Leadership Development Seminars and ecq-based Readings

Texas Office of Personnel Management

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Office of Personnel Management

Resiliency Advantage

Rice University

Essentials of Leadership

Leader as Coach

Leading Change

Thinking Strategically

Strategic Decision Making and Critical Reasoning

Leading and Managing High Performance Teams

Politics and Control in Organizations

Leadership Communications

University of Texas

Developing the Project Business Case



Leading Change



Strategic Management



Building Engagement: What Leaders Do to Manage Talent and Build Allegiance



Leading High Performance Teams



Virtual Leadership: Leading Dispersed Teams



Managing Project Execution



Planning the Successful Project



Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers


Southern Methodist


Certificate in Leadership

Global Enterprise Leadership in the Energy Industry

Strategic Leadership Skills in the Oil and Gas Industry

Certificate in Management

Formulating and Implementing Exceptional Business Strategy

The Essentials of Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Strategic Financial Skills in the Oil and Gas Industry



Master Negotiation I


University of Utah

Leadership Development Program


George Mason University

Leadership: Inventing the Future

Office of Personnel Management

Leadership for a Democratic Society

University of Richmond

Developing Your Leadership Skills

Creating and Managing Innovation

Management Skills for Leaders



The Inspirational Leader

Managing Project Teams



Strategic Project Management



Project Risk Management



Advanced Project Management



Mini MBA



Project Budget and Cost Management



Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers

The Power of Influence

University of Virginia

Developing Leadership Capability in the Corporate Aviation Function

Growing Great Managers: The Core Essentials

Managing Individual and Organizational Change

True Leadership: Leading with Meaning

Women Emerging in Leadership

The Physics of Business Growth: Mindsets, System and Processes

Leading Teams for Growth and Change

Leading Organizational Effectiveness

Management Development Program: Driving Vision, Action, and Results

Servant Leadership: A Path to High Performance

Strategic Thinking and Action

Power and Leadership: Getting Below the Surface

Strategic Decision Making

Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers

Negotiating Success: A Learning Laboratory


University of


Executive Development Program



Leadership that Shapes the Future



Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Executives


City University of


Change Leadership



Project Management


Seattle University

The Executive Leadership Program

Health Leadership Executive MBA

Leadership Executive MBA

Leading with Dignity: Advanced Development



Office of Personnel Management

Leadership Assessment Program Level 1 for Team Leaders and Emerging Supervisors

Leadership Assessment Program Level 2 for Supervisors and Managers

Resiliency Advantage

Crisis Leadership Workshop

Executive Development Seminar: Leading Change

Management Development Seminar I: Leading from the Middle

Management Development Seminar II: Leading Organizations

Team Development Seminar

Supervisory Development Seminar Week 1: Fundamentals

Supervisory Development Seminar Week 2: Learning to Lead

Project Management Principles

Leadership Competencies: Preparing for the Next Step

Developing Customer-Focused Organizations

Performance Budgeting Seminar

Collaborative Leadership Seminar


University of


Getting it Right: Decision Making and Change Management



Leadership Beyond Management

Leading Organizational Change

Leadership: Inspire the Best in Your People



Success Under Duress: Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management, and Negotiations

The Manager’s Role As Leader

Transition to Manager: A One-Week Boot Camp



Business Process Improvement Using Lean Six Sigma and Performance Metrics

Creating a Culture of Innovation



Defining and Managing Business Requirements



Project Management: Planning, Scheduling, and Control



Project Portfolio Management

Business Acumen and Strategy for Managers

Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Executives

IT Business Alignments

Financial Analysis Techniques

Supply Chain Leadership

Managing Project Risks



Beyond Price: Negotiation Strategies for Practical and Profitable Agreements



How to Influence Without Direct Authority

Gaining Commitment: Coaching and Motivating in the Workplace



Persuasion and Influence Skills for the Project Manager

Project Leadership Communication



Graduate Certificate in Leadership Studies

Radical Leadership (Private Industry


Engaged and Alive at Work by Radical Leadership

Radical Leadership I – Signature Series Retreat Intensive

Radical Leadership II – Signature Series Retreat Intensive

Radical Leadership Coach Training for Managers

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Senior Executive Service Courses and Seminars

Compiled by the Office of Learning and Workforce Development

United States Department of Energy

If you have suggestions for additional university or private industry programs to add to this list, please forward to:
David Rosenmarkle at david.rosenmarkle@hq.doe.gov

For use by all Federal employees

Last Updated January 2013

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