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Modern World Literatures

Module Aims

This module aims to survey a representative sampling of anglophone and non-anglophone literatures from the French Revolution (1789) to the present, with a primary focus on the question of literary and cultural modernity.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module the student should be able to....

Which teaching and learning methods enable students to achieve this learning outcome?

Which summative assessment methods will measure the achievement of this learning outcome?

Grasp some of the defining concerns, historical contexts and characteristic formal features of modern world literatures from 1789 to the present

Lectures and seminars

Assessed essays

Discuss a particular work of literature in relation to questions of modernity, the dynamics of formal innovation and tradition, and the role of social, cultural and (inter)national formations in shaping the context of literary production

Lectures and seminars

Assessed essays

Write a close-reading analysis of a particular passage from a work of modern literature; compile and annotated bibliography on a topic in preparation for writing an essay; research a text outside the syllabus for comparative purposes; prepare a presentation on a work or movement of modern literature


Portfolio assignments

Engage in workshop discussions and exercises regarding the role of literature in relation to questions of contemporary media, institutional authority, aesthetic distinctiveness and sociocultural impact

Term 3 workshops

Assessed essays and portfolio assignments

Make an informed choice of pathways on the English degree

Lectures, seminars, workshops


Download 9.83 Kb.

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