Migration Readiness Assessment (AcMceRlerAati)ng your journey to the cloud

Using a proven framework greatly increases your odds of success and speed to market

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Using a proven framework greatly increases your odds of success and speed to market

Migration Readiness Assessment Overview

The assessment includes question survey and interactive activities conducted as a 1- day workshop:
  • Alignment of leadership teams
  • Consensus on decision-interdependency
  • Identification of gaps and readiness

Action plan and proposal to close the gaps and accelerate to the next phase of adoption (e.g. Accelerators, Mobilize project)
Business Capability Focused
Value Realization
Roles and Readiness
Prioritization and Control
pability Focused
Risk and Compliance
Diagnose migration readiness, aligApnpliclaetioansdanedrInsfrahstirupctutreeams, and build a
case for change

Migration Readiness Assessment Journey

Business & Technical
  • Business
  • People
  • Governance
  • Platform
  • Security
  • Operations

Voice of the Customer & EBA Activities
Stakeholder conversations and cross-functional teams consensus
Alignment on business strategy, IT drivers and tactical implementation needs
Success patterns and trends
Assessment focus
Identifying Attendees
Pre-Workshop Questionnaire Completion

Observations (Weaknesses & Strength) Roadblocks & Gaps Readiness Rating Roadmap of critical- path actions

Team Alignment An Initial Project Plan
Knowledge and Skills Plan (Readiness Plan)

Experience Based Acceleration (EBA) Activities in MRA


Better alignment of cross-domain leaders to business drivers and success metrics Consensus on the interdependency of key decisions during the next phase of adoption Accelerated decision making for critical-path items of the cloud roadmap Transformation best practices and knowledge sharing
Address the principle blockers of cloud adoption & facilitate in-session
decision making for critical path items.
Work backwards from business and leadership objectives
Mandate and Scope Existing Challenges
Identify transformation
tenants for success
friction points and discuss Identify a preferred
operating model

Download 2.39 Mb.

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