Indiana and the United Kingdom

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Indiana and the United Kingdom

Trade and Investment Highlights

Indiana's economic relationship with the United Kingdom is already strong. The United Kingdom is a major export market for Indiana's goods and services, which support thousands of U.S. jobs, and U.K.-based firms are among the leading foreign investors in Indiana.

Indiana Goods Exports to the

UK, 2016

$1.4 billion

Indiana Services Exports to the

UK, 2015

$538 million

Jobs Supported by Indiana Exports to the UK, 2015


Estimated Number of UK

Subsidiaries in Indiana


IN: Goods Exports to the UK ($ billion)

Growth since 2009: -15%

Growth since 2009: 24%

IN: Services Exports to the UK ($ million)

The United Kingdom was Indiana's 6th largest export market in 2015.

Indiana and the United Kingdom Trade and Investment Highlights

UK-Affiliated Companies Located in Indiana

IN: Services Exports to the UK

UK subsidiaries in Indiana employed 31,800 workers in 2014.


  • Goods, Jobs, and Services estimates prepared by The Trade Partnership and derived from U.S. government and private industry data.

  • Estimate of number of UK subsidiaries derived from Uniworld BP, Directory of Foreign Investment in the United States.

  • Estimate of employment by UK subsidiaries from Bureau of Economic Analysis, Foreign Direct Investment in the United States database. ´

© 2017 British Embassy Washington

IN: Goods Exports to the UK

1. Aerospace Products & Parts

$298 million

1. Travel

$138 million

2. Pharmaceuticals & Medicines

$296 million

2. Royalties from Industrial Processes

$102 million

3. Basic Chemicals

$139 million

3. Insurance Services

$75 million

4. Engines & Turbines

$87 million

4. Equip. Install., Maint., & Repair

$68 million

5. Nonferrous Metals & Processing

$79 million

5. R&D & Testing Services

$31 million

BAE Electronic Systems

Defense & aerospace products manufacturer

Delphi Automotive Systems

Auto parts manufacturer

Integrated Energy Technologies

Fabricated metal components manufacturer

Kennametal Stellite (HQ)

Metal alloy manufacturer

Rolls-Royce North America

Engine & power systems manufacturer

Tate & Lyle

Food ingredients manufacturer

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