Physical Education Team Building Development Instruction

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Physical Education Team Building Development Instruction

The Development of Teambuilding Skills by working with others through physical activity is part of the Illinois School code for Physical Education Physical Education IS mandated for K-12 grade Under State Goal #21. Team Building Lesson focus is on students being able to:

A. Demonstrate individual responsibility during group physical activities.

B. Demonstrate cooperative skills during structured group physical activities
There is an emphasis on students as members of teams, students need to fill the role of leader at times and participant at other times. Knowing how to follow procedures, accept leadership from others, participate actively & lead when appropriate will serve the student on and off the playing field. Students need to know & practice the elements of teamwork (communication, decision-making, cooperation and leadership) and how to adjust individual needs to team needs. Students also need to recognize each Team member’s contributions including their own in Team Building Physical Sport activities.

Team Building Instructional presentation developes from Fundamental Sports Skills is the achevement of Physical Literacy and progresses into Group Physical Activities for Physical Fitness Health and for Competitive Excellence that promotes being Active for Life.

The Fundamental Sports skills develop from basically from Fundamental Movement Skills which progress with Student growth throughout grade level development. These movement skills are cultivated into sport’s skills- such as throwing action maturing into advanced propelling actions as with 5 types of basketball passes, pitching in baseball, or passing a football.

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