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MMCVB Report | Board of Trustees Meeting | Monday, April 11, 2016


Morgan County Career Expo: Helping educate and mentor our next generation is important to the MMCVB, and the Morgan County Career Expo is one of 3 school events we partner with the school system each year. Held on March 15 at the high school, the CVB exhibited with a booth and talked to elementary, middle, and high school students on what we do in tourism and the importance of it to the community in which we live. The next one we will participate in is the Career Awareness Field Trip for 3rd grade set for May 17-18.

Welcome Center FAM tour: It’s hard to sell something if you haven’t seen or experienced it, which is why it’s important to make sure everyone that works the Welcome Center knows what our tourism assets are. On March 23, I scheduled a FAM (familiarization) tour for 2 of the newer WC staff members (with another to be scheduled for the other 3 in the near future). We spent almost 7 hours touring, walking, driving, tasting, and seeing ‘tourism’ in Madison and Morgan County. Both staff members were very appreciative to actually EXPERIENCE what they talk to visitors about every day.

RVIC Conference: On March 28-30, the CVB attended the GDEcD sponsored Annual RVIC Workshop. With welcome center staff coming together from all over the state, this is a great opportunity to be immersed and build relationships with front-line staff that help visitors every day. In the 11 state welcome centers alone that welcome millions of visitors each year, it’s those relationships that help them remember Madison and Morgan County when helping visitors.

Historic Heartland Regional Travel Association membership meeting at Farmview Market: On April 6, the MMCVB and Farmview Market hosted the HHRTA Membership Meeting. Chris Cannon, Asst. Director of Tourism Product Development with the state tourism office, presented on creating new tourism product and how the state can assist with community efforts. CVB Directors from the 19-county region were present, and thoroughly enjoyed being able to experience the new Farmview Market!
Tourism is Economic Development: If what we are doing is not increasing our occupancy tax collections, we are not channeling our efforts in the right direction. After meeting with both city and county, I am happy to report that our city H/M tax collections are projected to have increased 51% in the last 5 years, and county H/M collections are projected to have increased 40% in the last 5 years (2011-16). This is fantastic news of growth for the MMCVB, and really reflects that what we are doing is giving us a return on where we are putting our tourism dollars!
Filming – The Originals occupied and filmed at Camp Boxwood April 5-7.

Met with the Following: Leslie Johnson, freelance writer for the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Madison Studios, The Originals location managers, Lori Sayer – County, Pat Underwood – Payroll, Karen Stapp – City, Welcome Center Staff, Georgia’s Lake Country Board of Directors, Antebellum Trail Board of Directors, Trent Mercer with Phoenix Printing, Finance Committee, Chris Cannon (GDEcD), and the Visitor Guide Committee.

Upcoming: BRAG Spring Tune-Up – April 15-17 (new headquarters at Sunflower Farm/Rutledge) NAACP Parade & Festival – April 16 Article on Madison/Antebellum Trail in Atlanta Business Chronicle – Hits stands April 15 Madison Fest/ Grand Opening of Farmview Market’s Farmers’ Market – April 30 French Travel Writers Coming – May 4-5 Madison in May Spring Tour of Homes and Gardens – May 5-7 Georgia Conference of Black Mayors – May 19-22

Download 7.2 Kb.

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