Gross Floor Area (sq ft) – Includes all area inside the building: Weekly Operating Hours

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Getting Started

Benchmark Energy Use Performance
Understanding and tracking energy use and improvement in the building where you work is a major source of learning and focus of action in the Mpower Business Champions program. We make it easy for you to get started by setting up your account and keeping the monthly energy use up to date. To do so, we need your help to get started.
1. If your building already maintains energy use data in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, the set-up is quick: Contact Warren Gaskill at for the details.
2. If not, we will set it up for you. We need:

  1. BUILDING ATTRIBUTES – We will establish a building profile in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, the nation’s leading online tool used to benchmark energy use performance. To do so, we need a few basic attributes as defined below. Use approximate numbers if you don’t have specific ones in hand now. (And depending on the type and use of your building, we may need to ask you for some additional details.)

Gross Floor Area (sq ft) – Includes all area inside the building:

Weekly Operating Hours – Total hours/week where majority of workers are present:

Number of Employees on Main Shift – Number of workers typically present on primary shift:

Number of Computers – typical number of desktop, data servers, laptops used in the building:

  1. ENERGY USE DATA – We help you “keep score” on how you building is performing energy use-wise by entering the monthly energy use history for the past two years, and keeping it current over the next year.

To do so, it will be most efficient if we can log into the building’s MGE account to view and update the electric and natural gas data. To do so, we need:

Your electricity service provider? (Circle) MG&E Alliant Energy N/A Other:

Your natural gas service provider? (Circle) MG&E Alliant Energy N/A Other:

Utility account number(s) (sq ft) – Find at the top of the utility bill:

Log-in credentials for the account(s) – If you don’t have one, set up for MGE accounts at

I, __________________________, as authorized manager of the property located at


authorize Sustain Dane and its contractor Rapid Improvement Associates, to access our building’s natural gas and electric bill information including all information on usage and cost. I understand this information will be kept confidential and will be used only to report the building’s energy performance as a part of the Mpower Business Champions Program.


  • Mpower Energy Stewards can also track building water use. If you would like to include this, let us know your water utility log-in credentials.

  • If your company does not want to share the utility log-in credentials, you can enter your own monthly use updates.

  • Contact Warren Gaskill directly at or by phone at (608) 852-9191 to answer any specific questions. He is managing this process for us.

Thank you,

Stacie Reece

Sustainable Business Initiative

Sustain Dane

Form Updated: April 18, 2017/Rapid Improvement Associates

Download 10.38 Kb.

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