Internship subject: Attitude Determination and Control System

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Internship subject: Attitude Determination and Control System

Mission description

ATISE is a 12U CubeSat mission made in cooperation between the Centre Spatial Universitaire de Grenoble and the Centre Spatial Universitaire de Toulouse. Its mission is to observe the emission spectra of the polar auroras. Grenoble is designing the mission and the payload while Toulouse focuses on the rest of the system which includes the CubeSat and the ground segment.

Internship overview

The objective of the internship is to design and validate the algorithms that will control ATISE’s orientation in the 3- dimension space which is called the attitude. Attitude control is a key function in a satellite architecture since it makes it point towards either the sun to charge the batteries, the ground stations to communicate with the mission centers or a specific target, which is the auroras in ATISE’s case, to fulfill the mission. The trainee will be required to perform the following tasks:

Type of internship

Gap year or end of studies internship


March/April 2018 – August/September 2018

Expected competences

Matlab/Simulink, Space dynamics, Automatics


Fabien Apper

Nanosatellite system engineer

ATISE project manager

Command & Control engineer on EntrySat and Eye-Sat


05 61 33 87 51

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