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Subject Company
Peachtree Plumbing
Subject Interests
5.45% interest of the common stock of
Peachtree Plumbing, Inc.
Date of Appraisal
June 30, 2006
Date of Report
October 31, 2014

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Green Country Business Valuations, LLC, makes this Sample Report available to any reader under the following disclaimer. It should be read carefully as it contains the context in which this Sample Report is provided and the terms and conditions under which the reader has access to its content.
Terms and Conditions of Disclaimer
1) No Warranty Implied or Expressed. This Sample Report is intended to illustrate appraisal practice as it pertains to application of business appraisal and valuation methodology, report drafting, report organization and structure, and is intended to serve as an example of the quality of, Green Country Business Valuations, LLC’s work product and nothing more. This Sample Report is believed by the authors to depict good appraisal practice, but no warranty of this is made. Readers are admonished to perform their own due diligence in determining whether any of our work is appropriate for their specific needs.
2) Subject and Facts Hypothetical. The company that is the subject of this appraisal is hypothetical, and any resemblance to any actual business or person is coincidental. The facts and circumstances of the appraisal reported here are hypothetical. Facts relied on by the valuator, such as industry data, economic conditions, references, publications, sources, government documents, studies, or other items may also be hypothetical, and have been Included here merely to illustrate the use of such material. Valuation metrics disclosed in this Sample Report, Including but not limited to risk premia, capitalization rates or discount rates, weights given to value indications, and adjustments for liquidity and control if used) are applicable only to the subject of the appraisal in this Sample Report and no other. In particular all of these variables should not under any circumstances be generalized to apply to other actual companies or other appraisal assignments.
3) Release of Liability and Waiver of all rights to Recovery. By reading this report the Reader agrees to the terms set forth below.

Page 3 of 141 a. Recitals. Green Country Business Valuations, LLC, and Authors agree to make the attached Sample Report available to the Reader under the following terms of conditions. Reader acknowledges that it agrees to these terms by the act of reading this Sample Report, and by reading the Sample Report acknowledges that it had read and agreed to every term herein. bi Green Country Business Valuations, LLC, makes No Warranty. Though Green Country Business Valuations, LLC, Authors may represent that these reports are intended to depict good appraisal practice, it makes no warranty whatsoever that they actually do soc. Disclosure and Reproduction Prohibited. Green Country Business Valuations,
LLC, and Authors stress that this report is not boilerplate and that Reader should not copy or reproduce the report as Reader’s own work product. Such reproduction and representation of the reports as Reader’s own work product would be in violation of the copyright held by Authors and Green Country Business Valuations, LLC, and would not constitute good appraisal practice. In the event of such usage by Reader, Reader agrees to save, defend, hold harmless, and indemnify Green Country Business Valuations, LLC, Authors from any damages, costs or legal fees for which they may become liable as a result of Reader’s actions. d. Release of Liability. Inconsideration for its access to the report, Reader agrees to release Green Country Business Valuations, LLC, Authors from all liability whatsoever to them, their shareholders, owners, investors, principles, agents, assignees, and successors which could arise from Reader’s review or use of the Sample Report, or other information contained therein. e. Jurisdiction. Any disputes arising from this agreement will be adjudicated in the Jurisdiction that Green Country Business Valuations, LLC, in its sole discretion selects.

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