Friday, April 21, 2017 8: 30 a m. to 12 p m. Minutes Directors in Attendance

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Board of Directors Meeting

Instructional Service Center

Atlanta Public Schools

433 Peeples Street SW

Atlanta, GA 30310

Friday, April 21, 2017

8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Directors in Attendance: Craig Jones, Tom Pritchard, Dennis Love, Jim Bostic, Mark Wesley, Sidney Childress, Richard Deane, JaKathryn Ross, Jack Ward, Tharon Johnson, Chris Lowe, Thomas Avery
Directors Absent: Joe Arnold, BJ Bernstein, Kim Anderson, Ned Case, Sidney Harris, Alan Wise
Honorary Directors Present: Kathe Brown
Regional Staff Members Present: Kinnari Patel-Smyth, Erika Ellison, Ryan Hudak, Troy Wright, Kerry McArdle, Angela Bond, Angie Lyons, Jazmine Glasper, Matthew Evans, Crystal Nasir, Callie Hudak, Terra Walker

The meeting was called to order at 8:37 a.m.

  1. Charter School Growth Fund Introduction (Jaideep Hebbar)

    1. Jaideep introduced Charter School Growth Fund and reviewed their history.

      1. Jaideep further discussed their organization’s investment principles and support of charter school growth.

  2. Consent Agenda (Craig Jones)

    1. Sid Harris motioned and Jim Bostic seconded to approve all items (listed below) on the consent agenda. The motion carried unanimously.

      1. Approval of February Meeting Minutes

      2. Approval of Director Nominations

  3. Board Chair Report (Craig Jones)

    1. Craig announced his appreciation for the board’s support and announced a staff honor.

      1. Ned Case, Kathe Brown, and Catherine Mealor for chairing the host committee for a very successful AYSTAK, and all of who contributed to its success.

      2. Joe Arnold for attending the KIPP national board chair retreat and for engagement in high school funding options.

      3. Kinnari Patel-Smyth for being named a 2017 Pahara-Aspen Education Fellow.

  4. Executive Director Report (Kinnari Patel-Smyth)

    1. Kinnari reviewed the updated KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools Dashboard.

      1. We currently have a $307,689 surplus variance, our cash-on-hand ratio is projected to be 2.2 months for the end of the FY17, and our fundraising ratio remains at a projected 9% for FY17.

      2. We have reached 100% of the FY17 operating fundraising goal and are already at 49% of the FY18 operating fundraising goal. We are also at 86% of the way to meeting the 2015-18 capital campaign goal.

  5. Committee Reports

    1. Advocacy (Matthew Evans & Terra Walker)

      1. Matthew reviewed his team’s new roles and responsibilities.

        1. Matthew’s role will have a focus on political strategy and advocacy efforts.

        2. Terra discussed her role and her advocacy for parent engagement.

    2. Development (Kerry McArdle)

      1. Kerry led a discussion explaining the school year’s development report

        1. Finished FY17 operating goal through AYSTAK: $300K table sales, $100K night-of-giving (includes pledges still to be collected).

        2. For the capital campaign, all fundraising, and most projects, completed for growth and refurbishment categories, with $1.2M left to raise: $200K of $2M for gym and $1M reserve challenge match

        3. For FY18, lead gifts by Marcus and Whitehead have brought us almost halfway to goal.

        4. Path to other half is combination of smaller foundation gifts, individual gifts, and patron and sponsor event support.

    3. Committee on Directors (Rick Deane)

      1. Rick led a discussion reviewing the Committee on Directors report

        1. FY18 Director Recruitment

          1. Two candidates were vetted and nominated for vote today

          2. Several others are in process

        2. FY17 Board Training Requirements

          1. All board members who attended both the October and February board meetings have earned all need credits.

          2. Others will receive links to webinars to make up credit hours.

    4. Finance/Budget & Sustainability (Erika Ellison)

      1. Erika led a discussion reviewing the Finance Committee report

        1. FY17 Forecast to Year-end, including revenue and expense variances

        2. FY18 budget preview and financial sustainability update

          1. Assuming per pupil increase based on APS’ preliminary projections and Governor Deal’s statements.

          2. Enrollment: KVP & KWP each adding a new grade level with 100 students each. KAC is also adding seats.

          3. Projected revenue is $46.7M

          4. We are managing to lower operating fundraising goal of $2.7M with projected budget reallocation goal of $2.6M.

  6. KIPP Narrative (Callie Hudak)

    1. Callie led a discussion about updates to the KIPP narrative.

      1. There has been a shift to a research driven narrative

      2. Adjustments to the narrative include:

        1. More descriptive of the current reality in KIPP schools

        2. Incorporating feedback from our families and community

        3. Free of education jargon

  7. Growth Context (Kinnari Patel-Smyth)

    1. Kinnari led a discussion providing general growth updates and reviewed the overall plan and timeline.

    2. Kinnari outlined growth discussion items for remainder of meeting.

      1. KIPP’s national growth plan and progress

      2. Demand for growth in Atlanta

  8. Growth Topic 1: Residency Program (Angela Bond)

    1. Plan for teacher residency to provide talent needed for growth is making progree

      1. Residency design is modeled after KIPP DC’s teaching residency and Houston’s teaching fellowship.

      2. A large residency program will make hiring needs manageable each year.

      3. The program will be built into existing staffing models make it financially sustainable long-term.

  9. Growth Topic 2: APS K-8 pipelines (Kinnari & Erika Ellison)

    1. APS K-8 Pipeline 1: New Start Charter

    2. APS K-8 Pipeline 2: Woodson Park

      1. APS board approved KIPP MAC as the turnaround provider on March 6, 2017

      2. Plan to open in the fall of 2019 with 600 students in K5 and grow to K8

      3. Partnership with YMCA and Emerald Corridor Foundation

      4. Work continues on contract details

  10. Growth Topic 3: High School (Ryan Hudak)

    1. Project Update

      1. Steady progress is being made on preliminary design work and site due diligence

      2. We are continuing to work with broker to research alternate site options

      3. Expect to have recommendation by June 2017 board meeting

  1. Adjournment

    1. The meeting adjourned at 12:06 p.m.

Minutes taken by Jazmine Glasper, Board Liaison

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