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Version 3.0


SP2000 Road Safety Standard
(Complies with the OPAL Upstream Operators Road Safety Standard)



DATE - 15.08.2009

Document Authority

Document Custodian

Document Author

‘Naaman Naamany

Ref. Ind: MSEM

Date: 10/12/01

Christopher Evans

Ref. Ind: MSE/15

Date: 15/08/09

PDO HSE Road Safety Teams

Date: 15/08/09

The following is a brief summary of the four most recent revisions to this document. Details of all revisions prior to these are held on file by the Document Custodian.

Version No.



Scope / Remarks

Version 1.0

Dec 2001

Tony Van Thiel (CSM/5), Andrew Ure (CSM/56), John Graham (CSM/51)

Initial issue. Supersedes:

First Revision

Version 2.0

[Revisions or new text in blue, or blue underlined]

Dec 2003 for issue 01 January, 2004

John Graham (CSM15)

Revision to content for clarification and/or additional text to reflect minor changes/additions to requirements, procedures-mostly as a consequence of learning points arising from RTA reviews.Tyre safety, Ramadhan driving, Vehicle Specs layout altered for clarity

Definitions of Work related transport activities, Commuting and personnel travel rules.Safe Journey Management Competencies, new maps, Driver checklists, Safety Inspection additions/clarifications

Second Revision

Version 3,0
[Revisions or new text in blue, or blue underlined]

August 2009

Christopher Evans (MSE15) & Hamed Al-Esry (MSE151)

Revision to improve clarity, introduction of IVMS, new RAS and consequence management, changes to journey management, bus specifications, tanker ladders, driver guidance, pedestrian guidance, RSST role, vehicle specifications, disciplinary actions, new dust code, new DD training process, new definitions of work related transport, new commuting, emergency travel arrangements,

User Notes:
The requirements of this document are mandatory. Non-compliance must only be authorised by the road safety focal point (PDO: MSE/15) through STEP-OUT approval.
A controlled copy of the current version of this document is on PDO's EDMS. Before making reference to this document, it is the user's responsibility to ensure that any hard copy, or electronic copy, is current. For assistance, contact the Document Custodian.
This document is the property of PDO. Neither the whole nor any part of this document may be disclosed to others or reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means (electronic, mechanical, reprographic recording or otherwise) without prior written consent of the owner.


1 Introduction 6

2 Drivers and Driving 27

3 Vehicles 96


Appendix I: Rollover Protection Devices Specification

Appendix II: Roadworthiness Assurance Standard

Appendix III: Safe Journey Management Procedure

Appendix IV: Convoy Movements



PDO operations rely heavily on road transport. To date, one of the greatest contributors to incidents experienced in PDO has been Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs).
This Specification describes PDO's minimum requirements for managing road transport safety. Appendices I, II, III, and IV form an integral part of this Specification.


This Specification applies to:

  • all PDO, Contractor, subcontractor, vendor and supplier (in the execution of PDO contracts) staff undertaking work related road transport journeys and/or road transport activities.

  • all PDO and Contractor (in the execution of PDO contracts) vehicles and equipment.

  • any area within Oman and not just within the concession area provided the driver is driving on PDO business.

Load securing and load safety are fully addressed in Specification 2001, “Load Safety and Restraining” available from MSE/15, directly from Livelink or
The applicable HSE Case for overall Road Transport safety compliance is GU432 which all people involved in road transport safety should be aware of, understand and utilise to ensure compliance with Company road safety standards,
The requirements of this Specification do not apply to lifting and handling equipment or to earthmoving equipment which are covered in the following documents:

  • CP-189 Code of Practice Lifting and Hoisting

  • SP-1251 Training requirements for Lifting Operations Personnel.

  • PR-1708 Lifting and Hoisting Inspection, Testing and Certification

  • PR-1709 Lifting and Hoisting Lift Planning/Execution

  • SP-1143 Specifications for Earthmoving and Construction Equipment

Note that specifications for roads are covered in the following documents which do not form part of this Specification:

  • ERD 17-01 Part R, ‘Road & Paving’

  • ERD 17-01 Part S ‘Graded Roads, Rig Locations, Airstrips Tank Pads & Bunds’

  • ERD-17-08 ‘Guide to Safe Road Works’

  • ERD-89-01 ‘Signs & Signboards’

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