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Avalon Avenue

Lane Cove, NSW 2066

Phone: 9427 4743 Fax: 9418 6865




Wednesday 28 May 2014 Term 2 Week 6

Dates to Remember


1 Cross Country

9 Ladies Market Night

12 6M Bikewise

13-15 NAPLAN

14 6D Bikewise

20 ICAS Computer Skills

21 Maths Olympiad (1)

22 Kindy Zoo Excursion

22 Zone Cross Country

29 ‘Power of One’ Anti Bullying Show

30 Don’t Fence Me In Technical Rehearsal


4 ICAS Science


9 Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday

11 Maths Olympiad (2)


14 3-5pm "Bag It" movie screening/Take 3

16 UNSW Writing

16 Don’t Fence Me In Dress Rehearsal

17 ICAS Spelling

18 Y2 Field of Mars

18 Don’t Fence Me In
10am Matinee Performance

18 Don’t Fence Me In

7pm Evening Performance (A)

19 Don’t Fence Me In play

7pm Evening Performance (B)

23-27 Stewart House Week

26 Y1 Field of Mars

27 Last day Term 2

Term 2 Dates

28 April – 27 June

This week’s Value is Respect and the

Expectation is: Be Considerate

The Focus is: walk safely and quietly on the verandahs.

PUBLIC SPEAKING SUCCESSc:\users\jtaranto3\appdata\local\microsoft\windows\temporary internet files\content.ie5\664vebwi\dsc02907.jpg

Congratulations to Daniel Beattie, who won the local finals of the Multicultural Public Speaking Competition held at Chatswood Public School on Monday. Daniel gave an excellent prepared speech, but it was his impromptu speech which gave him the edge on the other students from all of the schools in the Zone. Congratulations Daniel who will now go on to represent our school at the Regional Finals.


All Year 5 students will be attending the Police Bike Safety Program at St Ives tomorrow. Following their successful completion of this course all students in Years 5 and 6 only may ride their bikes to school, provided they are wearing an approved bike helmet.

Lane Cove Council will be installing new bike racks behind Block N, near the cricket nets in the next few weeks. We are very grateful for this safety gesture.


Our Senior Singers, a group of Year 4, 5 and 6 students, performed at the Lane Cove Plaza last Thursday, as part of the Children’s Voices for Reconciliation, held in Lane Cove Plaza. They looked lovely in their uniforms and sang beautifully for the appreciative crowd. Thanks to Zoe Lee and Susan Watts for training and accompanying these students to and from the Plaza.


Please obey the road signs and the instructions of the staff who give up their own time to protect your children. No parent is to leave their car parked to pick up a student in Avalon Avenue in the afternoon pick up time. The pick–up runs very smoothly if parents queue patiently and wait for their turn. I have been informed by two parents that yesterday two vehicles overtook others in order to collect their children and one parent parked in the middle of the pick-up zone, leaving the car to walk into the school to find his child. I have been given registration numbers of the cars involved. Please take care when collecting your children from school and obey the traffic signs.


Just a reminder that Year 3–6 assemblies will start at the later time of 3pm until after the School Production of Don’t Fence Me In. Awards will still be given and classes will host the assemblies however there will be no class items for the next three weeks.


Keep those enrolments coming in and please let your neighbours know that enrolments are now open for 2015. I will need to lodge my estimated enrolment for 2015 in August.

School tours for prospective Kindergarten parents will be held on the following dates: 14th 21st and 27th August.


Please mark this date in your diary. Thursday 12th June, 6pm at Hunters Hill High School Hall. This excellent forum on transition from Primary to High School will give parents ideas and answer many questions about preparing your child for high school. All primary schools within a 10km area have been invited to attend. The information is not about Hunters Hill High School, but is general information about transition for primary school to any high school. The guest speaker, Angie Wilcock is an expert in the field of high school transition, author of “The Transition Tightrope” and is a very entertaining speaker. Please come along and have your questions answered by the panel of experts.


A large team of builders, engineers and architects met with school representatives today to discuss many matters around the new classroom block.


I had an email from a concerned parent who was walking past the school on Saturday afternoon around 4.45pm and noticed a group of children running across the Library roof and the walkway that leads from the Library to the toilets in Block N. They ran away and disappeared behind the school hall when she approached. Please keep an eye on where the children are playing and please do not allow them to play in the school grounds. This is a very dangerous activity and I would hate anyone to be seriously injured. If you see any children playing in the school grounds over the weekends please ask them to leave, or call the School Security number on the board on Cullen St 1300 880 021.


Please note this date in your diary. Bookings for the Festival of Choral Music – Bennelong Concert on Wed 6th August will open on Wednesday 18th June, 2014. Bookings are to be made directly through the Opera House Booking Office (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).


Tickets are now on sale from Thursday 5th June (tomorrow) on a “first come, first served” basis until sold out. Performances will be on Wednesday, 18 June and Thursday, 19 June at 7pm, with a matinee on Wednesday, 18 June at 10am. Don’t miss out!

“BAG –IT” MOVIE – TAKE 3 EVENT – Saturday, 14 June

You are all invited to this free event and the showing of the movie “Bag-It” to be held in our school hall on Saturday, 14 June from 3-5pm. Parents and children and the whole community are invited to attend this environmental afternoon. The showing of this movie is made possible thanks to a Sustainability Small Grant applied for by our learning and support teacher, Michiko De Solom, who also has a keen interest in environmental issues and sustainability. Please keep this date free and come along on Saturday, 14th June.


We would also like to thank Ms De Solom for successfully applying for and been awarded a Food Gardens in Schools grant from the NSW Environmental Trust to the value of $3500. This grant will allow our food garden to be expanded as well as helping to strengthen our whole school sustainability focus. The grant will pay for seeds, plants, soil, raised beds and equipment as well as professional sustainability training for staff. This grant will also help us to embrace the sustainability focus of the new Australian curriculum.

Judy Doherty

Stewart House Handballs still for sale!

Thank you to all parents and children who have supported Stewart House by purchasing a handball. They will remain on sale at the school office throughout the year for $3. Please purchase directly from the school office, bringing the exact money.

Lane Cove West PS SRC

Road Safety Corner

  • You can make getting in and out of the care as safe as possible by:

  • Parking on the same side of the road as your destination if possible

  • Letting children in and out of the vehicle on the footpath side only

  • Collecting children and escort them to the vehicle

  • Never calling a child across the road

Building Healthy Habits

The Parents Jury

The Parents Jury is a web-based network of parents who are trying to improve the food and physical activity environments for children in Australia. The Parents Jury is currently advocating for junk food free advertising during children’s TV programs and confectionery free supermarket checkouts. Members receive regular emails with links to current articles and are encouraged to add their opinions on issues that can effect families nutrition and activity levels. To find out more go to

Assembly Timetable

Next week, assemblies will be hosted by the following classes.

K – 2 Assembly, Tuesday, 10 June at 2.40pm hosted by 2A

3 - 6 Assembly, Wednesday, 11 June at 2.40pm hosted by 5R, commencing at 3.00pm for weeks 5, 6 and 7 only

Years K – 2 Assembly – Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Merit Award

Congratulations to the following students who received a Merit Award this week.

Luke Ettema greatly improved handwriting

Grace Eldridge writing thoughtful recounts

Elly Jones amazing sentences about Snow White

Joshua Sebastian fantastic reading during literacy groups

Eli Moteby great progress in reading

Vanessa Hutton writing detailed sentences

Charlie Cairns working hard in literacy groups

Amy Turner lovely neat handwriting

Billy Steenson taking pride in his work

Molly Rayment always trying her best in all tasks

Cleo Scott Huggins being a kind and caring member of 1C

Kriston Mandalakoudis a wonderful blog post on ‘Alfred the Ant’

Ryan Fong working to improve his handwriting

Claudia Barry Consistent effort in all areas

Jonah Steele a really informed and interesting news item on eating stink bugs

Tom Pickton great enthusiasm in spelling

Christian Tierney always delivering his news item with confidence

Harry Church an outstanding information report about ladybugs

James Miller being a focused and co-operative class member

Charli Griebel taking pride in her work

Carsten Bohm giving excellent mathematical explanations

Maxwell Patrick excellent improvement

Nina Culovic excellent work in problem solving

Tom Gordon always taking pride in his work

Gold Award

Congratulations to the following students who received a Gold Award this week.

Alexia Thanos 2A

Cooper Clarke 2F

Years 3 – 6 Assembly – Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Merit Award

Congratulations to the following students who received a Merit Award this week.

Zavier Lim shaving enthusiasm when using an atlas in HSIE

Clare Thomas fantastic effort in spelling

Keira Brown enthusiasm during literacy groups

Oliver Schliebs fantastic participation in Mandarin lessons

Imogen Mumberson contributing towards classroom discussions

Hayden Barlow improvement in his behaviour

Zoe Vaccher displaying a wonderful attitude towards all classroom tasks

Jake Archer working cooperatively with his blog group

Grace Fisher a fantastic Japanese Noh mask

James Hayhoe an excellent triplet description

Lily Sampson her interesting day mask design

Jack Cooper great reading during literacy groups

Tom Segev displaying wonderful acting skills in the school production

Sophie Troy beautiful bookwork

Kalani Howard an excellent start to her EPUB

Flynn McGoldrick an enthusiastic effort in maths

Ciara Trainor demonstrating fairness and respect in all she does

Hamish Barkus fantastic effort during creative writing

Jasmin Pitts excellent work with persuasive text

Jamie McArdle excellence in public speaking

Mia Kuhn staying positive in the face of adversity

Corben Madden interesting and imaginative writing

Gold Award

Congratulations to the following students who received a Gold Award this week.

Olivia Kelly 3W

Joshua Snowdon 5L

Emily Corlett 5R

Charlie Cooper 6D

Banner Award

Congratulations to the following student who received a Banner Award this week.

Imogen Coyle 6D

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Calling all SKIERS!
Lane Cove West Public School have registered for the 2014 Interschools Ski & Boarding Championships being held the NSW ski fields this winter season. We are lucky to have one student representing our school and would love some more. If you are interested and have a child who is a competent skier or boarder and you plan to be in the Mountains during the July school holidays please see Mrs Adams or email the school.

Local High School News

Canteen News



Tue Jun 10 Lisa Bayliss

Wed Jun 11 Liz Cowley

Thu Jun 12 Kate Anderson

Fri Jun 13 Fiona Lucas (deliver and serve), Jenn Jones (deliver and serve), Tasha Mambraku (serve), Amelia Reynolds (serve)


Mon Jun 16 Lucy Windeyer (deliver and serve), Mel Strathdee (serve)

Tue Jun 17 Danielle Poole

Wed Jun 18 Bec Gordon

Thu Jun 19 Lydia Merrick

Fri Jun 20 Kate McKeown (deliver and serve), Vicky Garvey (deliver and serve), Danielle Downes (serve), Fran Walker (serve)

Full instructions and information regarding the canteen can be found at

The Canteen coordinator position is becoming vacant. Please contact Lyn on for details if you are interested in filling this role

If there are any problems, we would appreciate it if you could arrange your own swaps. Please let us know Gretel and Lyn

School Banking

Well done everyone, it has been another busy week for our team. We received plenty of redemptions with the penguin keyring on the top of the wish list! Please be aware that you can’t pool your tokens with sibling and/or friend. It is an individual saving program.

BE CAREFUL – We can’t accept foreign currencies. Please check your coins when you prepare your deposit.

Cheque deposit: If you deposit a cheque please make the cheque out to the child’s name, but on the back of the cheque, write “please pay Lane Cove West Public School” and sign it (as authorisation).  Without this endorsement, we will have difficulty to bank the cheque (s)

This week, we would like to congratulate the following students who have received a School Banking Bronze certificate for their great efforts in making 10 deposits:

Thomas Fong Ryan Fong

Kaiden Marks Pearce Benjamin Armstrong

Rohan Singh

Due to the popularity of the school banking program, collecting the “100” deposits in 30minutes can be quite frantic for Kate and Caroline. We really need an extra member in our team! It is fun and it is a great way to be part of the school community. If you are interested and can spare 30 minutes on Tuesdays from 9.00 to 9.30am, please give me a call on 0430 107 778 or drop me a line. help

It is not too late to be part of this Fantastic Competition with great prizes!

The Dollarmites have found sunken treasure from the Lost City of Savings and they want to share it with you in the form of some amazing prizes.

Major student prize:

One student will win an underwater family adventure holiday including:

  • Five nights’ accommodation at the Sea World Resort & Water Park on the Gold Coast;

  • VIP Passes for two adults and three kids to Sea World, Warner Bros. Movie World, and Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast;

  • A Dolphin Family Aqua Adventure; and

A $3,000 travel voucher to get them there.

Runner-up student prizes:

130 Toys”R”Us Gift Cards to the value of $250 each.

Here’s how to win.

All you need to do is make three or more deposits through the School Banking during Term 2 and you will be automatically entered into the competition. Easy!!!

Thank you for supporting our school and teaching your child good savings skills.

Information Student banking info can be found at the CBA’s new web site

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at any time.

Banking is every Tuesday morning 9AM until 9:20AM at one of the canteen windows under the Hall COLA

School Banking Co-ordinator: Delphine DAVIES Phone 0430 107 778 or email

School Band

Please encourage all band students to practise during the week. This helps increase not only their playing ability but also their confidence in playing together in a band. If you are in doubt about what needs to be practised please ask your tutor to write it out each week.

Times for the NSW Band Festival in August are now available, please see below.

Parent roster for rehearsals:

Senior Band: 9/6 public holiday so no rehearsal

Concert Band: 10/6 McArdle

Junior Band: 11/6 Byrne & Borchok

Please ensure that all students arrive on time for band rehearsals, that is 7.45 am. Everyone needs to have that 15 minutes to set up chairs, stands and their instruments and the job is done quicker if everyone is there to give a helping hand. Also, it is disruptive to the rest of the band members if some arrive after rehearsal has started at 8.00am.

Dates for the Diary

Monday, 16th June Senior Band cancelled due to school production rehearsal.

Wednesday, 18th June Junior Band and Jazz Band cancelled due to school production rehearsal.

Sunday, 27th July tbc potential 2nd band workshop date.

Sunday, 17th August NSW Band Festival. Same date for all bands and arrival times are as follows:

Concert Band 12.00 noon

Junior Band 2.30 pm

Senior Band 3.15 pm

Jazz Band 4.30 pm

Band Convenor: Johanna Haire


Senior Band Email:

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