Mobile Device Safety

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Mobile Device Safety

In recognition of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, the Office of Safe and Secure Computing is bringing you tips to stay safe online. Our fourth weekly topic is mobile device safety.

Enable Screen Locks with password/PIN/pattern/fingerprint protection to auto-lock the screen when the device has not been used for several minutes. This helps protect your phone from unauthorized use in case of loss or if you leave it unattended.
Find or wipe your lost device. Be ready in case your phone is lost or stolen by configuring “Find my device” functionality, such as “Find my iPhone” for IOS or “Android Device Manager” for Android.
Stay safe from malware.

  • Only install software from trusted, official software “App Stores”.

  • Do not install software from unknown sources, unauthorized software repositories (i.e. unofficial app stores or downloaded software), or direct web download.

  • Do not “root” or “jailbreak” your device.

  • Install operating system updates in a timely manner. Do not follow any URL links from unknown sources.

Secure Network Access

  • Only connect to trusted, encrypted WiFi networks using “WPA2” connections when possible. When traveling, inquire with location employees as to the official WiFi network’s name. Do not join unknown Wi-Fi networks.

  • Tell your device “Forget joined network” after temporarily using a guest Wi-Fi network when traveling to avoid automatically reconnecting to networks with the same name.

  • Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you are not using them.

Data Protection

  • It is not recommended to store sensitive data but if you must, then use device encryption capabilities in combination with a strong password.

  • Perform a factory reset before disposing/selling/donating the device. This will help protect your data and accounts.


Disable location-tagging for pictures taken if they might be posted online.

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