International Theatrical Marketing Strategy Date Last Updated: December 9, 2005

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International Theatrical Marketing Strategy

Date Last Updated: December 9, 2005

U.S. Release Date: December 21, 2005

Cast: Jim Carrey (Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Bruce Almighty, Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Truman Show, Liar Liar)

Character: Dick Harper

Téa Leoni (Spanglish, Jurassic Park III, Family Man, Deep Impact)

Character: Jane Harper

Alec Baldwin (The Aviator, Along Came Polly, Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat, Pearl Harbor)

Character: Jack McCallister

Richard Jenkins (Intolerable Cruelty, Changing Lanes, Me, Myself and Irene)

Character: Frank Bascombe

Angie Harmon (Agent Cody Banks)

Character: Veronica

Director: Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest, Home Fries)
Producer: Brian Grazer (Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Beautiful Mind, Nutty Professor II: The Klumps)
Executive Producers: Jane Bartelme (Along Came Polly, Bringing Down the House)
Peter Bart (Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise, Youngblood, Revenge of the Nerds, Fun with Dick and Jane - 1977)

Jim Carrey (Bruce Almighty)

Max Palevsky
Main Genre: Comedy: Mainstream
Corporate Genre: Comedy

Sub Genre: Action, Funny, Remake
Running Time: 87 minutes
U.S. Rating: PG – 13


In Columbia Pictures and Imagine Entertainment’s holiday comedy Fun With Dick and Jane starring Jim Carrey and Téa Leoni, Dick Harper’s (Carrey) years of hard work finally pay off when he is promoted to vice president at Globodyne, a worldwide leader in the consolidation of media properties.

But after only one day in his new job, Globodyne is destroyed by an Enron-like calamity — and he is left holding the bag.
Dick’s sudden reversal of fortune has left him little time to set money aside for a rainy day. Now it’s raining buckets as Dick and his loving wife Jane (Leoni), watch in horror as their deluxe suburban home, their luxury cars and their status-conscious friends quickly vanish into thin air.
After playing by the rules and working single-mindedly to build a comfortable life for his family, Dick is utterly unprepared to give up the American dream. Taking a lesson from his corrupt employer, however, Dick hits on a brilliant idea: if stealing was good enough for his boss, then it’s good enough for him. Using his newfound skills, he and Jane exact hilarious revenge and teach big business a lesson.


The best positioning for Fun with Dick and Jane focuses on a film starring Jim Carrey as Dick, positioned as a sympathetic guy who gets screwed by the system and when all else fails, takes to armed robbery to help himself and his family to get back at the guys who wronged him.

  1. Include focus on Dick, either based on the Fun with Dick storyline or the Globodyne storyline. The Fun with Dick storyline focuses on Dick, whose lifestyle is in jeopardy and he turns to robbery. The Globodyne storyline also focuses on Dick, but this time as the ultimate “company man” who got screwed by the big guys. The company itself is described in greater detail.

    • Dick is a yuppie who loses his job.

    • He tries other jobs, but with no success.

    • He turns to robbery to protect his family.

    • Dick is the star – not Dick and Jane.

  2. Define Dick as a likeable and relatable character. He is an underdog in the business world, and he is committing robbery not just for himself, but also to help his fellow employees who were ripped off.

  3. Dick is a good guy and a lousy criminal.

Key Strengths

Carrey is well-known internationally and has a loyal fan base.

Carrey is a major star, especially among young men and those under 30.

Though Carrey is a younger skewing star, even with Carrey the story maintains its older bent.

Carrey promises that the movie will be funny and will have a certain brand of outrageous humor.

Key Challenges

Carrey is a clear asset with a majority of the moviegoers and obviously should be the focus of the campaign. However, a minority dislikes his comedy and finds it over-the-top and may not be interested in Fun with Dick and Jane because of it.
Téa Leoni’s fan base is limited and therefore, she should not be the focus of the campaign.
Despite the crowded marketplace, trying to convince moviegoers that Fun with Dick and Jane is the “must-see” movie of the holiday season and has the biggest star.

How to make the bumbling thieves concept a fresh idea while showing Dick and Jane as sympathetic. They are committing these crimes not just for their personal well-being, but also to help the other Globodyne employees who lost their jobs.

Target Audience

Primary: Moviegoers 13 – 49
Secondary: Jim Carrey fans

Dating and Release Strategy

U.S. Release Date: December 21, 2005
Feature Shipping: December 2, 2005
Territory Rights: Everywhere. Top tier markets: UK, Australia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Brazil. Middle tier markets: France, Mexico, Russia. Bottom tier markets: Japan, Korea, Spain.
International Release Pattern: Rollout from December through March 2006
International Release Strategy: Wide release everywhere
First International Release Date: December 21, 2005
First International Release

Territories: December 21st: Puerto Rico

December 24th: Japan

December 26th: Australia
Competitive Titles to Consider: Rumor Has It, The Family Stone, Casanova, The Producers, Pink Panther, King Kong (in its second week of release).
Jim Carrey Box Office History:




Int’l Box Office*

Domestic Box Office*

Lemony Snicket





Bruce Almighty


PG – 13



How the Grinch Stole Christmas





Me, Myself & Irene





The Truman Show





Liar, Liar


PG – 13



Cable Guy


PG – 13



Batman Forever


PG – 13



Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls


PG – 13



The Mask


PG – 13



Ace Ventura: Pet Detective


PG – 13



Dumb & Dumber


PG – 13



* Dollars are in millions

Screening Strategy: Other than major media promotions, screen the film as late as possible. Also, in appropriate territories, consider filling press screenings for journalists with members of the target audience.


Methodology: Interviews with 800 moviegoers from ages 15 to 54 (a random sample of respondents to represent the U.S. population)
25 minutes per interview
Each person hears only one of the 96 descriptions of the movie as well as the same description of the comparison programs
Definite interest and market share measured
Logistical regression techniques used to identify the best overall positioning
Qualitative analysis of open-ends complements quantitative analysis
Report Date: May 6, 2005

Positioning Elements: THREE STORYLINES
Fun with Dick: Focuses on Dick, whose lifestyle is in jeopardy and he turns to robbery.

Fun with Dick and Jane: Emphasizes Dick and Jane as a team in life and as robbers.

Globodyne: Also focuses on Dick, but this time as the ultimate “company man” who got screwed by the big guys. The company itself is described in greater detail.
Summary of Results from Report:

  • The three storylines elicit about the same level of interest, though Globodyne and Fun with Dick are just slightly preferred.

  • Jim Carrey is by far the greatest driver of interest – Carrey is the number one reason people are interested in seeing the movie.

  • Carrey is a minor negative to some – While for most he is an asset, for some he is a liability. Some people who aren’t fans presume that Carrey guarantees that the humor will be too stupid or over-the-top. But overall, he is far more of a positive than a negative.

  • Téa Leoni is not a factor and should not be emphasized.

  • The most effective storyline will focus on the character of Dick and highlight Carrey as the primary star.

  • Carrey should not share the spotlight with Leoni.

  • People like the storylines for the potential for humor and action in the robbery, the humor in the fall from comfort to crime and the possibility of revenge against the big guys.

    • Robbery – The robberies are a key hook for the promise of humor and action in the film. People think robbery in Carrey’s hands will by definition be funny and feel that armed robbery suggests action and excitement. Few were concerned by the moral issues about robbery.

    • Comfort to Crime – People like the idea of Dick transitioning from a yuppie to an armed robber – to losing it all and then trying either to sustain his lifestyle or just get it back.

      • Defining Dick as an “underdog” makes him more relatable and appealing.

      • People like the Robin Hood element because it is furthers Dick’s good-guy persona and also allows people to play out their own revenge fantasies.

        • The ”Robin Hood” hook offers a better motivation by suggesting that he will return the money to the employees who deserve it. Just as the “underdog” hook helped personalize Dick for many, this “Robin Hood” hook succeeds in the same regard. Not only is Dick out for revenge, but also he is doing something clearly positive by giving the money back, and not just for his own personal well-being. Additionally, people are curious to see how he will get the money back.

          • Two marketing hooks are not strong negatives, but have a neutral impact (Keeping Up With The Jones’s and Clumsy Criminal).

          • When the best combination of storylines and hooks are utilized, the end result is a movie that many find relatable or realistic.

          • Those who remain uninterested in the movie feel that the story is unsatisfying even with the presence of Carrey.

          • The best positioning is very broadly appealing.

          • The best positioning will:

            1. Include focus on Dick, either based on the Fun With Dick storyline or the Globodyne storyline.

              • Dick is a yuppie who loses his job.

              • He tries other jobs, but with no success.

              • He turns to robbery to protect his lifestyle. No need to downplay the robberies.

              • Dick is the star – not Dick and Jane

            2. Define Dick as a likeable and relatable character. He is an underdog in the business world, and he is committing robbery not just for himself, but also to help his fellow employees who were ripped off.

            3. Dick is a good guy and a lousy criminal.

  • Elements limiting appeal are the following:

    • Resistance to the concept

    • Jim Carrey comedy

    • Not funny enough

    • Presenting Dick and Jane equally



One-Sheets: #1 – Jim Carrey running with “Fun” written up the left side (shipped on 11/6).

#1 – (LAS) Same look, but with “Locuras” written up the left side (posted on 11/8).

Alt #1 – Same look, but with “Jim Carrey” written up the left side.

Alt #2 – Same look, but with US Dollars flying from Jim Carrey’s suit as he runs (posted on 12/7).

Alt #3 – Different look with Jim Carrey and Téa Leoni (posted on 12/7).

Quad posting week of 12/5, featuring the “Jim/Money” look.

Outdoor: Domestic 30-Sheet with “Fun: Jim and Téa” Key Art (posted on 11/23).

International 30-Sheet with “Money: Jim and Téa” (posted on 12/7).

Various horizontal looks with “Fun: Jim and Téa” Key Art (posted on 10/17).

Additional “Jim/Money” outdoor looks in development.

In-Theater: Standee with “Fun” Key Art. Shipped the week of 11/14.

Lobby cards with various images. Shipped on 11/23.

Trailers: “Trailer #1” (1:53). Shipped on 10/10.

“Trailer #1” (LAS). Shipped on 10/26.
TV Spots: “Int. Elevate” (:30, :20, :15, :10). Shipped 12/2-6.

“Int. Family Fun” (:30, :20, :15, :10). Shipped 12/2-6.

“Dick Alt.” (:30, :20, :15, :10). Shipped 12/2-9.

“Screwed UK” (:30, :20, :15, :10). Shipped 12/2-9.

“Self Employment” (:30, :20, :15, :10). Shipped 12/2-9.

“Had It All” (:60). Will ship this week.
“Self Employment” – a fun approach to Dick starting his own business.

“Dick Alt.” – see Dick at work, see Dick play, see Dick get even.

“Screwed UK” – focuses on Dick and Jane getting back at the company who wronged him.


Media Objective/Strategy: Position Fun with Dick and Jane as a broad-based comedy starring box office megastar, Jim Carrey and featuring Téa Leoni. TV will serve as the clear lead medium. Radio can serve as a strong cost-efficient secondary medium and should be a useful in-road for gaining strong media and promotional tie-ins. Outdoor will be very market specific. Jim Carrey’s star power provides a strong rationale for adding key outdoor to the mix. However, markets where television would be compromised should use outdoor carefully and avoid diluting the strength of the overall TV schedule where the comedy will be better communicated. Page dominant press ads should be scheduled on key days only and in key publications, positioning Fun with Dick and Jane as the must-see comedy film in the market.
Television: Heavy TV campaigns against the younger AD 15 – 34 demo should be implemented. Schedules should clearly establish TV as the lead medium with reach levels ideally achieving the +/- 60 – 80% range. Seriously consider adding cable/satellite to schedules for high frequency early awareness support against the niche, core movie-going demographic. Longer length (:30s and :20s) should be used to kick off the campaign to set up the story, showcase the comedy and our star. While shorter length spots should be used in moderation as they can limit the strength of the visual comedy and Jim Carrey appeal, budgets are responsible and as such may need to include a fair amount of :15s. Ideally, we suggest limiting the use of :10s overall, and certainly would recommend containing them within the last +/- 2 days of opening. Take care to remain aligned with your overall positioning of the film when selecting spots as there are several executions (i.e., stealing, revenge on big business, straight physical comedy, etc.). Some sustain may make sense around a specific holiday opportunity.
Radio: Radio is a strong, cost-efficient supplemental medium for this title given the strength of the Jim Carrey sell (in select markets more than others) and the strong potential for media promotions. Given the relative strength of the TV flights, highly concentrated, high frequency two – three day flights should be implemented at launch and/or other key/important periods, i.e. second weekend (sustain), holiday periods, as a loud call to action to moviegoers. Consider a second wave of in-season activity, especially in markets where supplemental TV is cost-prohibitive.
Outdoor: Outdoor may work as a support medium for this title in outdoor friendly markets, but depending on seasonality and availability of funds. All outdoor executions should be backlit to help impact where dark winter months are an issue. However, TV budgets should not be compromised for secondary outdoor support. Some cost-efficient metro sites, both under and above ground, may make sense. Investigate accessible pedestrian outdoor such as wild posting, banners and postcards (distribution in clubs or discos).
Magazines: Consumer magazine activity should be limited, given the relatively long shelf life of magazines. Ultimately, critical support via publicity breaks will establish more effective in-roads than paid ads, especially with the Jim Carey star power.
Newspaper: Press ads should be page dominant on and around opening, but limited to key days for maximum impact. Ad sizes should not be compromised for frequency given the perceived status of the title and star sell. Consider using color in opening day, perhaps the “fun” (or local equivalent) in red, for key insertions. Press plans should include at least 2 – 3 weeks in season support or the appropriate equivalent in each market.

Internet: Consider strong internet support particularly as a directory resource for moviegoers. Beyond both barter and paid placement on appropriate sites, where possible slowly replace obsolete newspaper insertions with more cost-effective and targeted internet and wireless messages.


Publicity Objective/Strategy: Recognizing the limited materials, seek placement in male/female teen and adult outlets.
Eventize Fun with Dick and Jane via promotional opportunities/publicity stunts that exploit the concept and relatable humor of the film.
Emphasize the comedic chemistry between Jim Carrey and Téa Leoni.
Showcase the relatability of Dick and Jane’s predicament, emphasizing the wish fulfillment of finding success by rebelling against the system and getting back at “big business”.
Publicity Angles: Neighbor Envy
What would you sell to save your family? How far would you go to save your family? Extremes one would go to for money if one lost his/her job.
Real life Bonnie and Clyde stories
Jim Carey comedies
Revenge against big business or a bad employer – “crime does pay” stories
Contemporary Robin Hood stories
Crook themed film marathons – Bonnie & Clyde, The Thomas Crown Affair, The Sting, etc.
Press: International Press Junket:

        • Screening – Saturday, December 3rd (NYC)

        • Interviews – Sunday, December 4th (NYC)

        • Talent Participating – Jim Carey, Téa Leoni, and Dean Parisot


        • Screening – Friday, December 2nd (NYC)

        • Press Conference – Saturday, December 3rd (NYC)

        • Talent Participating – Jim Carey and Téa Leoni

All Media Screening: Tuesday, December 20th (Los Angeles)

Phone Interviews: Looking at phone opportunities with the Nanny
U.S. Premiere: Wednesday, December 14th in Los Angeles
International Premieres: N/A
Talent Tour: See tour chart
Costume Prop Tour: N/A
Film Festivals: N/A
Materials Available: EPK shipping week of 12/5/05.

TV Special to ship week of 12/12/05.

Production notes serviced on 11/11/05.

Small selection of artwork is approved and posted to the publicity website.

Promo items: track jackets, sweatshirts and hats.
Soundtrack: Score will be released by Varèse Sarabande Records

Still in production.

Publishing: N/A


Promotions Objective: Promotions will be extremely limited on this film, as only the title treatment can be used for most promotional activity. Promotions should focus on the two main ideas that Dick and Jane switch from a life of normal upstanding citizens to one of bumbling thievery and the concept that they decide to fight back against corporate corruption.
Promotions Strategy: Promotions should focus on media promotions targeting ages 13 – 49 seeking comedic entertainment.
Third Party Co-Promotions: Co-promotions with brands will not be possible due to the talent restrictions on creative assets for promotional use.
Media Promotions: Media promotions should include TV, radio, print and online partners targeting broad comedy enthusiasts.

Key Art: Only the title treatment may be used for any third-party promotions. The key art may be used in media and in-cinema promotions, which do not include any third-party brand participation. Please submit all creative for any media and in-cinema promotions to the home office.
TV Spots: The trailer or any AV materials may be used for media promotions, which do not include any third-party participation.
Talent Rights/Approval

Summary: The following copyright lines should be included in all promotional materials:

"TM & © 2005 Columbia Tristar Marketing Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

Other Promotional

Material Creative

Guidelines: Promotions are prohibited in the following categories without approval from home office: alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, firearms, personal hygiene products, pharmaceuticals, sexually oriented products, gambling or lottery.

Regardless of the category, all deal memos must be submitted to the home office for approval.


Digital Objective: Generate awareness and interest about the film through the website, online ads and features.

  • Primary: 13 – 49 broad entertainment seekers

  • Secondary: Jim Carrey fans

Digital Strategy: Position the site as a fun and zany family film by highlighting:

  • Jim Carrey as the funny star

  • Fun games for visitors to interact with the movie

  • Funny physical comedy (i.e. shocked dog)

Domain Name

Registration (URLs): To see the international site live, go to:

Use this link if you do not create a local teaser or full site.

Other URLs to promote: or your local gateway/portal page

This site highlights many Sony territories. It acts as a gateway page to all Sony international theatrical releases. If you have a gateway site and it is not listed on, please let Michael Fisk know and he’ll make sure that it is added.

Additionally, promote your local gateway and film URLs at junkets and press opportunities.
Website: The teaser site for Fun with Dick and Jane is currently available on CineShare.

Teaser website highlights:

The opening intro has Dick running across the screen and then holding on the left-hand side. The title art and other elements “bounce” into the frame adding a fun/exciting element. (See screen shot below).

To those countries that create teaser sites (and not full sites), please use the teaser site, which is hosted on CineShare.

The full site navigation elements are:

  • Story

  • Trailer

  • Photo Gallery

  • Cast & Crew

  • Production Notes

  • Downloads (Wallpapers, Buddy Icons)

The full site will change slightly in the next few weeks with a more fun zany feel as creative gets approved by filmmakers, but for those countries that need to start with the source files now, please use the current look.

Cinema Listings

If possible, include a “Cinema Listings” by linking to your local movie theater release days and times.

The site requires Flash Player 7. Offer the following link on the site if most internet visitors don’t have Flash so that they can download it.

Trailer: Use the international trailer and not the domestic trailer. Offer it in high and low versions for visitors with high and low internet connections.

If possible, have the trailer auto-play when people click on the site. Research has shown the trailer as the most compelling sell-point of a film.

Video Clips: TBD
Access to website source files:

Go to Sony’s CineShare to download the website to use in your country/territory.
The following files are on CineShare:

Full site:

Teaser site:

Ad units:

Games/Viral Components: There will be 4 games available for this film. They all relate to the plot and/or scenes within the film.

Clicking on each character and name reveals a different game. All games will be standalone and should be shared/distributed with online partners.

  1. Dick: Dick’s Business Buzzword Translator

This game has a random text generator. Create funny lines after people type in their message. It doesn’t matter what they type because the generator *randomly* selects funny lines you create for them to see. (See screen shot below).

  1. Jane: Kickboxing Jane

  1. Blanca: Save Blanca’s Blender

  1. Billy: Billy’s Splash Fest

Online Media: Please adapt the U.S. online ad units that are available on CineShare. There are some different looks to choose from. Some are flash and some in .gif.

U.S. Online Media: Below is an example of what was done in the U.S. and to offer examples to spur ideas:

  • Broad Reach/Entertainment: AOL, Yahoo, MSN, NetFlix,, Comedy Central, College Humor, Fox, Vibrant Media

  • Holiday Fun/Greetings: American Greetings, IAC Network

  • Sports: CBS Sportsline, ESPN

  • Showtimes: Yahoo Movies, Moviefone, MovieTickets, Fandango

Online Promotions: Below is an example of what was done in the U.S. and to offer examples to spur ideas:

"Monster Interview"


Concept: Enter the Monster Interview sweepstakes for your chance to interview the stars at the red carpet premiere of Fun With Dick and Jane. Two candidates will win a trip to Los Angeles to interview the stars at the premiere and then America will vote for who did the best job! The best candidate and one random voter will each win $500. Are you the right candidate?

"Hollywood Heist"

Partners:, Macerich Montebello Town Center,

Concept: One lucky winner will steal a flight to Hollywood where they and a partner in crime will each load up on $1,000 of loot from a Macerich mall! It's the ultimate shoplifting spree!
"Stock Up"

Partners: Young Money Magazine, Share Builder, Net Zero

Concept: Don't find yourself in the same financial dilemma as Dick. Enter now and you could win a $2,000 investment package from Share Builder, plus a new computer with internet access from Net Zero to help keep an eye on your earnings!
"Steal It Back”

Partners: Steal It Back/Property Room,

Concept: Have Dick and Jane stolen your stuff? Steal it back with a $1,000 shopping spree at!
Online Editorial/Publicity: Provide trailers, key art, photos and other marketing materials to local entertainment and fan websites. Offer exclusives to your top online partners to launch the trailer or video clips.
Search Engine Marketing: The following is to help search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, MSN) find your site.

Please use the following code when translating the site into your language. Also, submit your site to your local search engines.

Fun With Dick And Jane - Sony Pictures Official International Site

Please alter this name to your local territory.

Please translate and add to your local territory and language.

Feel free to include the release date.

Please alter the keywords with ones pertinent to your local territory and language.

Email: Add a “Registration” link/button to your sites to collect names and email addresses into your database. Or work with an online partner to promote the film through their email lists.
Consider delivering an email to your list(s) when there are key events like 1) website launch, 2) new clips are available, and most importantly 3) theatrical film release.
Mobile: Create mobile wallpapers, screensavers, ringtones and videoringers with your mobile partner. The home office will not create the assets for you on this movie. Just make sure that any music/audio and ringers have been cleared by Legal. If you need help, please email Michael Fisk.
Text messaging: You are encouraged to create text-messaging campaigns.

Downloads: Trailers and TV spots used for promotional purposes must be given to consumers for free. Profit by mobile carriers and providers may not be made from promo spots.
Other: Each country is encouraged to use other digital campaigns such as email, email signatures and WAP portals. As for email signatures, there have been file size, spam and security problems using them in the past on Lotus Notes users (which Sony U.S. uses). At the moment, there are no plans to create email signatures for use. However, each country is encouraged to create their own if they work within their email deployment system.
Work with your local Sony Electronics group and ensure that your trailers and clips are shared on PSP. Also, create your own PSP pages to help distribute the content like:
As always, if you create digital assets that you think other countries can use, please let Michael Fisk know and he’ll share with everyone. Sharing ideas improves the marketing campaigns for everyone.

International Theatrical Marketing Strategy: Fun with Dick and Jane - -

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