Cisco Voip phone Quick Start Guide

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Cisco VoIP Phone Quick Start Guide

Phone Overview:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I…

Place a Call?

•Lift the receiver and dial the number OR

•Without lifting the receiver press the NewCall soft key and dial the number, lifting the receiver when the call is answered, or not lifting the receiver to use hands-free (speaker). OR

•Without lifting the receiver dial the number and press the Dial soft key, speaker phone will be used for the call. OR

•Press the “speaker” button, dial the digits. OR

•Press the Redial soft key.

Put a Call on Hold?

•Press the Hold softkey. The Line button will flash amber. To return to the call.

•Press the Resume softkey.

Tip: A call on hold remains active even though you and the other party cannot hear each other. You can answer or place another call while a call is on hold.

Adjust the Handset Volume?

•Press the “+” or “‐”Volume button when the receiver is in use.

•Press the Save soft key to save your change.

Adjust the Ringer

•Press the “+” or “‐”Volume

Using Mute?

To Mute the microphone:

•During a call press the “MUTE” button. You can hang up the handset if on speaker phone. (You will be able to hear the call, but you will not be able to talk on the call.)

To take the caller off of Mute:

•Press the Mute button

•Pick up the handset

To turn off Mute and hang up:

•Press the EndCall soft key.

To adjust the Mute volume:

•Press the “+” or “‐” Volume button when Mute is in use.

•Press the Save soft key to save your change.

Tip: You can use the mute button to listen to a call. To talk on a call, you must pick up the handset, or use the speaker phone.

Use Voice Mail?

To request Cisco Unity Voicemail use please contact the call center via email at or by telephone 412-390-2790 and indicate your site, location, username and Cisco phone number. An electronic ticket will be generated and instructions on setting up your voicemail will be sent to your email upon the configuration of you voicemail box.

View my Missed Calls?

To view your call records:

•Press the Directories button.

•Choose from: Missed Calls, Received Calls, Placed Calls, Corp Directory

To dial from a call record:

•Follow the steps above to open your Missed, Received, or Placed Calls directory.

•Use the Navigation button to select (highlight) a particular record.

•If necessary, use the EditDial soft key to add digits to the front of the number.

•Lift the handset or press the Dial soft key.

Tip: Your PHONE’s LCD display will indicate if you have missed a call. Use the Directories menu to view (and dial from) call records in your Missed Calls, Received Calls, and Placed Calls directories. A call record contains the time and date of the call, and a phone number (if available).

Transfer a Call?

•During a call, press the Transfer softkey. Doing so automatically puts the call on hold.

•Dial the number or office extension to which you want to transfer the call.

•When the call rings on the other end, press Transfer again. Or, when the party answers, announce the call and then press Transfer.

Tip: If necessary, press end call and then the Hold button to return to the original call.

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