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POSITION # 00110128

Title: Contract Governance Analyst Classification: Administrative Officer 18

Ministry: Health Work Unit: Business Management Office

Supervisor: Director, Operations Supervisor Position #: 00085495

The Business Management Office (BMO) leads the oversight of key alternative service delivery agreements on behalf of the Ministry of Health.

The Contract Governance Analyst provides contractual administrative support and governance secretariat support including Issue and Action Management, Contractual Obligation Follow-up and Document Control Process. The position represents the BMO in the design, development, implementation and ongoing enhancement and maintenance of business processes between stakeholder programs and the alternative service delivery vendor to meet current and future business needs.


  • Researches and analyzes information, and develops options, approaches and recommendations to address issues and service/program delivery needs.

  • Conducts research on emerging issues as required and prepares analytical documentation (business cases, work flow analysis) on project or program initiatives, and provides options and recommendations

  • Determines methods for and conducts stakeholder consultation sessions to develop business plans in support of project goals and objectives.

  • Translates business requirements and business processes into work flow diagrams and other technical specifications and works with IM/IT Branch and vendor to develop solutions.

  • Actively participates throughout the onboarding process from initial inquiry to service design and operationalization; provides advice and expertise in maximizing value and minimizing costs associated with onboarding of new programs into the master services agreement.

  • Maintains effective and cooperative working relationships with internal and external stakeholders, businesses, Broader Public Sector and relevant government partners

  • Manages the flow of documents into and through Governance Committees, including preparation of committee meeting agendas based on issue log, escalated issues, follow-up of prior minutes and communication with committee members; minutes of meeting (with decisions and action items) and dissemination of approvals and information.

  • Develops, implements and manages the issue and action/escalation management process and operating procedures to ensure that all issues and actions area addressed by correct Governance or other committee members in a timely manner and escalated as required on a timely basis.

  • Develops, implements, manages, evaluates and improves the document control processes and operating procedures to ensure that all contract documents, change requests, business cases, briefing notes, legal opinions and advice, FOI and other related documents are tightly controlled and filed in accordance with ORCSs and ARCs standards.

  • Designs, implements, manages and evaluates reporting tools such as dashboards, consumption reports and forecasting tools.

  • Researches and prepares responses to external/internal enquiries involving sensitive and confidential information. Anticipates sensitive issues, researches information, gathers relevant facts and coordinates timely responses.

  • Provides advice and guidance to program or contract managers, proponents and contractors regarding contract administration procedures.

  • Reviews and monitors Service Level Requirements and Service Level Objectives and works with BMO staff regarding service performance issues and vendor complaints.

  • Reviews, monitors and tracks privacy incidents and collaborates with the Information Management and Knowledge Services Division, the Ministry Information Security Officer and the Office of the Chief Information Officer.

  • Reviews, monitors and tracks vendor statistical summaries and completes trend analysis summaries for senior staff and stakeholders.

  • Participates in the creation and editing of documents such as Change Orders and Service Requests.


  • A degree in business or public administration or related field plus 3 years related experience or the equivalent combination of education and experience

  • Experience in working collaboratively with various stakeholders on business process change projects

  • Experience managing project components including monitoring deliverables and performance

  • Experience analyzing business requirements to deliver effective business solutions and/or business process transformations

  • Preference may be given to applicants with experience in government alternative service delivery/outsourcing projects and/or procurement processes

  • Preference may be given to applicants with experience using spreadsheets at an advanced level (i.e. MS Excel)

  • Good problem-solving, organizational, communication and leadership skills.

  • Ability to write and speak clearly, concisely and precisely.

  • Successful completion of security screening requirements of the BC Public Service, which may include a criminal records check, and/or Criminal Records Review Act (CRRA) check, and/or enhanced security screening checks as required by the ministry (Note: It is important that you read the job posting carefully to understand the specific security screening requirements pertaining to the position).


  • Business Acumen is the ability to understand the business implications of decisions and the ability to strive to improve organizational performance. It requires an awareness of business issues, processes and outcomes as they impact the client's and the organization's business needs.

  • Analytical Thinking is the ability to comprehend a situation, identifying key or underlying complex issues and it implies the ability to systematically organize and compare the various aspects of a problem or situation, and determine the cause-and-effect relationships to resolve the problems.

  • Information Seeking is driven by a desire to know more about things, people or issues. It implies going beyond the questions that are routine or required in the job. It may include "digging" or pressing for exact information; resolution of discrepancies by asking a series of questions; or less-focused environmental "scanning" for potential opportunities or miscellaneous information that may be of future use.

  • Service Orientation implies a desire to identify and serve customers/clients, who may include the public, co-workers, other branches/divisions, other ministries/agencies, other government organizations, and non-government organizations.  It means focusing one’s efforts on discovering and meeting the needs of the customer/client. 

  • Relationship Building is working to build or maintain ethical relationships or network contacts with people who are, or may be, potentially helpful in achieving work-related goals and establishing advantages. These people may include customers, clients, counterparts, colleagues, etc.

Career Group:

Administrative Services

Job Family:

Program Admin & Mgt.

Job Stream:



Revised Date:

April 2015

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