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Turkey Doesn’t Fear Iran

Turkey is in an alliance with Iran-doesn’t fear them

Bar'el 5/18 (Zvi, Middle Eastern affairs analyst, “Why does Iran see Turkey as an 'honest broker' for a nuclear deal?” http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/news/why-does-iran-see-turkey-as-an-honest-broker-for-a-nuclear-deal-1.290874) MJ

Why did Iran choose to see Turkey as an "honest broker" and make the deal with it instead of with the permanent Security Council members? The two countries' good relations are not free of suspicion, but both Iran and Turkey have adopted a policy of expanding their influence in the Middle East, influence of the sort that relies on cooperation rather than competition. The closer ties between Turkey and Syria, Iran's ally; the similar attitude that Turkey and Iran have toward Hamas; their shared interests in Iraq; and a similar view of radical Islamic terrorism all combined with Turkey's disappointment over European views of its candidacy to join the European Union to create a confluence of interests that, for the time being, trumps their disagreements. Moreover, from an ideological standpoint, Iran prefers Turkey to the U.S.: Any concession to Washington or its Security Council partners would be perceived as a surrender. The uranium transfer deal transforms Iran and Turkey into strategic allies without undermining Turkey's standing as a NATO member or as a U.S. ally in Afghanistan. It was also not conditioned on Turkey severing its ties with Israel. And if the deal surmounts all the expected obstacles, Turkey will gain new status as a mediator, a status it will also be able to use in other conflicts in the region, and especially in the Israeli-Syrian peace process.
Turkey has embraced Iran-no fear

Krieger 6/6 (Hilary, staff writer, “Oren: Turkey has embraced the leaders of Iran and Hamas,” Jerusalem Post, http://www.jpost.com/International/Article.aspx?id=177577) MJ

Turkey has embraced the leaders of Iran and Hamas, all of whom called for Israel’s destruction,” Ambassador Michael Oren declared. “Our policy has not changed but Turkey’s policy has changed, very much, over the last few years,” he said. “Under a different government with an Islamic orientation, Turkey has turned away from the West.” But Oren, speaking on a conference call organized by The Israel Project, held out hope for reconciliation. “We certainly do not have any desire in any further deterioration in our relations with the Turks,” he said. “It’s an important Middle Eastern power. It has been a friend in the past.”
Turkey is close to Iran

Schleifer 9 (Yigal, staff writer, “Turkey-Iran ties grow, as do question marks,” Kuwait Times, http://www.kuwaittimes.net/read_news.php?newsid=NzkxNDQ5ODg0) MJ

The visit Tuesday of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Tehran is yet another sign of the rapidly improving relations between neighbours and regional powers Turkey and Iran. Over the last several years, the two countries have deepened their trade relations, as well as their cooperation in the areas of security and energy. But analysts suggest that Turkey and Iran's growing relations might be put to the test by Western expectations that Turkey take a harder line on Tehran's controversial nuclear programme. I can detect a perception in the US and Europe that Turkey is softer on Iran. They would like Turkey to have a tougher profile and a tougher stance vis-a-vis Iran," says Mustafa Kibaroglu, an expert on nuclear non-proliferation issues at Bilkent University in Ankara. Relations between NATO member Turkey and Iran have improved dramatically in recent years, particularly since the arrival of the ruling liberal Islamic Justice and Development Party (AKP) in 2002, which has pledged to pursue a regional foreign policy of "zero problems" with its neighbours.

Turkey Doesn’t Fear Iran

Turkey-Iran relationship good-Turkey supports Iran, doesn’t fear

IRNA 10 (Islamic Republic News Agency, “Turkey restates support for nuclear power in Iran,” News.az, http://www.news.az/articles/9434) MJ

Mehmet Ali Sahin was hosting a delegation led by Iran's minister of education and culture, Hamid-Reza Hajibaba’i. The delegation is visiting Turkey at the invitation of Education Minister Nemat Cubukcu. During the meeting the Turkish parliament speaker described the two countries’ relations, especially in recent years, as satisfactory. “Turkey-Iran parliamentary relations, too, grew rapidly during this period,” he said. Sahin also expressed satisfaction at bilateral regional cooperation. “Taking peaceful advantage of nuclear energy is the natural right of any country and Turkey has a very clear stance on the matter.” He emphasized, “Iran’s nuclear dispute with the West needs to be settled by peaceful means and Turkey will do anything necessary in that respect.” Sahin reiterated that the visit of Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu to Iran on Tuesday "was aimed at securing the same objective”. He said, “So long as you pursue your righteous policies in your nuclear program, we will continue our support for you.” Hajibaba’i conveyed warm greetings from the Iranian Majlis speaker, Ali Larijani, to his Turkish counterpart. He said, “Mr Larijani is longing to receive you in Tehran.” He said that the head of the Iranian parliament’s National Security Commission, Alaeddin Boroujerdi and members of the Iran-Turkey parliamentary friendship group, were planning to visit Turkey. Referring to a protocol on cooperation in education signed on Tuesday by Iran and Turkey, Hajibaba-i said, “We have had fruitful and constructive meetings during this visit with Turkish officials.” Hajibaba’i earlier on Wednesday met Turkey’s minister of culture and tourism, deputy prime minister and the managing director of Turkey’s Religious Affairs Organization.

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