Job Number: a-212 noc: 4167 Band

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Department of Human Resources
OPSEU Job Description

Job Title: Fitness & Lifestyle Coordinator

Job Number: A-212

NOC: 4167

Band: 7

Department: Athletics & Recreation

Supervisor Title: Director, Athletics & Recreation
Last Reviewed: March 11, 2015

Job Purpose

This position is responsible for the full continuum of fitness and wellness programs and services to meet the needs of Trent University students, staff/faculty, and community members. Areas of responsibility include overseeing the fitness centre, the rowing and paddling tank, and the climbing wall in the Trent Community Sport & Recreation Centre. This position sets and achieves standards of program delivery to ensure the highest quality programs to promote membership enrollment and ongoing member retention.

Key Activities

  1. Fitness

  1. Plans, organizes and directs the activities of the Fitness Centre program components to include: fitness evaluations, orientation for new members, personal training programs, and on-the-floor support by qualified staff.

  2. Develops unique curriculum for a wide range of fitness and fitness-related programs to meet the needs of a variety of age groups and abilities. This programming will utilize all components of the facility, including: fitness equipment, climbing wall, paddling/rowing tank, fitness studio, outdoor trails, canoeing, etc.

  3. Works cooperatively with other program staff to deliver integrated programming that promotes a varied selection of programs to members, and maximizes use of the entire facility.

  4. Promotes membership enrolment by providing or overseeing tours to prospective members. Ensures the careful assimilation of new members into specific programs.

  5. May participate in delivering program instruction.

  6. Develops programs and makes available resource material focused on general fitness and wellness topics that support members in reaching their health and wellness goals.

  7. Contributes to the development of a healthy workplace initiative, creating programs, activities, and educational programs that support the health and wellness of staff/faculty at Trent (example: nutrition, smoking cessation, weight loss, stress management, back injuries, etc.).

  8. Provides oversight and direction to the Youth Development Co-ordinator in relation to youth development programs.

B) Customer Service & Membership

  1. Supports positive public relations with members, students, and user groups, ensuring the delivery of excellent customer service.

  2. Responds to inquiries or complaints from the public, students, and user groups about programs and facility use.

  3. Participates in delivery of facility tours and program information to prospective members.

  4. Working in conjunction with the Marketing Coordinator, contributes ideas to support ongoing membership and membership renewals, ensuring that fitness program information is effectively communicated.

  5. Participates in networking events to promote membership sales in the community, including health and wellness expos, and attendance at various business groups (e.g. Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Business Network, Rotary Club, Sales and Ad, etc.).

  6. Working in conjunction with the Marketing Coordinator, contributes to developing membership packages with corporations, sport organizations etc., particularly as they relate to the use of the rowing/paddling tank and the climbing wall.

C) Human Resources

  1. Hires, trains and evaluates all staff for the fitness centre, fitness classes, personal trainers, rowing/paddling tank, and the climbing wall.

  2. Develops and co-ordinates pre-season and on-going training programs for all staff.

  3. Develops and maintains work schedule for all staff.

  4. Completes bi-weekly timesheets for all staff, ensuring that they are coded correctly and submitted to payroll in a timely manner.

  5. Provides ongoing feedback to student staff and provides performance appraisals annually.

  6. Co-ordinates integration of procedures and training needs with other Department staff for security, building access, maintenance, first aid response, physical operations, management of membership records, merchandise, financial management, and inventory control.

  1. Financial

  1. Develops annual budget for Fitness operations; develops and implements staffing plan based on budget; makes spending decisions based on budget.

  2. Monitors budget monthly and reports variances to the Assistant Director, Business Operations.

E) Administration

  1. Ensures that all fitness equipment is inspected, monitored to ensure compliance with prescribed operating and safety standards. Ensures that all fitness equipment is kept clean and in good repair.

  2. Assists with the procurement of contracts and other formal relationships with designated fitness suppliers.

  3. Assists in developing contracts and agreements with external user groups/partners in the use of the fitness facility, specifically the rowing/paddling tank, and climbing wall.

  4. Contributes to the development of policies and procedures that support the operation of the fitness facility and its associated programs, with specific emphasis on risk management.


Post-secondary degree or diploma (3 year) in sports administration, physical health and human performance, recreation administration or a related area.

Experience Required

  • Four years’ experience providing leadership, supervising and programming within a fitness and recreation environment

  • Demonstrated knowledge base in exercise and wellness theory and practice.

  • Registration with CanFitPro, or other recognized national certification as a Fitness leader, instructor or Personal Trainer.

  • Education in nutrition and wellness.

  • Experience in developing policies and procedures, specifically risk management.

  • Excellent customer service skills. Ability to balance the interests of a variety of client groups, adjusting priorities to meet client needs.

  • Communicates effectively with students, staff, faculty and members of the community, using tact and discretion, treating others with respect.

  • Strong supervisory, interpersonal and training skills are essential.

  • Solid organizational, time management, financial control, and planning skills.

  • Good conflict resolution skills; ability to diffuse potentially volatile situations.

  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and as part of a team.

  • The ability to work extended hours and evening hours is required.

  • Proficiency in application of Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

  • Current Standard First Aid and CPR.

Responsibility for the Work of Others

Indicate whether the incumbent is directly or indirectly responsible for the work of others. Provide the title of the position(s) as well as an example of how the incumbent is responsible for the work of others on a daily basis. Specifically, indicate whether the position has responsibility for hiring and supervision of student workers.
Direct Responsibility

  • Students

  • Personal Trainers (external)

  • Fitness Instructors (external)

Indirect Responsibility

Lead Hand to: Youth Development Coordinator

Job Number: A-212 Page of Last updated: April 2015

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