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Lianna Nielsen


Hits Supporting Dir. David Cross

Paper Dreams Lead Dir. Ryan Mitchel

The Township Supporting Dir. Eric J. Dickens

Farewell Party Supporting Dir. Patrick Nicholas Smith

Amygdala Lead Portland Post-Production/Dir. Brian Chin

Larry’s Lane Lead Columbia (MFA)/Dir. Saro Varjabedian

Out of the Blue Lead Columbia (MFA)/Dir. Ben Klein

Neurotics on a Train Lead NYFA/Dir. Gregory Gadsby


Scorned: Love Kills Guest-Star Discovery ID/Dir. Remy Weber

Deadly Devotion Guest-Star Discovery ID/ Dir. Paul Jarrett

Mocap LLC Co-Star Spike TV/Dir. Steve Cohen


Dead City Rosalind/AAM/Hendra Citizen16/Dir. Kaitlin Schuster

Stage Door Jean Maitland Atlantic Acting School/Dir. Adriana Baer

Drinking Companion Paula Atlantic Acting School/Dir. Tom Costello

The Secret of Comedy Stafford C. DeLong The Abingdon Theater/Dir. Nancy Robillard

A Break in the Case Alkaline Gene Frankel Theater/Dir. Rachel Klein

Web TV

In The Middle Co-Star Henriette Mantel

Disciplinary Actions** Recurring Dir. Tony Clomax

Club Planet Host Track Entertainment


Atlantic Theater Conservatory (2.5 year Full-time Conservatory)

Acting: Neil Pepe, Scott Zigler, Mary McCann, Kristen Johnston, Henry Wishcamper, Charles Tuthill, Karen Kohlhaas Suzuki/View Points: Kelly Maurer Committed Impulse: Josh Pais Voice: Francine Zerfas (Fitzmaurice/Jones) Speech/Dialects: John VanWyden Casting: Todd Thaler
UCB: Improv 101 & 201

The PIT: Improv Levels 1 & 2

David Cady/ Angela Mickey/ Scott Wojcik/ Barry Shapiro (improv): Commercial Acting Classes

Jen Krater & Brad Calcaterra: Cold Reading/Audition Technique/Improv

The George Washington University: B.A. in English Literature & Art History/Studio Art
Special Skills

Accents (British, French, Southern, Indian) - Conversational Spanish - Skiing - Snowboarding - Skydiving - Scuba Diving - Swimming - Horseback Riding - Pole Vaulting - Painter (oil) - Amateur Rock Climber - Kayaker- World Traveler - Valid Passport - Driver’s License (manual & automatic)


**“Outstanding Ensemble Cast” at LA Webfest 2012 for Disciplinary Actions- where I was specifically mentioned!

Download 14.9 Kb.

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