Julie cottineau founder & ceo, BrandTwist and Brand School Online

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Founder & CEO, BrandTwist and Brand School Online

Former VP Brand, Virgin


Daily insights on branding can be found by following Julie on these social media channels:



More headshots available upon request.
Press contact: Jamie Freitas at: jamie@brandtwist.com

The Purple Crayon Center for Learning and Social Innovation asks Julie: Why branding's important for small business. Ways to put your personality into your business. Her favorite thing about working with small business owners. Her one top piece of advice : "An Interview with Julie Cottineau.” 

Bill Sobel interviews Julie about her story and new brand trends for CMS WiRE web magazine: "Connecting: How to Build an Unforgettable Brand"

An interview with Julie about her work overall, and with an attendee of one of her live workshops who then was inspired to enroll in Brand School, BrandTwist's premier branding program: "Define Your Vision"
Women Business Owners Today e-magazine highlights Julie as their cover story, September, 2013. This features an in depth interview where Julie gives actionable takeaway tips for business owners and entrepreneurs in, "Lessons That I learned From Virgin." Download a pdf version of the article HERE.
The book, You Know Everybody! A Career Girl's Guide to Building a Network That Works, by Marcy Twete features a chapter that is an interview with Julie. Read an excerpt from the chapter “Julie’s ‘Best of the Best’ in Networking Advice,” HERE.
Works by Nicole Williams, Career & Money online magazine: “Living the Dream” interview with Julie.
An interview with Julie in "Virgin and Effective Brand Building" by David Krajicek, in the Argyle Journal. Download a pdf copy HERE.
Jane Applegate interviews Julie for "The Applegate Report" in smallbizdaily: "Branding, an Entrepreneur's Secret Weapon."
SheBrand’s Liz Dennery Sanders article: an interview with Julie, “SheBrand SuperStar: Julie Cottineau.”

Marsha Jews, host of "Keep it Moving" on WEAA 88.9 FM Radio, interviews Julie about her book, TWIST.  May 17, 2016.
Julie's interviewed on Marketing Matters radio show from The Wharton School of Business Radio on SiriusXM Radio, May 4, 2016.
Julie was interviewed by Jim Blasingame, The Small Business Advocate, about her book, TWIST: How Fresh Perspectives Build Breakthrough Brands
Julie chats about her entrepreneurial and parenting path with Mary Kathryn Johnson of Parent Entrepreneur HQ on her ParentEPower podcast. 
Julie gives 5 Top Tips on Branding in this podcast interview with Bernard Kelvin Clive for his Career & Business & Personal Branding Poscast in Ghana/Botswana.
Julie hares her wisdom and insight on business and branding creativity and solutions to challenges faced by entrepreneurs with Christine Monaghan, host of Daily Life Mastery Entrepreneurs Conversations, on elnradio.com:

Why a Brand Health Check Keeps Your Business Fresh.

Power Hour on Branding with Julie Cottineau on Entrepreneur Conversations
Social Media Marketing expert, Stacey Harris interviews Julie in the “Better Branding with Julie Cottineau” series:

  • "Take Your Brand from Good to Great"

  • "Building a Brand that Separates You From the Rest"  

Julie talks about branding on Deborah Shane’s Metropolis Radio Show.

Brand Connections interviews Julie for their brand fast-trackers audio series, "The Age of the Entrepreneur: Employees, Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs."
Julie’s own video introduction.
About Julie, BrandTwist and Brand School (speaker reel).
Short Video Segments from the Speaker Reel: 
1. Finding My Twist: Julie Cottineau shares what motivated her to leave Virgin and launch her own branding TWIST. (on Youtube here.)
2. The Twist that Started It All: Julie shares the story of the magical McDonald’s airline TWIST that started it all. (on Youtube here.)
3. Twist Your Business: Julie shares her proven approach for creating inspired and actionable ideas. (on Youtube here.)
4. The Virgin Twist: the importance of lateral thinking. (on Youtube here.)
5. Live Your Twist:  Julie shares her proven approach for creating inspired and actionable ideas. (on Youtube here.)
6. Just Twist Now: the important lessons she learned as the VP of Brand for Virgin and the value of Richard Branson’s "Let’s do it!" approach. (on Youtube here.)
7. You Are Your Twist: how your personal brand gives people a reason to choose your business and why this is a critical asset for a small business or solo practitioner. (on Youtube here.)
8. Stop Spending Until You Twist: how a well-developed brand can save you thousands of dollars. (on Youtube here.)
9. Twist Personal and Businesshow TWISTING your personal and professional brands can make you unstoppable. (on Youtube here.)
10. It's Time to Twist: the importance of strong brands in today’s crowded and ever-changing brands cape.  
11. Teaching The Twist: the inextricable link between brand and business strategy.

Julie Cottineau on BrandSchool Master Class
All Your Burning Brand Questions - Answered! - A video interview by Jennifer Love, Founder of JenniferLove.com, Co-founder & CEO NibMor and business coach, for her free weekly video interview series.
Video from the Center Global Brand Leadership BRITE ’12 conference, “5 Strategies for entrepreneurial Branding.”
Kathy D’Agati, Co-Founder of Back to Basics Wellness receives a branding tip from Julie in this video clip via The Applegate Network.
Webinar replay of GettyImages’ webinar with Julie, “Visual Branding in Today’s World.”
Webcast replay with Julie and Head of Creative Planning at iStock, Rebecca Swift, on using language and images to tell a compelling brand story: "The Yin and Yang of Powerful Brand Stories - Free Webcast Replay"
BizBash & Event Leadership Institute’s Event Innovation Forum, “Making the Brand Permeate the Event: Lessons from Great Brands” video.
All Your Burning Brand Questions - Answered! - Julie discusses what a brand is, what it can do for your business and how to get started branding in a video interview by Jennifer Love, Founder of JenniferLove.com, Co-founder & CEO NibMor, and business coach for her free weekly video interview series that gives tips and information on building business, sales, and product development.
Steve Farnsworth’s The Friday Hangout video interview with Julie.
How to Make your Brand Stand Out Online: 3 Secrets from a Former VP of Brand for Virgin” video interview with Julie by Marina Kostina.
Julie provides her perspective in this CNN article by Kelly Wallace : Leaky moms, smelly poop: How humor helps tackle taboo topics.
Advertising Specialty Institute's, Successful Promotions Newsletter, "The Psychology of Rewarding VIPs" by Denis Jensen
PaloAlsoSoftware's Bplans blog features Julie's tips on: How to Create a Unique Selling Proposition.
PM360, the Essential Resource for Pharma Marketers, features Julie in their  "Innovators 2014: People" list highlighting visionary leaders, rainmakers, trendsetters and change-agents who ensure that the industry continues to move forward with new technologies, methods and strategies.

Hotel News Now: "When to Buy In or Bypass 'By Chain" Taglines," Julie is consulted with and quoted on how Hilton Worldwide continues to roll out its "by Hilton” endorsement on certain brands. Not all chains are doing the same. 

Hotel News Now: “Hoteliers, Retail Brands Partnering for Profit,” quotes Julie regarding Mariott’s TownePlace Suites partnering outside the travel industry with Container Store to create a better customer and guest experience.
Hotel News Now: "Hoteliers Look to Innovation to Save Industry" 
Marketer and Brand Developer David King's Iterations of Ideas blog features an entry on Personal Branding that was inspired by Julie: Brands Try to Understand Their Purpose: Using Brand Strategy to Determine Your Personal Brand.
Arts2Thrive blog post endorsing Julie and the Brand School program, and the value she received from a brand-building exercise: Haikus and Branding.
onDemand CMO blog post summarizes a presentation by Julie to the New Jersey Marketing Executives Networking Group (NJ MENG): "How To Build an Innovative Brand" 
Jeff Yang consulted with and quotes Julie for his article in Quartz online news magazine on the new Yahoo! logo design: Yahoo's new logo makes it look like a cosmetics brand than an internet company.
ForRent.com blog refers to and quotes Julie in "Word of Eye Marketing."
Julie advises in Entrepreneur Magazine article about Lululemon Atheletica in “7 Bewitching Brands.”
Julie consults on word of eye and is quoted in the Forbes article by Allen Adamson, “Virgin, Disney, Apple Know ‘Word of Eye’ is Key to Success in Branding Today.”
The Forbes article is mentioned and Julie is quoted as one of the week’s best for branding insight in Holtz Communication + Technology blog.
KiKi L’Italien’s Acronym Soup features an article summarizing her interview with Julie.
Intuit Small Business Blog quotes Julie in their article, “How to Market Your Business With Brand Ambassadors.”
Julie provides expertise on naming in this article from Brian Howard for Target Marketing, “Start With the Right Brand Name.”
The Content Strategist’s Ella Riley-Adams article summarizing SheSays Scamp where Julie presented. “Lessons from Scamp: Create, Play Games, Connect, Tell the Story."
Lumetrics reviews a blog post Julie wrote, “Julie Cottineau on Social Media.” The Lumetrics review is HERE.  Julie's original post is HERE.
whohub.com's  “Interview with Julie Cottineau” article.
Julie is cited in this article on Acton MBA in Entrepreneurship, “Your Brand Defines Your Business.”
Julie consults as expert in brandchannel article by Robin D. Rusch, “The Rise and Demise of a Brand Trend?”
Julie's article for Econsultancy, "Why Your Brand's Audience Should be a Bull's Eye." 
Julie is quoted in AdvertisingAge’s article by Beth Snyder Bulik, “Tech Sector Ponders: What’s In a Name?”
Quoted in New York Times, Business Day article, “BIDDING FOR DISNEY: ADVERTISING; As Brands, Comcast and Disney Are Awkward Pair.” (Julie is found HERE on page 2).
Articles summarizing the Unisource inaugural Strategic Branding Conference held in Toronto where Julie was a featured presenter:

  • Unisource Unplugged blog, ”Trophies, Vomit Bags, and Other Takeaways from our First  Strategic Branding Conference"

  • Hotelier Magazine.com’s article: "Unisource Conference Informed on Brand Awareness" 

Center for Hospitality Research, Cornell University – PDF brochure of the event
Hotel Business Review – Article on Cornell Event
Argyle - Interview with Julie when she was VP of Brand for Virgin
Hospitality Marketing - How to Lean-in and Lead Change at Your Hotel or Resort.
HSMI Rountable Hospitality Leadership Conference PDF
Hotel News Now: When to Buy In or Bypass 'By Chain" Taglines
Hotel News Now: Hoteliers, Retail Brands Partnering for Profit
Hotel News Now: Hoteliers Look to Innovation to Save Industry 
Inaugural Revenue Strategy Summit PDF – and - Inaugural Revenue Strategy Summit - Another PDF
"5 Things Presidential Candidates Can Learn from Iconic Brands" for Ad Tech Press
"Why a Work/Life Balance Can never Be Achieved" - Guest post for Virgin Entrepreneur Blog.
"Innovating with a Twist - Give Your Brand a Boost with Guest Blogger Julie Cottineau" - Guest post for W@tercooler Hub blog.
Guest post for Serendipity Labs blog: Top 3 Sure-fire Ways to Fuel Innovation. 
Julie is keynote speaker for womancon, Women Entrepreneurs Conference, 2013. This is a guest blog post she wrote for the womancon blog: Brand: An Entrepreneur's Secret Weapon. 
Monthly contributor on branding to American Express’ OPEN Forum:

  • "What the Academy Award Snubs Can Teach You About Success."

  • "5 Brands That Make Work Easier."

  • "Branding Lessons From The Ballpark: Don't Be An A-Rod"

  • "5 Small Branding Moments That Can Have a Big Impact"

  • "6 Unique Ways to Reward Brand Loyalty"  

Women Business Owners Today e-magazine articles:

  • "Branding Lessons Learned from Summer Camp."

  • "How Branding is Like Online Dating."

  • Breathing Life Back Into Your Business and Your Brand” Page 17.

  • 5 Ways Women Can Rock at Branding.”

Guest blogger for Purple Crayon Center for Learning and Social Innovation Blog: “Find Your Brand Story”

Guest blogger for Steve Farnsworth’s Steveology Blog, “Two Invaluable Lessons I learned From Working With The World’s Leading Brands.”
Guest blogger for Brainzooming blog, “The Top Three Don’ts of Brand Building by Julie Cottineau.”
Julie’s post for ProBlogger: "Branding Your Blog: You're Doing it All Wrong."  
Julie’s brandchannel article, "Why Entrepreneurs Need Smarter Brands."   
Articles by Julie for Econsultancy:

  • "Your Brand Journey is Never Finished."

  • "Want Success? Work on You as Your Brand"

  • "Why Your Brand's Audience Should Be a Bull's Eye"

  • "A Brand Can Promise, Great Brands Deliver"

  • Stop Wasting Your Marketing Dollars: Build Your Brand First"

  •  “Want Success? Work on You as Your Brand".

"10 Most Common Naming Mistakes," an article by Julie that was featured as a thank you for participants taking an Interbrand “Name Game” survey.
Julie is a featured expert in the Journal of Brand Strategy, Volume 1, Number 3/Autumn 2012
Julie is consultant to CNN, discussing KFC's move to boneless chicken and the impact it may have on their brand.

Julie is the Founder and CEO of BrandTwist, a brand consultancy that helps entrepreneurs and corporations build stronger, more profitable brands.
Julie was the VP of Brand at Richard Branson’s Virgin Group overseeing branding strategy for new and established Virgin companies in North America.

Prior to joining Virgin, Julie served as Executive Director of Consumer Branding at Interbrand as well as a VP Management Supervisor at Grey Worldwide in both the U.S. and France.

She has been an Adjunct Professor of Integrated Marketing Communications at Columbia and Cornell universities and a frequent commentator on brand strategy and innovation through her blog at BrandTwist.com, and on Twitter at @jcottin, and in top business media such as Forbes.com, Entrepreneur Magazine, CNN, and American Express OPEN Forum. She is also the creator of Brand School Master Class the premier learning program that teaches small business owners how to create more distinctive and professional brands that cut through in crowded markets.

Julie lives in Westchester NY with her French husband and two wonderful children.

Her book, TWIST: How Fresh Perspectives Build Breakthrough Brands is available at TheTwistBook.com and Amazon.



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