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The Devices tab lists all of the connected devices that are compatible with the InSync application.
      1. Devices List

The screen displays all connected devices and their current status in regards to the InSync application.

  • Device Name: When available the first column displays the name of the device connected. Not all devices identify themselves to InSync. Those devices are typically displayed as removable media with an accompanying Drive letter.

  • Configured: Indicates if the device has been configured for InSync.Net version 5 or greater. Devices will be indicated either Yes or No.

  • Legacy Configured: Indicates if the device has been configured for InSync version 4. Devices will be indicated either Yes or No.

  • Ignored: Indicates if the device has been configured as ignored. Ignored devices will not have audio files removed from them and InSync will not interact with devices that have been configured as ignored.

      1. Device Configuration

Almost any device with storage space that can connect to a PC as Removable Media can be configured to work with InSync. Available devices are displayed on the Devices Tab of the InSync User interface. To configure a device, connect it to the PC with USB and open the Devices Tab.

  • Select the device from the list and press the “Configure Device” button at the bottom of the screen.

Next, select the name of the provider that the recorder belongs to. If the option to “Always ask me for a user when I sync this device” is selected a pop up will request a user when the recorder is synced.

Next, select the document types that will be assigned to the recorder. Different recorders can configure for different numbers of document types. Users do not have to select the maximum number of document types.

Next select any additional options. There are four options for Location selection.

  • User Default Location: Use the default location as specified by User or Client. This is the most commonly selected option.

  • Always ask when syncing: Prompt the user when syncing to select a location.

  • Use the location of this workstation: Use the location specified in the InSync settings for the configuring PC.

  • Use this location: Select a specific location to configure the recorder to.

Dictation Log options.

  • Show dictation log after upload: To show the dictation log after upload select the option.

Select Finish to complete the configuration process.

    1. Download 2.21 Mb.

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