We offer several types of lessons

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Welcome to St. Albans City Pool and American Red Cross Swim Lessons. Here’s some helpful information.

We offer several types of lessons:

Parent & Child Aquatics for children 6mos to 3 years old with an adult Levels 1 & 2

Preschool Aquatics for children age 4 to 5 – Levels 1 & 2

Learn to swim for children ages 6 to 18 Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6

Adult swim lessons – all levels and ages Monday & Wednesday evenings from 6-7pm

American Red Cross Lifeguard Training for ages 15 and up

American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Training ages 16 and up

American Red Cross Guardstart for ages 12, 13 & 14

Stroke Isolation- 5 lessons devoted to one stroke: Breaststroke, Front Crawl, Backstroke or Butterfly

Private Lessons are available at $175 per session/residents, $215 non-residents. (10 lessons)

The schedule at the pool changes on a weekly basis. We have lots of special activities and programming. Following is a typical schedule, check at the pool to verify.

Monday-Friday: 7-9am Swim Team Practice, 9am-1pm Swim Lessons, 1-5pm Public Swim, 5-7pm Swim Lessons, 7-8:30pm Public Swim Saturday & Sunday: 1-5pm Public Swim 6-8:30 pm Public Swim
Additional Programming:

Aqua Jogging is a great nonimpact aerobic workout. Exercise that’s easy on your back and joints and refreshing at the same time. No swimming ability necessary, each participant wears a flotation belt to maintain proper posture.
St. Albans Sharks Swim Team: Can your child swim a lap? They can be a member of the St. Albans Sharks swim team! For all swimmers up to the age of 18. The Sharks are a member of the Champlain Valley Swim League and participate in 6 league meets, district, and state events. The swim team is a great way to improve swim skills, challenge yourself and meet new friends. Practices are Monday thru Friday, each morning. Coaches are Tom Koldys & Kanoa King.
St. Albans City Pool Memberships: Swim all summer long for one low price! Individual and family memberships are available. Membership covers admission to special events throughout the summer as well.
The Pool is available for private rentals! Want to have a birthday party at the pool? Company picnic? Whatever the occasion the pool is a great place to celebrate. $200 for 2 hours of private use includes lifeguards for up to 25 guests. Additional fees apply for more participants. Want to add a jumpy house? Would you like staff to run games & activities? Check our website for details and pricing…or inquire at the pool desk.
For more information and details about this programming or to see all activities offered through the St. Albans Recreation Department, visit our website at www.stalbansrec.com You can also pick up a brochure in the pool house.
Swim Lesson Guidelines:

Swim lessons are fun, but sometimes a swimmer (or their parent) has some anxiety about participating. If you (the parent) are anxious-or have had a negative experience, your child will pick up on your feelings. If you or they are nervous, be up-beat and focus on the fun they will have in class. The aquatic staff will go over all safety rules on a daily basis and ensure your child’s safety. Please don’t warn or threaten them about danger in and around the pool. It creates a feeling of fear rather than respect. We’ll keep your child safe-Attitude is everything!

We ask that all spectators (parents, grandparents, care takers, siblings, etc.) remain on the grassy area of the pool lawn. Only swim class members and instructors are allowed on the cement deck. Do not go to the edge of the pool. If you need to discuss something with the instructor, unless it is an emergency, do so after class. If you need immediate assistance, speak with one of the instructors in the office.
A few things to remember:

Please do a pee check just before lessons 

If your swimmer has long hair-please pull it back. It’s hard to work on skills with hair in your eyes and mouth.

Goggles are allowed-but only with eye masks. No goggles that cover the nose. We will teach them how to keep water out of their nose.

No flotation devices of any kind. No water wings, swimmies, or suits with flotation inserts. We will teach them how to swim and be safe in and around the water.

No one with infections, communicable diseases, open sores or diarrhea is allowed in the pool.

All infants must wear swim diapers. No regular diapers allowed in the pool. If you forgot one, they’re available for sale at the counter.

No Smoking anywhere on the property.

Coffee, tea & hot cocoa and poptarts are available for sale at the counter.

Parking: Please use the parking lot across the road from the pool. No parking is allowed in the immediate driveway or on the lawn at the pool house. This is for safety as well as liability reasons. Please heed the stop sign before entering the parking lot. We’ve got a lot of little people walking back and forth.

Those of you taking evening lessons: There are make-up dates on Saturday mornings for the lessons you will miss because of swim meets. To check your schedule, log onto your account at www.stalbansrec.com and click on schedule.

If registration was done for you through the recreation office, your password is your last name without capitalization. You can change it to whatever you would like.


What causes fear of the water?

  • Being raised by parents or caretakers who are afraid of the water and have either knowingly or unknowingly communicated this fear to their children.

  • Being raised in an environment that prevents childhood water play, whether as a result of lack of opportunity or parental actions.

  • Being forced into water activities beyond the ability or comfort level.

  • Being carelessly handled in water experiences.

  • Being involved in or witnessing a traumatic water accident

  • Having a fear of the unknown or a general fear of new experiences.

What prevents fear of the water?

No matter how cautious you are, fear cannot always be prevented. Some children have a general fear of new experiences. You can help reduce fear in the following ways:

  • Provide enjoyable non-threatening water activities that are simple and fun, to build confidence and success.

  • Arrange for regular, continued contact with a water environment for your child.

  • Treat water mishaps sympathetically, but do not alarm your child.

  • Be aware of your facial expressions and choice of words so that you do not signal panic or fear.

  • Teach your child “respect” for the water and water rules without implied threats or fear.

Lead by example. Follow rules and enjoy water with your child. Get your face wet and perform some simple and fun activities.
What if my child already has a fear of the water?

  • Respect your child’s feelings. Teasing or getting angry only makes matters worse. Progress slowly by following these guidelines:

  • Provide plenty of time for your child to adjust to the new setting.

  • Concentrate on activities with which your child is comfortable and ready.

  • Expose your child to other children who are having fun.

  • Enjoy the water yourself with your child.

What if my child is crying (screaming!)? Don’t worry. Occasionally a swimmer lets us all know they are not thrilled about being at swim lessons. It’s OK! That’s how kids let us know they’re unhappy about something. Your child may be nervous, but they are safe and our instructors are kind and patient. Our experience shows that generally after a day or 2 the tears turn to smiles and everyone is having a great time. Swimming is an important life skill, sticking it out for a couple of days is worth the end result. And really, it’s tougher on you than your child  If it makes it easier, go for a walk, do errands, go into the pool house- whatever works- know that your child is in good hands.
Why isn’t the instructor in the pool? I paid good money for these lessons! Yes you did, and you will get your money’s worth if you let the instructors teach. You will find that in levels 1 & 2, instructors are in the water with the kids. They need to be there to offer hands on technique correction and physical support. In levels 3, 4, 5, & 6 instructors need to be able to see how your child is swimming. You cannot see what they are doing if you are in the water at the same level. The instructor needs to be out-on the deck, looking down to offer instruction. All our instructors love the water, love to swim and are happy to be in the pool.
My child has been in the same level for 2 years! How long will it take him to advance?

Children vary widely when it comes to learning a skill. In general, each child’s readiness is influenced by physical development, previous experiences, home environment, parental attitudes and individual preferences. For most skills, there are simple prerequisites, activities and lead-ups that can prepare the child to perform those skills. For example, before children are ready to put their entire face in the water, they may need to practice blowing bubbles, washing the face, splashing and putting parts of the face in the water. It may take 30-80 lessons before a child can swim independently.

What if my child cannot keep up with the class?

The progress of your child is not compared with that of any other child. Because they have different experiences and backgrounds as well as different learning rates. Children acquire skills at different times. The instructor can adapt and adjust the level of difficulty to the individual child. This way, your child will feel a part of the group but will practice at his or her level. If it is more beneficial for your child to move to a different level, the instructor or director will suggest that.

What are they doing at the beginning of class sitting around talking?

Every day before the class gets into the pool we discuss a water safety rule. We introduce a new rule each day, discuss why it’s important, and then repeat it. We add a new rule each day so that by the end of the session, kids know the rules to be safe in and around the water. Every year parents approach us to say that their child was involved in a water incident and their child remembered the safety rules they had learned at swim lessons. In some cases, they safely prevented what could have been a catastrophe-if only by knowing to get a grown up and not put them self in danger as well. The American Red Cross has a list of 10 water safety rules. They’re cute and rhyme so kids will be engaged and remember them. “Be Cool, follow the rules” “Look before you leap!” “Reach or throw, don’t go!” So if you hop in a boat this summer and your child says, “Don’t just pack it, wear your jacket!” you'll know where they got it. You’re welcome.

Do you cancel lessons if the weather is bad? Bad-no. Thunder or lightning-yes. We swim in the rain, but if there is thunder or lightning, we cancel. We follow nationally recognized recommendations from NOAA. All patrons must leave the pool and pool area at the first sound of thunder or sight of lightning and not return or resume swim until 30 minutes after the last lightning is seen or thunder is heard. (Even if the sun is shining!) Resumption of activity is at the sole discretion of the pool manager. Sometimes it stinks, but we have no control over the weather.
What about make-ups if lessons are cancelled due to weather? Our lessons are based on the American Red Cross model of 7 lessons per session. We throw in 3 extra (10 days of lessons). If we miss more than 3 due to weather conditions, then we will try to schedule make ups- they will most probably be on a Saturday morning. There are no make ups for classes missed for other reasons.
If you’d like to sign up for another session of lessons, or have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Dee Christie –WSI administrator

Kanoa King – Pool Manager, Swim Team Coach, Instructor

Tom Koldys-Swim Team Coach, Instructor

Kelly Viens – Recreation Director

Recreation office 524-1500 X266, Cell 309-1810, Pool 524-6796 or email at k.viens@stalbansvt.com

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