Jalapeño poppers 9 panko friend local jalapeños with blue crab & cream cheese (7) peppadew peppers

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we strive to use local ingredients when possible (Summer 2014 Menu)

just a few plates to share

among friends
(6) jalapeño poppers 9

panko friend local jalapeños

with blue crab & cream cheese

(7) peppadew peppers 5

stuffed with goat cheese, basil pesto

& sprinkled with candied pecans

(6) fried green east texas tomatoes 5

green tomatoes lightly fried

with a homemade chipotle-ranch sauce
cheese plate 16

chef’s choice of artisanal cheeses

almonds, fresh & dried fruits
crostinis 3 ways 8

asparagus |chorizo |smoked salmon

crawfish & crab cake 12

with remoulade sauce

lil’ crab cake bites 7
(2) caprese skewers 3

(2) chicken skewers 4

(2) korean short ribs skewers 7
garlic edamame 5

potstickers 5

spring rolls 6

tempura shrimp 6

tempura shrimp spring rolls7

brussel sprouts 7.50

with bulgogi marinate/sauce (add bacon $2)

parmesan & panko asparagus 5
tuna tower14

big eye tuna, cucumber, avocado, sushi rice & 3 kinds of caviar

with sriracha, spicy mayo & unagi sauce

tasty greens

farmer’s market salad 7

garden arugula, caramelized sweet noonday onions, Jacksonville tomatoes, goat cheese & candied pecans

peach caprese salad 7

grilled local peaches, fresh mozzarella & crumble bacon w/ peach-mint dressing

cork’s house salad 9

spring mix, dried cranberries, candied pecans, goat cheese, red & green apples, heirloom tomatoes with a champagne vinaigrette

(Add: tofu $2 chicken $4 or shrimp/crab cake $6)

grilled pesto chicken salad 7

with spring mix, fresh mozzarella & local tomatoes

caprese salad 7

local tomatoes, fresh mozzarella & basil pesto with a crostini

blueberry salmon salad 8

wild salmon w/ blueberries, spring mix, red onions, ponzu & EVOO

small plates
grilled pineapple salmon

6 oz wild atlantic salmon on a bed of grilled asparagus & grilled pineapple

with a fresh homemade salsa

(grilled to a medium rare / medium only) 12
shrimp mezcal

garlic shrimp, avocado, tomato, cilantro, lime, & mezcal

with a golden brown rice cake 11
grilled lamb t-bones

with roasted fingerling potatoes sprinkled with herbs de provénce 11

grilled quail

served with an asian slaw 9

full plates
land. air. sea.

grilled lamb t-bone | grilled quail | shrimp mezcal 25

surf & turf

8 oz bistro steak on a bed of seasoned fingerling potatoes,

& grilled shrimp 27
kobe beef

8 oz akaushi style beef with grilled portobello mushroom,

fingerling potatoes, & baby carrots

(seared to a medium rare only) 37
butcher board ribeye

14 oz grilled usda prime ribeye steak with a bulgogi sauce marinade,

brussel sprouts, & whipped potatoes 31
ask about our award winning “off the menu” pub burger

cork’s misö soup

with julienned veggies, tofu, brown rice & scallions 7

3-cheese mac

white cheddar, parmesan, fontina,

ham & shallot gratin 7
stir-fry health bowls

brown / steam rice or soba noodle

& stir-fried veggies
4oz veggie w/ tofu 7

4oz chicken 8

4oz beef 9

4oz korean short rib 10

4oz shrimp 11

flourless truffle cake 5
ginger & green tea ice cream 6
seasonal crème brûlée 6

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