in the past.  All I can tell from the local viewpoint is that now has a larger assortment of liquors and wines from around the world, so it is not like the old days, when the teenagers would drive over to Port Chester, New York and buy a case of Colt 45 Malt Liquor  for $4.  However, back in the 1960s a teenager would die from drinking and driving about every six months here in town.  Of course using electronic devices while driving today probably causes more driving accidents.  I chatted with a relative and a friend.  CIO  

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