I wanna take private lessons!

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I wanna take private lessons!

A coach is an experienced skater and professional who is willing to make their time available to teach skaters.  Selecting a Coach for your skater is a very personal thing between Coach and skater. Effective coaching is always a result of the relationship between the Coach and the skater.  An important trait to consider when selecting a coach is whether that coach makes skating enjoyable for the skater.  A professional who is positive and encouraging can expect students to adopt the same attitude about their skating and make steady progress through self-confidence and love of the sport.  Good coaching is an art. Your child is scheduled for group or private lessons each week.  It is very important that your child spends time practicing the skills taught during lessons prior to the next scheduled lesson. 

One of the main reasons you hire a private coach is to improve the quality of your skater’s training so s/he can develop good technique. Hiring a figure skating coach means hiring someone to guide your child’s figure skating career. This coach becomes the person you go to for training advice. Private lessons are arranged directly with and payment is made directly to the individual coach. Private lessons used to mean 15 minute, one-on-one lessons with your

coach. Today though ‘private lessons’ can mean a combination of one-on-one, semi-private and private group lessons with the professional coach you have hired.

Skating school is the best place to begin the search for a coach.  We all teach the classes and that time is an excellent way to meet all of the coaches and see which personality works best for the skaters needs.
Arkansas Figure Skating Association prides itself on providing quality skating guidance from approved, credentialed professionals. All AFSA approved coaches are members of the Professional Skating Association (PSA), have been authorized through US Figure Skating, and carry liability insurance. AFSA approved coaches have different rates, specialties, and education levels. AFSA coaches are independent contractors, so each individual coach will schedule and bill differently.
Typically a skater will begin with one 15-30 minute lesson once a week. Many of our coaches bill monthly so a skater would be paying for approximately 1-2 hours of coaching per month.
For more information on the coaches, please check the website above and contact a coach directly. Good Luck!

Meet our coaches
Traci Huffman-Traci Huffman started skating fourteen years ago as a regular at public sessions when the Jones Center for Families opened. She participated in the skating school skating session offered by the Jones center, where she learned the basics of figure skating. Later, Traci moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she started taking private lessons and competing for a year and a half before moving back to Springdale, Arkansas. After moving back, she continued to take private lessons as well as compete. When she turned 16, Traci began teaching Learn-to-Skate classes in preparation for becoming a private coach at the age 18. In 2008 she graduated from Rogers High School and now attends the University of Arkansas. Traci is very enthusiastic about coaching and loves every minute of it.  To contact Traci Huffman about private lesson please e-mail her at skatecoachtraci@yahoo.com.

Cindy Lester-Cindy started skating in 1980, in Santa Barbara, California and has been a volunteer coach since the Jones Center Ice Arena opened. For the last 10 years, Cindy has been a private coach for skaters of all levels.  She is a gold level coach and is PSA registered in Free Skating. For more information on private lessons with Cindy please email cindylester@cox.net.
Cindy has been married for 24 years and has three children.

Claudia Nowak-Claudia Nowak grew up ice and roller skating recreationally in California and has over 35 years of skating experience. While attending graduate school at Clemson University in South Carolina, she began to take private ice skating lessons which developed into a passion. Since then, Claudia has trained freestyle, dance, and moves in the field on ice. She has also participated in roller dance, roller compulsory figures and inline skating. Claudia began coaching in 2004 in New Jersey and has taught private and group skating lessons to all age groups from tots to adults. She enjoys working with skaters of all levels from beginner to freestyle. Her specialties include spin and jump technique balanced with overall freestyle performance. Claudia also stresses physical fitness and flexibility with her students to develop both strength and poise on the ice. Claudia is a graduate of Clemson University, a certified school teacher, and currently works as a registered nurse. To contact her for private lessons, please send email to claudiaknowak@hotmail.com.

Katt Parsons-Katt is a gold level coach who relocated to beautiful Northwest Arkansas in 2006 from her hometown of Los Angeles, California. She brings with her over seventeen years of coaching experience. Beginning her coaching career in the hockey crazed state of Minnesota, she began specializing in power skating for both figure skaters and hockey players working with numerous high school hockey teams and associations through the state. Her experience includes working as Skating School Director for the Red Wing, Minnesota Community Education Department. Throughout her coaching career, she has been fortunate enough to work on the coaching staff in La Jolla, California with former Olympians Julie Newman and Susie Semanick. Prior to her move to Arkansas, she had the pleasure of working at the Toyota Training Center. Katt was also hired by NBC studios to work off and onset for the series “Providence”. Her certifications include her BA through the Professional Skaters Association, Gold level judges certification with the Ice Skating Institute, Associate level certification from USA hockey and her CPR Red Cross certification in addition to her memberships in the Ozark Figure Skating Club and the ISI. For private lessons, please contact her by e-mail at coachkatt@yahoo.com.
Jennifer Kelly-Jennifer Kelly is a gold level coach with over 26 years skating experience.  She is PSA Registered Rated in both Group and Freestyle and also an ISI gold and group certified judge. She enjoys teaching all ages and levels both US Figure Skating and ISI.  Her specialties include freestyle, jump and spin techniques, and compulsories while focusing on a well-rounded, confident skater.  For more information on private lessons with Jennifer please email jenniferholliman@yahoo.com
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