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This form will support the student disagreement with grades awarded by the professor at the end of every Term within the program.

  • In all cases, the student should let the professor know his/her disagreement with the grade, and try a fair resolution between them. If the situation persists, the student will complete an appeal request online and submit it to the respective Academic Advisor.

  • The student gets an automatic confirmation of receipt. The Advisor will contact the student in person if needed.

  • The Advisor will communicate the Academics Director final statement via email. This decision will not exceed a period of seven (7) business days.

  • The Advisor will automatically deny the right to appeal if the student presents this form later than five (5) days after the term has ended.

  • In all cases, the Academics Director statement will be final, and there will be no chances to appeal again.


  1. Refer to ACADEMIC SERVICES on the website, complete this appeal form

  2. Include a detailed explanation of why you are appealing your final grade.

  3. Attach any supporting documentation you may have

  4. Submit the form and the attachments to your Academic Advisor (link provided).


Name: AU-ID:



Telephone number Cell: Home:

Course name/code:

Professor: Term:

Grade received: __________ Grade expected: ______________

Reasons for your appeal:

I hereby authorize Atlantis University to review my academic records and all information pertinent to this grade appeal. I certify that all statements I have made regarding this grade appeal are truthful.

STUDENT SIGNATURE: Date _____/_____/_________


Date of Appeal Receipt ____/____/_______ Signature: _________________________

Appeal Approved ____ Yes ____No Adjusted Grade __________
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