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SECTION 28 16 00


    1. SCOPE

      1. The Contractor shall furnish and install a complete intrusion detection/access control system and integrate the new system into the existing District Wide Intrusion Detection/Access Control Network. The Intrusion Detection/Access Control system shall be microprocessor- based, network capable and complete with an integral DACT and a Network Interface Card. The intrusion detection/access control system shall be capable of providing, at a minimum, the following:

        1. Intrusion Detection/Access Control Panel

          1. Integral Digital Alarm Communications Transmitter (DACT).

          2. Network Interface capability via the District Wide Area Network.

        2. Addressable initiation devices

        3. Addressable control modules

        4. Notification Appliances

        5. Remote Power Supplies

        6. On-site or remote video monitoring

        7. Temperature threshold detection and monitoring

        8. Humidity threshold detection and monitoring

        9. Pressure threshold detection and monitoring

        10. Power loss detection and monitoring, generator switching

        11. Leak detection and monitoring

        12. Carbon monoxide detection and monitoring

        13. Tank level threshold detection and monitoring

        14. Integral Card Access Control System

        15. Central Station Monitoring connection via AES-Intellinet Mesh Net Radio System

      2. The Contractor shall furnish all labor, materials, appliances, tools, equipment, facilities transportation and services necessary for and incidental to performing all operations in connection with furnishing, delivery and installation of the work of this Section, complete as shown on the applicable Contract Drawings and/or specified herein.

        1. This Specification Document provides the Requirements for the installation, program- ming, and configuration of a complete Command Processor Panel System. This system shall include, but not be limited to:

          1. Control panel

          2. System cabinet

          3. Power supply

          1. Data Networking Connection to Irvine Unified School District, District Wide Intrusion Detection / Access Control Network Security Management Software.

          2. Single and multi-zone expansion modules

          3. Addressable initiating bus (LX Bus)

          4. Keypad Bus

          5. Hard-wired zone cabling

          6. Batteries

          7. Conduit

            1. All required conduit and/or raceway shall be provided by the Electrical Contractor

          8. Associated peripheral devices

          9. Central Station Monitoring connection via AES-Intellinet Mesh Net Radio System

          10. Other relevant components and accessories required to furnish and install a complete and operational system.

      1. Any material and/or equipment necessary for the proper operation of the system, which is not specified or described herein, shall be deemed part of this Specification.

      2. The Addressable Intrusion Detection/Access Control System specified herein shall be connected to the existing District Wide Intrusion Detection/Access Control Network and Security Management Software.

        1. The Installing Contractor shall be the Factory Authorized Distributor of both the Intrusion Detection/Access Control System and the Security Management Software. Submittals provided by any contractor who is not so qualified shall be rejected.

        2. Contractor shall coordinate with the District or District Representative to obtain one Category 6A data jack and one telephone line for monitoring and system management.

      3. By submission of a Prime Bid for this project, the Prime Bidder assumes complete and total responsibility for compliance with this Specification in its entirety. If found to be not in compliance with any part of this Specification, the Prime Bidder shall bear any burden, financial or otherwise, required to complete the work of this Specification to the total satisfaction of Irvine Unified School District.

    1. Download 32.12 Kb.

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