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Center for Creative Leadership

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Center for Creative Leadership

The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) is a top-ranked, global provider of executive education that develops better leaders through its exclusive focus on leadership education and research. Founded in 1970 as a nonprofit, CCL helps clients around the world cultivate creative leadership—the capacity to achieve more than imagined by thinking and acting beyond boundaries.

Its mission is to advance the understanding, practice and development of leadership for the benefit of society worldwide.

This catalog identifies specific courses offered at CCL that will help federal managers and leaders meet their developmental needs in the ECQs. However, CCL offers several other leadership courses, not included in this catalog that managers and leaders may find beneficial and rewarding. Following is a link to that provides a listing of its course offerings: http://www.ccl.org/leadership/programs/summaries.aspx

Leadership at the Peak

You're at the top of your game. And the pressure is on.
If you've made it to the C-suite or are on the senior executive team, your challenges are categorically different than in years past. Regardless of industry and context, leading at the top requires that you excel in new ways. It's the right time to reflect on your leadership style, dissect your effectiveness and examine how to proceed in the future. Leadership at the Peak is a once-in-a-career opportunity to maximize your personal leadership power to accelerate your organization's commitment, alignment and results.
Leadership at the Peak is for leaders of the enterprise. It is designed exclusively for C-level and senior executives in the top three tiers of the organization: Those with more than 15 years of management experience and leadership responsibility for 500 or more people. To ensure participants have the optimum background to benefit from the program, admission is by application only.


The highly personalized Leadership at the Peak gives you powerful data and experiences to help you lead the organization. As a result you will:

  • Learn how key stakeholders rate your leadership effectiveness and how you compare with other senior executives.

  • Strengthen your external influence skills with Boards, shareholders, partners and other critical stakeholders.

  • Enhance your executive image and communication skills.

  • Validate or recast your organizational vision.

  • Broaden your network of senior executive colleagues.

  • Learn to balance and sustain your energy for the work of leadership.

2013 Dates: Jan 14-18; Jan 28-Feb 1; Feb 11-15; Mar 4-8; Mar 18-22; Apr 22-26; May 6-10; May 20-24; Jun 10-14; Jun 24-28; Jul 8-12; Jul 15-19; Jul 29-Aug 2; Aug 12-16; Aug 26-30; Sep 9-13; Sep 23-27; Oct 7-11; Oct 14-18; Oct 28-Nov 1; Nov 4-8; Nov 18-22; Dec 2-6; Dec 9-13

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Cost: $11,600

To register: The secure, online registration process allows you to select your desired program date and location, provide your contact and payment information, and submit your form directly through our Web site. http://solutions.ccl.org/Leadership_at_the_Peak. PHONE-Call Client Services at 1-800-780-1031.
For further questions about this program please contact: 1-336-545-2810
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City University of Seattle

Change Leadership (online)

If you're a working professional who wants to improve your ability to lead locally and globally, and you're looking for an opportunity to refine your skills in an ever-changing business climate, this graduate certificate program is a great fit. And you can also use the Change Leadership certificate program as a great stepping stone to a graduate program if you haven't yet earned a graduate degree.
The Change Leadership certificate program will give you the knowledge and skills you need to be a strategic leader in your field, at any level of your organization. Our program shows you how to think systematically, seek input from others so you can make sustainable decisions, use your interpersonal skills to coach and motivate others, make ethically, socially and environmentally responsible decisions and navigate organizational politics and build strong teams

Our faculty teach what they do for a living, not just what's in the book. They're smart, successful people who can help you get there, too. We keep class sizes small so you can get the personal attention you deserve. You can get an education without sacrificing your lifestyle. Attend class and complete your coursework on a schedule that works best for you.
Dates: Program starts every quarter and is 18 credits in length. We do not have an

application deadline.

Cost: $11,394

Location: All classes are delivered online and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
Please contact the Office of Admissions at 1-888-42-CityU (1-888-422-4898) or info@cityu.edu
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Colorado State University

Short courses in organizational dynamics


    • Ally Relationships:  This day long program will provides methods and tools to become the trusted confidant and ally necessary to establish long-term business relationships.  (Two 3 hour sessions)

    • Solving the Generations Puzzle: Multiple Generations Working Side by Side:  This workshop is for managers and members of multigenerational teams who want to move from judging to understanding – and learn to appreciate and leverage differences.  (One 3 hour session)

    • Power and Politics:  This program assesses individual power and examines six stages of power and how to use them effectively as a manager.  (One 3 hour session)

    • Managing Conflict to Enhance Organization Performance:  A two day seminar designed to increase knowledge, skill, and awareness in order to effectively manage disagreements and conflict.  (Two day session)

    • Beyond Gender: Leveraging Gender Differences for Workplace Results:  In this interactive and light-hearted workshop, participants will learn the business case for leveraging feminine as well as masculine approaches to leadership and management.  (One 3 hour session)

    • Innovation and Creativity:  This lively session deals with idea fluency, creative solutions to problems, and establishing and maintaining an environment that supports creativity.  (One 3 hour session)

    • Conflict Management:  Learn the ways to openly and appropriately confront issues and solve interpersonal issues with ease.  (One 3 hour session)

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Short courses on leadership


    • Multidimensional Leadership:  This program explores how leadership is changing for the 21st Century and the demographics pushing the changes while helping participants emerge with a plan for action to gain and refine leadership competencies.  (One 4 hour session)

    • Leading High Performance Teams: Understanding the Keys to Effective Team Dynamics:  A two day workshop that will give participants a greater understanding of teamwork and leadership skills for the development and management of high performance teams.  (Two day session)

    • Targeted Retention: Being the Organization of Choice:  One day program developing concepts of how to build a foundation of managerial practices that attracts and keeps the most talented people.  (One day session)

    • Delegation:  The class provides an overview of the components of effective delegation and how it can be accomplished to ensure that delegated tasks are given to the right person in a way that ensures success and learning and truly moves the performance of delegated tasks.  (One 3 hour session)

    • Managing and Leading Organizations:  This course is designed to assist participants in improving the ability to exercise effective leadership within the organization as well as with customer and vendors.  (Two day session)

    • Coaching for Performance:  This workshop develops the various types of coaching and the appropriate circumstances in which to use them.  (One 3 hour session)

    • The Journey Within: Understanding and Capitalizing on Leadership Talents:  One day workshop that makes use of the Myers-Briggs Self Assessment instrument to assist participants in developing action plans to maximize leadership strengths.  (One day session)

    • The Leadership Edge: An Authentic Style:  A seminar that utilizes “self-discovery” to help leaders realize who they are (intrinsically) and how their stories shape their authentic style.  (One day session)

    • Performance Management Tools for Executives:  This program provides middle managers with an opportunity to refine their skills in goal setting, measuring performance, and giving feedback.  (One day session)

Contact Number: (970) 491-6265 or jim.francis@business.colostate.edu
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Dartmouth College

The Leadership & Strategic Impact (LSI) Program

The Intersection of Strategy, Leadership & Communication

The Leadership and Strategic Impact (LSI) program improves the strategic leadership skills of senior managers whose actions and decisions have strategic implications for the organization.  An intensive five-day program, LSI will hone your strategic capability, while at the same sharpening your individual leadership skills and self-awareness so you can help your teams, divisions, and overall organization transform strategy into front-line action. As its title indicates, LSI is all about the intersection of how to think, communicate and lead strategically to further organizational objectives.

Program Topics include:

  • Developing a Strategic Mindset

  • Strategic Challenges in Top Management Teams

  • Connecting Strategy to Constituents

  • Why Smart Executives Fail

  • Leadership and Personal Responsibility

  • Strategy Implementation

  • How Successful Leaders Get Even Better—A Workshop with Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

  • Broadening Leadership Styles

  • Influence without Authority

  • Understanding Situational Leadership

  • Leading Change/Getting Results with Others

  • Preprogram Leadership Assessment and Peer Coaching

LSI is an opportunity to step outside your organization, a time to reflect in an unparalleled, distraction-free learning environment in a region of spectacular natural beauty.

Participant Profile: senior executives/managers whose actions and decisions have strategic implications for the organization

2013 Session Dates: May 5-10, 2013 & October 20-25, 2013

Location: Tuck School of Business on the Dartmouth College campus in Hanover, New Hampshire

Program Fee: $11,000 (includes tuition, all program materials, leadership assessments, most meals and accommodations on the Dartmouth College campus).

Application: Click here to access the LSI application

Web Address: http://exec.tuck.dartmouth.edu/programs/open-programs/leadership-and-strategic-impact

Contact: Valerie Davio (603) 646-2839
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The Leading Innovation: From Idea to Impact Program

Innovation from Ideation through Execution

Leading Innovation: From Idea to Impact  is the essential program for learning to navigate the innovation execution process from beginning to end. In five intensive days, the program provides the necessary practical frameworks to successfully execute on breakthrough ideas so your company can stay ahead by creating, growing, and profiting from new business models.

Businesses are designed for ongoing operations, not the search for innovation. And there are deep and fundamental conflicts between the two. Participants in Leading Innovation will learn how to address these challenges and successfully execute an innovation initiative.

Program Topics include:

  • Strategy Is Innovation

  • Structuring the Ideation Process

  • Innovating in Turbulent Environments

  • Innovation Ecosystems

  • Product Development Leadership

  • Enduring Market Leadership

  • Emergent Consumers in New Product and New Service Development

  • Execution: Organizing for Innovation

  • Influence without Authority

  • Execution: Disciplined Experimentation

  • The Economics of Innovation

  • Reverse Innovation

  • Application to Your Innovation Initiatives

Action Learning/Innovation Challenge:
As well as the immersive classroom experience, participants have the opportunity to design and complete an action-learning project of strategic relevance to their company. These hands-on projects are designed around company-specific innovation challenges. They present an opportunity to apply concepts learned in the classroom, thus delivering a payoff on the learning experience. Projects may be completed by individuals or teams in attendance.

Leading Innovation is an opportunity to step outside your organization, a time to reflect in an unparalleled, distraction-free learning environment in a region of spectacular natural beauty.

Participant Profile: Senior managers from established organizations who have responsibilities for innovation. These include strategy leaders, managers of new businesses, directors of strategic business development, chief innovation officers, chief strategy officers, chief technology officers, directors of R&D and product development, and members of innovation teams and all those who support innovation.

2012/13 Session Dates: November 4-9, 2012 & November 3-8, 2013

Location: Tuck School of Business on the Dartmouth College campus in Hanover, New Hampshire

Program Fee: $11,000 (includes tuition, all program materials, most meals and accommodations on the Dartmouth College campus).

Application: Click here to access the Leading Innovation application

Web Address: http://exec.tuck.dartmouth.edu/programs/open-programs/leading-innovation-from-idea-to-impact

Contact: Valerie Davio (603) 646-2839

Table of Contents

The Tuck Executive Program (TEP)

Immersive. Intensive. Transformative.

The Tuck Executive Program (TEP) is Tuck's premier leadership program. TEP immerses senior executives in a broad, strategic general management experience with an unparalleled emphasis on personal leadership transformation. TEP provides you an opportunity to learn with a select group of peers who come from a broad range of functional backgrounds and represent a richly diverse mix of top global organizations, industries, and countries.

TEP is the shortest of the elite advanced management programs, as noted in a Wall Street Journal survey of advanced management programs at select business schools. Lasting just three weeks, TEP’s tightly integrated design helps address the pressures of being away from office and home.
TEP is an immersive learning experience, consisting of three tightly integrated one-week modules delivered by Tuck’s leading faculty.

Module One—Looking Forward: Management in Action
You will begin by sharpening your general management perspective and learning to integrate cross-functional expertise into strategic management processes.

Module Two—Looking Outward: Managing Change and Growth
This module provides practical frameworks for achieving game-changing results. You will learn how to measure strategic performance, lead and manage change, drive and execute innovation, and successfully implement new ventures.

Module Three—Looking Inward: Leadership and Personal Change
The third module explores your personal leadership strengths and weaknesses and expands your individual self-awareness as a leader. This module also will help you understand ways to improve your team’s strategic functioning for overall organizational success.
TEP not only broadens your knowledge across core functional areas, it expands your strategic mindset, vision, and leadership capability. When you leave Tuck, you are equipped to confidently drive growth, innovation, and change for your organization and you are armed with a plan to hone your leadership skills.
TEP is an opportunity to step outside your organization, a time to reflect in an unparalleled, distraction-free learning environment in a region of spectacular natural beauty.

Participant Profile: senior executives/managers, usually with 10-15 years’ experience, whose careers have been marked by achievement and who have significant general management leadership responsibilities.
2013 Session Dates: July 13-August 2, 2013
Location: Tuck School of Business on the Dartmouth College campus in Hanover, New Hampshire
Program Fee: $33,000 (includes tuition, all program materials, leadership assessments, most meals and accommodations on the Dartmouth College campus).
Application: Click here to access the TEP application

Web Address: http://exec.tuck.dartmouth.edu/programs/open-programs/tuck-executive-program

Contact: Valerie Davio (603) 646-2839

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