Knowledge of the Moving Stars

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Knowledge of the Moving Stars

An exploration of Astrometeorology; weather forecasting with astrology

One of the things I learned from my masters degree in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology was an old medieval astrology technique of weather forecasting.
During my MA I discovered that in times past, weather forecasting used to be done with astrology. In fact, it seems this was common practice for centuries.

There are still echoes of it our modern times:

Presently, our weather is forecast by the ‘Met Office’, and you probably already know this name is short for, 'Meteorological Office'.


If …

we are to understand that an 'ology' means 'a body of knowledge' ie. Biology = knowledge of the body.


then …

Meteor - logical = Knowledge of the Moving Stars.

The BBC get their weather forecasts from the Met’ Office; the Office of the Knowledge of the Moving Stars …

Here then are extracts from a series of emails looking at the possibility of weather forecasting with astrology. I think it'd be really good if people were aware of this; so much of our modern culture has forgotten its pagan roots.

I've been looking into Astrometeorology for five years now (April 2009) and it seems to work very well: Friends book picnics and sailors plan trips on yachts based on this ability to look into the weather months or even decades ahead.

Among the following extracts of weather forecasting emails sent so far you will find examples of weather forecasting with astrology in practice, as well as reminders of the technique and how it is done.

To recap;

2004 – forecast of weather so hot in 2006 that the media would compare it to the summer of 1976

2005 – forecast of combination of heat and water would bring a lot of storm and rain in 2007 – re-sent 2006 forecast to people new to address book.

2006 – forecast that the winter of 2007 into 2008 will herald a 2 year period of temperatures being colder than usual (meaning, usual for a climate of general warming temperatures, not, colder than the temperatures usual for the mid-Victorians with funfairs held on the ice of the Thames).

2007 – retrospective review of weather patterns and trends seemed to support the notion that weather forecasting with astrology is possible. The cold period of 2007, 2008 and 2009 discussed in more detail.

2008 – A quiet period for weather watching due to house move and computer problems;  forecast in October (pasted above) suggested that the warm then wet, then dry autumn would be followed by a period of intense cold.

The October 2008 email said:

Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2008 4:32 PM

Subject: brrrrrrrrrrrgggh ...

Well, who would have thought, apart from us astro-weather watchers, that at the height of the heat in 2006 we’d be on our way towards snow in London and Hail Storms in Devon … in October 2008 ?

We did, of course, know all along; Saturn (extreme cold) is in Virgo (cold) until July 2010, and we won’t feel the full benefit of the new reign of dryness (Libra) until the following summer in 2011. Meanwhile, Mars (extreme heat) is in Scorpio (intense water) until the 19th of November. Sagittarius normally indicates high cloud and clear skies – great for summer,  but in a cold winter it suggests heavy frosts, ice Etc.

To cap it all, excuse the pun, Mars moves into Capricorn on the 27th of December, heralding a couple of months of the planets of both extreme heat and extreme cold in cold signs (Earth; Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn)

Brrrrrrrrrrrgggh indeed ….

2008 - mars ingresswes to capricorn - 27th december 2008.jpg

Mars is in Capricorn until the 5th of February, inferring  that the current cold spell will last until then.

However, weather patterns seems to unfold in a manner that implies the condition of the previous period describes the context, and therefore the tone, of how the next period will unfold.

Yes, it is the case that Mars, the planet of extreme heat will begin a passage through Aquarius; an Air Sign, and therefore dry. Saturn (extreme cold) is still in Virgo (an Earth Sign, and therefore cold). The change on the 5th of February doesn’t necessarily mean that the weather will instantly change, like someone flicking a thermostat switch. It suggests that a warmer period will begin which is nonetheless sitting on top of a very cold platform – which was generated in the period 27th December 2007 to 5th February 2009.

It would appear then that the heat of this year will be slow to build. The intensity of the present chill will ease in February, but I don’t think we’ll feel comfortably  warm until the Sun has sufficiently lifted in its cycle – probably around the Spring Equinox. Mars ingresses to its own sign of Aries on the23rd of May and temperatures will certainly lift then.

This isn’t an email of chilli doom, however.

It’s time for the annual 2-years-ahead weather forecast; so we can see if it is possible to look ahead in time far beyond the scope of convention, and compare the accuracy of the suggested forecast with the reality of the moment when we reach it.

So far, it would appear that it is possible to use astrology to get a measure of the forthcoming trends, though such a conclusion may still be premature at this time. 2009 is the 5th year of looking at astrology via the weather in this way, and it will probably be the case that we are unable to form a sound conclusion until we have a decade of experience with this.

First, I’d like to resent the 2 year forecast, looking ahead to the weather of 2011 and the drought to come. Then there will be a look back to the beginning of this experiment of weather forecasting with astrology and see how it unfolds. Also, it would be useful to review how it is done …

2009 to 2011:

2009 …

Saturn – extreme cold – leaves Virgo (old)  and enters Libra (dry) at the end of October 2009 – hooray. This suggests a period of dryness rather than cold; though not necessarily so. You may remember from before; astro-meteorology theory says that dry is not wet, but may be cold or hot. We may have a dry heat or a dry chill, but it will not be wet.

At the height of the heat of Saturn’s passage through Leo (dramatic heat) in the early summer of 2007, a dampener on the solar festivities came in the form of Mars (extreme heat) spending months in Cancer (wet). The resultant clash of heat and water produced storms and intense rain from Sheffield to Gloucestershire

By the way, I’m sorry if I’m talking as if the astro-meteorology causes the weather. To talk in this manner is the easiest way to discuss the topic and while it would seem that the astrology signifies the weather patterns I am not suggesting that the astrology creates or causes it  …

In august 2009 Saturn is still in Virgo (cold) and Mars is in Cancer (wet) so that suggests a bit of a drippy/storm summer.

Then, things change in October:

Saturn leaves the Cold of Virgo and enters Dry Libra on the 30th of October. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stay there; returning to Virgo again on the 8th of April 2010. This does mean though, that we have a period of dry-er weather from  October though to April next year.

Alongside this, Once Mars leaves wet Cancer on the 17th of October,  it begins an 8th month stay in Leo – the sign of dramatic heat, until the 7th of June 2010.

Put these two together, Dry + Dramatic Heat, and it looks like we are in for a period of dry weather with temperatures higher than usual from October until April 2010, with temperatures cooling a little from April.

Wonderful …

But …

Saturn in Virgo from April to July while Mars is in Virgo though June and July, suggest a cooler start to the summer

Things will warm at the end of the Summer and we’ll be firmly inside the 2 and a half year period of Saturn in Libra – 2 and a half years of weather dryer than usual.

2010 will have a start stop feeling, due to Saturn’s back and forth retrograding between Virgo and Libra, so 2011 will be the first year that has Saturn in Libra at its beginning.

This implies that 2011 will be a year with weather dryer than usual and if we take the implications of the weather at the end of 2010 into account as well, the conclusion is that 2011 will be a year of drought.

When people think of the drought, they sometimes have images in their mind of scenes akin to something from death valley – tumbleweed blowing past a sheep skull …

Remember though, that this island’s water supplies are dependant upon the underground streams and we can often enter drought periods even when it’s raining – because only certain styles of rain are  absorbed through the soil into the reservoirs. Perhaps we should start an awareness campaign to encourage people to get rid of their concrete drive ways & decking and return their gardens to grass. This would give the land a higher chance to absorb as much as possible (it was also said to be a contributory factor in the land’s inability to cope with the high rainfalls in the floods of 2007).

2011 starts with Mars in Capricorn (like today) so it could well be off to a chilli start. Mars follows it’s Sign-every-2-months pattern pretty evenly until 2012, when odd things occur once again.

I’ll have an experiment with forecasting the weather for  the Olympics a little later.

I have to return my attention to the writing for my Msc once again, so will have to leave this here for now.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into future frosts and sunshine and I very much hope you remain suitably cosy and warm

 in kindness



The experiment begins …

Weather we're having …

(May 2006)

I thought it would be fun to show you the astrology of the present band of rain we're experiencing.

Some people may not have seen last year's email predicting this years drought and the hot summer to come, so I've pasted that at the beginning.

So, below are a couple of emails I sent last year explaining astro-meteorology and forecasting the hot 2006 summer to come. The astrological information in these initial mails shows the weather for the summer of 2005.

The weather for the Summer of 2006 follows afterwards.:

re-sent 10th October 2005:

Hi there,

During my MA I discovered that in times past weather forecasting used to be done with astrology. In fact, it seems this was common practice for centuries.

There are still echoes of it our modern times:

Presently, our weather is forecast by the Met Office. The is short for, 'Meteorological Office'.

Meteor - Logical =  Knowledge of the Moving Stars.

I've been looking into this for nearly two years now and it works very well Friends book picnics based on this ability to look into the weather even decades ahead.

You may remember the email below regarding Saturn's ingress into Leo …

Well, the temperature has been slightly warmer than usual, which is pretty good seeing as the year began with Saturn in Cancer and we haven't had a chance to warm up properly. It is for this reason that I've said it'll be next year that we feel the heat.

Now, you may remember;  the ancients saw the planets as either hot - or - cold - or - wet - or - dry.

So, a planet that is dry might not be hot and a planet that is hot isn't necessarily dry.

In weather systems, pockets of heat create thermal currents which become winds etc ...

and one thing I did forget to mention in the earlier mail below;  Leo is a sign of DRAMATIC expression.

With this in mind maybe it's natural for this hurricane season to be the worst for years, big quakes and who knows what else to come during this time. Saturn leaves Leo in September 2007.

Here's the original mail from July:

Hi there,

As you may be aware, the past two and a half years of weather being colder and wetter than normal is now in its closing stages.

Temperatures are climbing and, because of the wetness that's still around (Saturn in Cancer) this means a lot of steam.

Saturn's at 26 degrees at the moment and it’s not until the 17th of July that Saturn ingress's (changes sign) into Leo.

From then on, things will be hotter and a little dryer (Fire Signs are Hot - it is the Air signs that are Dry).  Saturn is conjunct the Sun, and therefore, sitting on the horizon at dawn, until 4th of August, so there will still be that sense of the summer trying to be unleashed from its confines, which, as the temperature builds could well mean hot and cold weather bumping around in the form of thundery storms.

After that, it'll be blazing for a while and the overall temperature will rise a little through the coming seasons in preparation for next year's very hot summer.

Nearly there then.

Well, true to form the weather is slowly turning and the humidity is dampened by Saturn (cold) still Conjunct (next to: within 8 degrees) the Sun on the horizon at dawn, although the gap is now widening. Once the degrees of separation between Saturn and the Sun on the horizon reaches 8 degrees the chill of Saturn will have dissipated and the humidity will disperse, leaving us with unbridled heat and a warm, hot summer:
29th july 2005 - sunrise chart for weather demo

Saturn 4 degrees from the Sun today - 29th July 2005

midge ure - dartmouth -4th august 2005 - weather chart

Saturn separates from the Sun by 9 degrees - 4th August 2005

The Moon (moisture) has entered Leo, which ordinarily will lift the temperature. However, it is applying to Saturn which could mean the cold/wet scenario continues for just this last day.

The good news is that on the following morning, not only has the Moon, still in the hot sign of Leo, separated from Saturn, it is also Conjunct the Sun, meaning that the New Moon will now lift the temperatures over the next two weeks; which is handy, since this year's Ley Line day and Stonehenge Moonlight visits are booked for this period (!).

Mercury is also in Leo, indicating warm and settled winds:
friday in dartmouth - 5th august 2005 - asc

New Moon in Leo, Mercury in Leo in the 1st House.

Also, Libra on the 4th is a clear indication of fair weather, enhanced by the presence of Scorpio:

friday in dartmouth - 5th august 2005 - 4th house -

and ...

Aries on the MC, at the top of the chart, also indicates heat:
friday in dartmouth - 5th august 2005 - mc -

Summer, it would seem, is here at last.

Enjoy the sunshine,




Here's the whole chart - drawn, in his instance, for Dartmouth, Devon:

The predicted rise in temperature was verified by an article in the Times, November 2005:


I knew it was going to be warmer, but did you know it's up by 4 degrees ?

That is really high. Outside our door daffodils are beginning to come up and toads are still hunting in the early hours - they should have found a place to sleep by now.

This is going to have a bigger impact than I first thought ...

The Times

November 07, 2005

Birds hungry for cooler weather

The unseasonably warm autumn is causing British seabirds to starve to death, according to animal experts. Wildlife rescuers say they have been inundated with scrawny seabirds washed up on beaches, many of which cannot be nursed back to health. Animals experts believe that the hot weather has caused the fish on which the birds feed to swim away from eastern waters to find cooler water. Temperatures this autumn have been 4C warmer than usual.

The rain – April and May 2006:

You may remember that, astrologically, planets and signs are considered to be hot, cold, wet or dry.

Mars is the hottest planet and Saturn the coldest. Cancer is a water sign, signifying, well, wetness and Leo is a fire sign, signifying heat (but not dryness – that is signified by air signs).

On the 14th of April 2006 Mars (powerful heat) entered the sign of Cancer:


This indicates a period of raised temperature while the air is full of water. This can manifest in a couple of ways: spells of sunshine and then rain and then sunshine again, or, just a period of humidity and fog.

This will come to an end when Mars enters Leo on the 4th of June 2006.


Now things will begin to heat up. Mars (hot) is in the sign of Leo. Saturn (cold) is being filtered through the heat of Leo, meaning that things are generally warmer than usual.

The last time this occurred was in 1976.


Note: both Saturn and Mars were in Leo, 1st July 1976

One thing to watch for though …

You'll have noticed that when Mars is at the beginning of Leo on the 4th June 2006, Saturn is already there at 7 degrees of Leo.

This means there will be a short period of Hot (Mars) applying towards Cold (Saturn). While this plays itself out there may be a drop in temperature and a propensity for the hot and cold to bump into each other – this sometimes produces thunder …


It doesn't last long: by the 18th of June 2006 Mars passes over Saturn and by the 20th of June 2006 the separation is complete.


Now, the summer will begin in earnest …

I hope you find this useful or helpful and I'd love to hear any comments or feedback you have.

Although it's been around a long time, I'm fairly new to the art of weather forecasting by astrology so it's a little bit experimental, hence the need for any comments you may wish to share.

So, thank you very much, in advance, and have a great summer.



1st of July 2006

Weather report – 1st July 2006, The times


By now you are probably aware that Saturn has an orbit around the Sun of 30 years and is presently transiting through the sign of Leo; a fire sign of dramatic expression.

Since this is 2006, the last time Saturn was in Leo, with Mars in Leo at the same time, was 1976, and certain parallels may be drawn. In an email I sent in July 2005 I suggested that we may experience drought and that the media would give global warming a higher profile than it had previously.

For the specific details of the forecasts and timings, please refer to the previous emails: Weather We're Having and Weather Forecast for English Heritage – Summer Solstice 2006.

The Times has reported on the weather patterns for June 2006, and so far it appears to be as expected (though of course, you are the best judge of this).

One thing I found interesting was a day in June 2006 was the hottest for 61 years, which is two orbits of Saturn around the Sun.

I had to look, of course, and what do you think ?

Yep, both Saturn and mars were in Leo in the Summer of 1945:


Coo huh ?

Here's the report from today's Times:

The Times

July 01, 2006



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